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Jeffrey Xu

Jeffrey Xu


October 03




Mandarin, Shanghainese


Acting, Hosting, Singing, Dancing, Basketball

Jeffrey was discovered in the All-Asian Star Search ’10, Singapore’s bi-annual regional talent search. His acting left a lasting impression on everyone’s minds and Jeffrey walked away as the All-Asian Star Search ’10 Champion.  

Jeffrey studied in one of Shanghai’s renowned acting school before joining Star Search in 2010. His debut performance was in the Chinese drama “Devotion” as an autistic child. The versatile actor found himself portraying different roles. He was convincing both as the evil antagonist and your guy-next-door role. This, coupled with Jeffrey’s determination and willingness to learn has put him in good stead and allow for his immense potential to shine through. Jeffrey became heavily engaged in variety hosting and acting since 2012.   

Jeffrey won his first acting award in 2013 at the 18th Asian Television Awards for “Best Actor in a Supporting role” for his performance as a nurse in “Marry Me”. This is his first nomination and first win. Although winning an award at a regional platform has given Jeffrey some pressure to continue to up his game, he has continued to do well in acting and hosting.  He was again nominated twice in the 19th Asian Television Awards for his role in “Gonna make it” and “Scrum”.

Ever ready to take on new challenges, Jeffrey has dived into the movie and musical industry in 2016 debuting as a cosplay player in local movie Young and Fabulous and he took on a baddie role in the remake of The Little Nyonya drama, China version.



2022     Dark Angel 黑天使

             Sisters Stand Tall 快跑吧, 丽娇!

2021     CNB The Takedown  肃战肃绝

             My Mini Me and Me 很久以后的未来 (IFA Media) 

             Watch Out! Alexius 小心啊!谢宇航

2020     The Little Nyonya 小娘惹

             A Quest to Heal 我的女侠罗明依


2019     A City Rhapsody 都市狂想之单生税 (Toggle)

             I’m Mdm 女友变身记 (Toggle)

            My One In A Million 我的万里挑一

            Playground 游乐场 (Toggle)

2018    Magic Chef 料理人生 (Toggle)

            Blue Tick 已读不回

            Love At Cavenagh Bridge 加文纳桥的约定

2017    Life Less Ordinary 小人物向前冲

            Have A Little Faith 相信我

2016    Mightiest Mother-In-Law 最强岳母

            Peace & Prosperity 富贵平安

2015   Life – Fear Not 人生无所畏

           Crescendo 起飞

           Sealed with a Kiss 吻我吧,住家男

           The Journey: Our Homeland 信约:我们的家园

           Tiger Mum 虎妈来了

            Life is Beautiful 初一的心愿  

2014   Three Wishes三个愿望


            World At Your Feet  球在你脚下

            Unexpected Stranger  小心陌生人

2013   The Recruit Diaries 阿兵新传

           Gonna Make It 小小传奇  

2012   Poetic Justice 微笑正义

           Marry Me 我要嫁出去

2011   Devotion 阿娣

           Let’s Play Love PK 爱情

          Bountiful Blessings万福楼



2020  Fat Hope 超磅名模 (Upcoming)

2018  Republic of Food

          Oh! Squints III 

2016  Young & Fabulous 最佳伙扮


2015 - Ning @ Night on Yes933

2014 - Shoot it 2 哪里出问题2 
           Body SOS 3 小毛病大问题 (Resident Guest)
           Love Travels
           Style: Check-In 3 潮人攻略3
           Property SOS 小房子大投资
           Post Party 红星大奖2014
           Find The Wasabi season 2 (Collaboration with Japan,Thailand,Malaysia)

2013 - Style check in 2! 潮人攻略2 
           Heritage Hunters 知新小玩家
           Star Awards 2013 Show 1 红星大奖2013 亮闪八方
           Star Awards 2013 Mobile App

2012 - Super IQ (Co-hosting)《IQ超人》
           Body SOS 小毛病大问题 (Resident Host)
           Style: Check-In 潮人攻略 
           Weekend getaway 周末自由行
           Japan Eats 日本美食通
           Weekend getaway 周末自由行

2011 -  我的小小发明 (Hosting)
           THK charity (Dance item)


2022    Star Awards 2022 “Best Supporting Actor” (The Takedown)

          《红星大奖 》最佳男配角 肃战肃绝

2016    Star Awards 2016 “Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes” 

          《红星大奖 》十大最受欢迎男艺人

2013   18 Asian Television Awards Best Actor in a supporting role


2010   Star Search 2010 Champion