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James Seah

James Seah


August 27




English, Mandarin


Acting, Singing, Drawing, Photography

James Seah was one of the Top 10 finalists of “Star Search 2010”. With his charming good looks, the graduate of Nanyang Polytechnic and “baby” of the group consistently earned high marks on the scoreboard during the competition. Unfortunately he came down with chicken pox but took suppressant jabs to pull through the last leg of the competition.

Despite falling short from the top three positions, his suave and cool image won him hordes of admirers and a management contract with MediaCorp. He made his acting debut as a young designer in an advertising firm in MediaCorp’s first web drama Let’s Play Love in early 2011 just before he enlisted into the army.

After serving two years of army, James returns to the screens in Channel 5's 2013 blockbuster Mata Mata, an English drama series set in post-war Singapore in the 1950s-60s.

In 2014, James was cast in his first full-fledged Chinese drama role in The Caregivers, a 20-part serial about health care workers.

James was also given the opportunity to do his first movie role and played one of the male leads in 1965, a dramatic thriller that premiered in 2015 to celebrate Singapore’s 50 years of Independence. In the same year, he was also cast in Channel 5’s first long form drama Tanglin. Aired every weeknight, this 199-episode drama series centres on the lives of multiracial and multigenerational families whose lives reflect the joys, trials and tribulations of everyday Singaporeans.

Apart from acting, James who is skilled in digital media design also enjoys dabbling in other creative passions including drawing and photography. James is also very passionate in singing and has done numerous of song covers.

His outstanding performance in the drama serial C.L.I.F. S5 earned him the first nomination of the Best Supporting Actor in Star Awards 2021! With a wonderful positive attitude and enthusiasm, James is striving to carve out a name for himself in the local scene.



2021      邻里帮 (130集长寿剧)The Heartland Hero (130 episodes) 
              Justice Boo 拯灵49天 (Pilot for Premiere Project)
              Key Witness 关键证人
              Mind Jumpers 触心罪探 (Main Lead)

2020      The Right Time 错的时间不错的人

               Loving You 爱...没有距离

               Happy Prince 快乐王子


2019       C.L.I.F 5 警徽天职5之海岸卫队

               My One In A Million 我的万里挑一

               Hello From The Other side 阴错阳差

               Jalan Jalan 带你去走走 

2018      Fifty & Fabulous 五零高手

              Tanglin 4 (Channel 5 125-ep drama)
              Trendsetters (Toggle online series)


2017       When Duty Calls 卫国先锋

               Tanglin 3 (Channel 5 238-ep drama)


2016        Hero 大英雄

                Tanglin 2 (Channel 5 243-ep drama)


2015        Two Boys and A Mermaid (Telemovie)

                Families on the Edge (Docu drama)  一家都不能少   
                Blissful Living (Docu drama) 我要的幸福 (社会实况剧)
                The Journey : Our Homeland  信约:我们的家园

                Tanglin (Channel 5 199-ep drama)


2014        The Caregivers   Missy先生  

                Who Killed The Lead    侦凶

                Against the Tide   逆潮


2013       96°C Café (web drama)  96°C 咖啡 (网络剧)
               Marry You 我要嫁出去

               Mata Mata  女警先锋

2011       Let's Play Love (web drama) P.K.爱情 (网络剧)



2015 - 1965


2013 - Style Check-in III (Guest host) 潮人攻略III

2012 - Style Check-in (Guest host) 潮人攻略  


2010 - Star Search ’10 Top 10 才华横溢出新秀’10十强