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Cavin Soh

Cavin Soh


November 17




Chinese, English, Hakka, Hokkien, Cantonese


Acting, Hosting, Singing

An extraordinary artiste with multifaceted talents, Cavin Soh captivates audiences with his endearing performances in music, acting and hosting.
A fervent music lover, Cavin discovered his calling as a performer when he won his first ever singing competition. His interest for music further led him to develop his song-writing skills, ultimately winning him the “Best Performance Artist” and “Best Performance” awards in another ballad singing competition. Though many record companies approached him to record an album, he put his dream on hold to fulfill his commitment to his parents to complete his degree in Mechanical Engineering.
Despite being in Scotland for his degree studies, Cavin continued to pursue his passion in music. After a live audition with the Hype Records’ boss Ken, Cavin was more than convinced that this was his path in life that he has to pursue upon graduating. Together with two friends, Cavin formed a band called “Dreamz FM” and went on to release three critically acclaimed albums in the region.
The chemistry between the three members – be it in their talent for creating music, song writing or the perfect complementary fusion of their voices together – was undeniably great that they caught the attention of the United Nations, who invited them to New York to perform the 30th anniversary concert theme song to agencies from all around the world.
Having soared heights in his music career, Cavin, not one to rest on his laurels, decided that he wanted to develop further as an all-rounder artiste. He went on and put himself in the most challenging arenas of this industry – acting. His first opportunity came when he was offered a role as a cold-faced comedian in a TV drama “Soho @ work”. This was the birth of Cavin, the actor.



2018    Wonderful Liang Ximei 旺得福梁细妹

2011   Twisted 撞鬼


2022    Dark Angel 黑天使 (In progress)

            Soul Detective 灵探 (In progress)

            Sunny Side up (Channel 5) - In progress


2021    PawnBroker 人心鉴定师

2020    A Quest To Heal 女侠罗明依 

            Recipe of Life 味之道  

2019    It's Time 阴差阳错- 时辰到 

           The Good Fight 致胜出击

2018   Jalan Jalan 带你去走走

2017  Mightiest Mother-In-Law 最强岳母

          My Teacher is a Thug 爱不迟疑

2016   Eat Already? (吃饱没?) (方言福建剧 Hokkien dialect drama)

           118 2 (150 epis)

           Home Truly 回家

2015   118 (150 epi)

2014    Against the Tide 逆潮

           Life is Beautiful 初一的心愿

           Mata Mata : The New Era 女警先锋2

            118 (150 epi)

            Let it Go 分手快乐

2013    C.L.I.F 3 警微天职3

            C.L.I.F 2 警微天职2

            Disclosed 揭秘

2012    Jump! 跳浪

            i.rock (Web Drama)

           Yours Fatefully 孤男寡女

           Don’t Stop Belivin  我們等你

2011   The In-Laws 麻婆斗妇

           Love Thy Neighbors 四个门牌一个梦

2010    Mrs P.I 查某人

           Secret Garden 秘密花园

2009   Your Hand In Mine 想握你的手

           Perfect Cut 2 一切完美2

2008   Our Rice House 我们的饭店

           Love Blossoms II 心花朵朵开 2

2007   My Sassy Neighbour 3

           Mars Vs Venus 幸福双人床

           Metamorphosis 破茧而出

2006   My Sassy Neighbour 2

           District 9

           Coughing Tiger Bitten Dragon 龍虎英雄記

           Heavenly Fathers

2005   My Lucky Charm 情來運轉

           Portrait of Home 同心圓

           Portrait of Home II 同心圓 II

2004   Home in Toa Payoh 家在大巴窰

           I Love my home 我愛我家

2003   Springs of Life 春到人間

           True Heroes 真心英雄

           A Child’s Hope 孩有明天

2002   Soho @ Work 新新關系

2002   Don’t Worry Be Happy 敢敢做個開心人

TV Hosting 电视主持

2022  King of Culinary 3 三把刀3 

2021 - Happy2Gether 

2020 - King of Culinary 2 三把刀2
2019 - Sweet Taste of Art 甜味艺术
2018 - The Era of Happy Ageing 乐活时代
2017 - Take A Break 说走就走短假旅游
2015 - 3 Men & A Journey 3男1旅
2014 - A Happy Foodie New Year (An AFC Production)
           Foodie Dash 3 食品大赢家3
           Back To School 超龄插班生
2013    Foodie Dash 2 食品大赢家2
           Project Dream Home 梦想家计划
           Where the Queue Starts 4 排排站,查查看 4
           Let’s Cook 全民新煮艺
           A Happy Foodie New Year 团团圆圆登入新年
           Foodie Dash 3 食品大赢家3
           Back to school 超龄插班生
2012    Knock Knock Who’s There? 啊!是你到我家!
2011    Foodie Dash 食品大赢家
            True Hearts Charity Show 2011 公益现爱心
2010    Perfect Results 完美变身
2009    Where the Queue Starts 3? 排排站,查查看 3
            True Hearts Charity Show 2009 公益现爱心
2008    Junior Home Décor Survivor 迷你摆家乐
            Celeb’s a cook 明厨大冻作
            I am Perfect 我最完美
2007    Where the Queue Starts 2? 排排站,查查看 2
            Music in The Air 音乐格斗场
            Let’s Party with Food 食福满人间
            Barter Trade 2 货物大交换2 
2006     Where the Queue Starts? 排排站,查查看
            Night Walker不夜城
2004    True Hearts Charity Show 2004 (公益现爱心)
2003    True Hearts Charity Show 2003 (公益现爱心)

Radio Hosting

2021   972 诚满江葱麻辣锅 


2021   Nominated for “Best Variety Host” for Ch 8 variety  in Star Awards King of Culinary 2 三把刀2

2014   Winner of Star Awards’20 “Best Info-Ed Programme Host” Let’s Cook
          红星大奖’20 “最佳资讯节目主持人” (全民新煮艺)

2013   Nominated for “Best Variety Host” for Ch 8 variety 啊!是你到我家! in Star Awards

2012   Nominated for “Best Supporting Actor” for Ch 8 drama 四个门牌一个梦 in Star Awards

2005   Garnered the “Best Supporting Actor” for Ch 8 drama同心圓 in Star Awards

Albums/Singles 唱片/单曲

Dreamz FM Debut Album
Dreamz FM (Journey II)
Dreamz FM 3
“Together” - National Song (Dreamz FM with Evenlyn Tan)
“The V In You”- International Year of the Volunteer (Dreamz FM)
Dreamz FM Concert 2001
[14:49, 8/7/2019] Carolyn Chong: * “身邊 的你” Theme Song for Ch 8 drama Vive La Famille II (2003)
* “自己的天空” Theme Song for Ch 8 drama Home in Toa Payoh (2004)
* “心花朵朵开” Theme song for Ch 8 drama Love Blossoms (2008)
* “完整” Theme song for Ch 8 drama Love Blossoms 2(2008)
* “心花朵朵开” , “无可取代”, “太习惯” Sub Theme songs for Ch 8 drama Love Blossoms 2 (2008)
* “男人可贵” Theme song for Ch 8 drama Daddy at Home (2009)
* “因为有你” Sub-Theme song for Ch 8 drama Daddy at Home (2009)
* “想握你的手” Theme song for Ch 8 drama Your Hand in Mine (2009)
* “知足” Theme song for Ch 8 drama The Best things in Life (2010)
* “路过” Theme song for Ch 8 drama The In-Laws (2011)
* “走好每一步” , “随你” Theme & Sub Theme song for Ch 8 drama Love Thy Neighbour (2011)
* ”有时候” Theme song for Ch 8 drama It’s a Wonderful Life! (2013)
* “爱不胜防” Sub Theme song for Ch 8 drama It’s a Wonderful Life! (2013)
* “重来” Sub Theme song for Ch 8 sitcom 118 (2014)
* “干杯“ Sub theme song for Ch 8 sitcom 118 (2) (2016)