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Brandon Wong

Brandon Wong


September 16




Mandarin, English, Malay, Cantonese, Hakka


Acting, Hosting, Singing

Brandon Wong was first initiated into his entertainment career when he joined MediaCorp’s talent show Star Search in 1995. After beating thousands of candidates to get into the finals, his talents did not go unnoticed and he was soon courted by MediaCorp with a contract.

While he is often cast as a baddie, Brandon has a comedic flair too. His superb acting skills often surfaced, such as his convincing portrayal of a struggling comedian in the drama Wok of Life which was set in the 70s. The role made the audience sit up and take note of him and even earned him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the Star Awards. In 2007, Brandon was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the Star Awards for his outstanding performance in The Homecoming.

Brandon’s performance in the drama Housewives' Holiday, where he played the lead role Chen Wei Bin, a taxi uncle, opposite Hong Hui Fang as his wife, has generated lots of positive reviews from the audience. And it has earned him his first nomination for Best Actor at the Star Awards. Housewives' Holiday is also the highest rated drama for 2009. And for the first time too, Brandon played the lead role in his first channel 5 production, Big Time In Little Street, a telemovie. Amidst his hectic filming schedule, Brandon managed to find time to rehearse and perform in his first musical The Peranakan Ball.

The versatile Brandon not only acts but is also brainy, having graduated from the University Technology of Malaysia. He goes through a great deal of preparation for his roles and is so committed, he even lost a lot of weight once, so as to fit the character he was playing.



2022         Dark Angel  黑天使

                 When Duty Calls 2 卫国先锋2

                 Sisters Stand Tall  快跑吧, 丽娇!

2021         Leave No Soul Behind 21点灵 

                 The Peculiar Pawnbroker 人心鉴定师

                 Recipe of Life 味之道

2020         Recipe of Life 味之道

                 How are You 2 好世谋2

                 My Guardian Angels 单翼天使

                 All Around You 回路网  

2019         DayBreak 天空渐渐亮      

                The Last Madame (Toggle)   

                C.L.I.F 5警徽天职5之海岸卫队

                All Is Well 你那边怎样我这边OK

                I See You 看见看不见的你   

                Hello From The Other Side 阴错阳差

                Hello From The Other Side - It's Time 阴错阳差 — 时辰到 (Toggle) 

                How are You 好世谋

2018        Reach For The Skies  不平凡的平凡    

2017        My Friends From Afar  知星人 

                118 2

2016        118 2

                Hero 大英雄

                Eat Already 吃饱没?

                Provision Shop 杂货店

                The Dream Job 绝世好工

                The Truth Seekers 真探

 2015      For A Better Tomorrow 我为人人

               A Blessed Life 吉人天相

               Tiger Mum 虎妈来了

               Blissful Living 我要的幸福 

               Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男

               Hand In Hand 手牵手

               Life Fear Not 人生无所谓

2014     Code Of Law 2 (Ch5 series)
             World At Your Feet  球在你脚下                                                                                  

             Against the Tide 逆潮

             Mystic Whispers 听

             Tumultuous times 动荡的年代

2013   Love At Risk 爱情风险

           Sudden 骤变

           Mata Mata (Ch 5 series)

2012  Unriddle 2 最火搭挡 2

          Show Hand 注定

          Joys Of Life 花样人间

          Don’t Stop Believin' 我们等你

          Poetic Justice 微笑正义

          It’s A Wonderful Life 好运到

2011  Devotion 阿娣

          On The Fringe 边缘父子

          Love Thy Neighbour 四个门牌一个梦

2010  Ineffable (Telemovie) 说不出的爱  (电视电影)  

          With You 我在你左右

          Unriddle 最火搭档

2009  Housewives’ Holiday 煮妇的假期

          Big Time In Little St. (Telemovie)  小街上  的大事件(电视电影) 

          The Promise 向日葵的约定

2008  By My Side 不凡的爱

           Perfect Cut 一切完美

           Nanny Daddy 奶爸百分百

           Crime Busters x 2 叮当神探

2007    The Homecoming 十三鞭                                  

            Kinship 手足

           Metamorphosis  破茧而出

            Kinship II 手足 II

2006    The Undisclosed 迷云 20天

            C.I.D. 刑警二人组

            A Million Treasures 百万宝 

2005    Zero to Hero 阴差阳错 

            Beyond The Axis of Truth 2 法医X档案2

            Portrait of Home II 同心圆 II

            The Rainbow Connection 舞出彩虹

2004   To Mum with Love 非一般妈妈

            Zhong Wu Yan 钟无艳

2001    The Hotel 大酒店 

            Lucky Numbers 法财八百万

            Bukit Ho Swee 河水山 

            No Problem 考试家族

2000    The Tax Files 流金税月

            Heroes In Black 我来也

1999    Mr. OK OK 先生

            Darling-In-Law 我的岳母是巫婆

            SNAG 新好男人

            The Legendary Swordsman 笑敖江湖

1998    Dreams 六个梦之不道德的梦

            Act 235 刑事235 

            Myths And Legends of Singapore 石叻坡传说之红山林姑娘

            Riding The Storm 陌生人

            Wok of Life 福满人间

1997    Places In My Heart 万里情空    

            Not The Facts 迷离档案    

            The Price of Peace 和平的代价  

            Courage of Fire  炽火豪情    

            My Big Brother 一家之主    

            Men at the Crossroad 四个好涩的男人

1996    The Legend of Ji Gong 活佛济公    

            River of Love 风雨柴船头 

1995    Tofu Street 豆腐街      

            Of Cops And Men 城市双雄    


2010 - Being Human Being 做人
           My Ghost Partner 人鬼拍档


2012 - Golden Age 黄金年华之斗歌竞艺

2011 - Golden Age 黄金年华之斗歌竞艺

2010 - Lets Party with Food VIII 食福满人间VIII

2009 - Lets Party with Food VII 食福满人间VII

2008 - Golden Age 黄金年华
           Lets Party with Food VI 食福满人间VI

2007 - Golden Age 黄金年华

2004 - King of Variety 周五娱乐王

2003 - Perfect Match 金童玉女心碰心周末大热卖 


2022 -  Star Awards 2022 My PICK! Most Hated Villain (Recipe of Life) 

            红星大奖2022 最讨人厌大反派 (味之道)

            Star Awards 2022 Top 10 Most Popular Male Award 

            红星大奖2022 10大最受欢迎男艺人

2018 - Star Awards 2018 Best Supporting Actor nomination (My Friends From Afar)

           红星大奖2018 最佳男配角提名(知星人)

2012 - Star Awards 2012 Best Supporting Actor nomination (Love Thy Neighbour) 

           红星大奖2012 最佳男配角提名(四个门牌一个梦)

2010 - Star Awards 2010 Best Actor nomination (Housewives’ Holiday)

           红星大奖2010 最佳男主角提名(煮妇的假期)

2007 - Star Awards 2007 Best Supporting Actor nomination (The Homecoming)

           红星大奖2007 最佳男配角提名(十三鞭)



2009 - The Peranakan Ball 娘惹之恋