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Ian Fang

Ian Fang


December 13




Mandarin, English


Acting, TV Hosting, Dancing, Rap

Ian Fang made his acting debut in a police drama C.L.I.F. in 2011. The Republic Polytechnic graduate attracted a huge fan base after playing a rich kid who lands himself in trouble after single-handedly masterminding a series of bombings in this police drama series.

His good looks and bad boy demeanor caught the eye of another producer, landing him a meaty role in On The Fringe. His performance as Fann Wong’s rebellious younger brother in this breakout hit shot him to fame and turned him into one of Singapore’s rising and hottest stars. This Shanghai-born good-looker has proven that he is no one-hit wonder and has since successfully developed a steady acting career.

2012 marks his debut on the big screen where he played an impulsive and belligerent teenager in the local triad action film Imperfect. The same year, he was cast as Christopher Lee’s son in Show Hand, a drama which focused on the cons of gambling as well as in a school-themed drama Don’t Stop Believin’. In the latter, he played a problem student who has to look after his ailing granny and kid sister. The audience applauded his superb performance and he was awarded with the coveted Best Newcomer award at Star Awards 2013. The concluding episode of this series drew more than 1 million viewers and is the most watched drama for that year.

In 2013, this street savvy lad anchors his first travelogue My Working Holiday which sees him backpacking to different countries to work in exchange for food and lodging. This may be Ian’s rookie attempt in hosting, but he does it with much grit and gusto which earned himself a Best Info-Ed Host nomination at the Star Awards ’2014.

2014 sees Ian tasked with his first lead role in Served H.O.T., a 13-part series about 3 ex-convicts uncovering the heritage and stories behind Singapore's local delicacies. In 2015, Ian won his first Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste award and is currently one of the 8 Dukes of Caldecott Hill.

In 2019, he added another feather into his many-plumed cap. In addition to being an actor, rapper, clothing designer and restaurateur, he is also a director and directed his short film ‘If Only' under Mediacorp initiative Fresh Takes!. 



2022   寄生 The Unbreakable Bond 

2021   邻里帮 (130集长寿剧)The Heartland Hero (130 episodes) 
           卧虎藏鬼 Crouching Tiger Hidden Ghost
           关键证人  Key Witness

2020   快乐王子 Happy Prince
           花公子  Mister Flower
           CODE of Law 5 
           森林生存记 (特别出演)A Jungle Survivor (Special Guest)
           Forensik (Suria)

2019     Meet the MP season 2
             爱。起航  Voyage Of Love
            下一站, 遇见  Hello Miss Driver 
             你那边怎样,我这边ok   All is Well
             大话精 True Lies (Toggle)

2018    千年来说对不起-前传 (Toggle 网剧)Till We Meet Again – Prequel (Toggle online)
            千年来说对不起 Till We Meet Again

2017    吃饱没2?  (方言福建剧)  Eat Already 2? (Hokkien dialect drama)
           小人物向前冲 (130集长剧) Life Less Ordinary (130-ep long form drama)

2016    真探 The Truth Seekers
            绝世好工 The Dream Job
            大英雄 Hero
            勾魂使者 Soul Reaper

2015    初一的心愿 Life is Beautiful
            虎妈来了 Tiger Mum
            信约:我们的家园 The Journey : Our Homeland
           人生无所畏 (友情客串) Life Fear Not (Special Apperance)
           志在四方2 The Dream Makers 2

2014    烧。卖 Served H.O.T.
            球在你脚下 World at Your Feet
           我们一定行! Yes We Can!

2013    96°C咖啡   96°C Café
           玩味爱情(电视电影) Love & Other Bad Habits (telemovie)
           志在四方 The Dream Makers
           骤变 Sudden

2012    注定 Show Hand
            Xinmsn 实况剧场《我和偶像有个约会》Interactive Reality Drama 《Date A Star》
            我们等你 Don’t Stop Believin’

2011    995  Rescue 995
           警徽天职 C.L.I.F.
           边缘父子 On the Fringe


2017    令伯特烦恼 Goodbye Mr Loser

2014     再见巨人 Meeting the Giant

2012    我们都不完美 Imperfect



2015 Family Wanders (Japan) - Toggle 带你去吃风 (日本)
            My Star Guide season 10 (China Hunan) 我的导游是明星10 (中国湖南)

2014  My Star Guide season 9 (China Shanghai) 我的导游是明星 9 (中国上海)

2013  My Working Holiday 打工看世界


2015 - 2016   Ning @ Night on Yes933 《宁.可听一听》



2015 - Star Awards ‘15 Top 20 Most Popular Male Artistes《红星大奖’15》十大最受欢迎男艺人

2014 - Star Awards 20th Anniversary Top 20 Most Popular Male Artistes 第20届《红星大奖》二十大最受欢迎男艺人
Star Awards 20th Anniversary Nominee for Best Info-ed Host (My Working Holiday 第20届《红星大奖》提名最佳资讯节目主持人(打工看世界)

2013 - Star Awards ‘13 Best Newcomer (Don’t Stop Believin’) 红星大奖’13最佳新人(我们等你)
Nominee for ATA ‘13 Best Performance by a Supporting Actor 提名亚洲电视大奖'13最佳男配角(我们等你)

2011 - The New Paper Dude of the Year Award


2020    FLY By Ian Fang, Rao Zi Jie, Nic Lee, Desmond Ng, Shin
            王者 By Afred Sim and Ian Fang
2019   《念28》A tribute to Aloysius Pang by Ian Fang & Shane Pow     
2018     猪八戒 Mr. Piggy (Single)
2017    Still Me 我还是我 (Single) 
2015    First Attempt 爆 (Single)


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