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Jeremy Chan

Jeremy Chan


July 17




Mandarin, Cantonese, English , Hokkien


Hosting, Acting, Singing

Jeremy Chan is a multi-talented host, actor and singer. He was discovered from Project SuperStar Season 2 in 2006, a reality talent show organized by Mediacorp. In the same year, he made his hosting debut  “On The Beat” and was the resident host for the next few seasons.

In 2009, he made his acting debut in the “Table of Glory” and was then subsequently casted for major roles in various dramas and movies such as “I Want To Be A Star”, “My Teacher Is A Thug”, “Super Dad”, long form drama “Jalan Jalan” and “When Ghost Meets Zombie”.

Jeremy Chan bagged home the Best Comedy Performance award for the web series “My Agent Is A Hero” at the Asian Academy Creative Awards in 2018.

In 2021, he had the opportunity to play the main lead role and sang the theme song for the comedy drama “Crouching Tiger Hidden Ghost” . 



2021 Crouching Tiger Hidden Ghost 卧虎藏鬼

2020  The Last Song (Short Film)
          Fresh Takes S2 - Change 变形记
          Super Dad 男神不败

2019   My Agent Is A Hero 2 流氓经纪2
           Behind Every Smart Home 理想智能家
           A World Of Difference” 都市狂想

2018   My Agent Is A Hero 流氓经纪
           Jalan Jalan 带你去⾛⾛ (LongForm 150 Episode )
           We The Citizens

2016 –2017  I Want To Be A Star ⼩咖⼤作战
                     Hero ⼤英雄
                     118 II (LongForm 214 episodes)
                     My teacher Is A Thug 爱不迟疑

2015  Super Senior ⻓辈甜⼼
          Tumbling Homeland of National Service, High Tech & Good Old Hangouts

2014  Who Killed The Lead 侦凶
          Serve H.O.T 烧卖
          World At Your Feet 球在你脚下

2013  The Recruit Diaries 阿兵新传
          Gonna Make It ⼩⼩传奇
          A Journey: A Voyage 唐⼭到南阳

2011  On The Fringe 边缘⽗⼦
          C.L.I.F 警徽天职

2010  The Illusionist 魔幻视界

2009  Table Of Glory 乒乓圆

2022  Lunar New Year's Eve Special 2022 旺虎泰哥迎春乐 
          Walk of Fame Host for Star Awards 2022  红星大奖2022 红毯主持
          Cyclepedia 骑行高照
          Body SOS S11 小毛病大问题

2021  Backstage Host for Star Awards 2021  红星大奖2021 幕后直击

2020  Song We Love 那一段听歌的日子

2019  My Lady First SG ⼥⼈我最⼤新加坡 (Season7)
          Behind Every Smart Home 理想智能家
          My Star Guide 我的导游是明星-食在不一样 (Season 14)

2018  Backstage Host for Star Award 2018 红星⼤奖2018
         My Lady First SG ⼥⼈我最⼤新加坡 (Season 6)
         Little Incredible Explorer ⼩⼩超⼈趣旅游
         Demystifying TV  戏是这么拍的

2017  Take A  Break 说⾛就⾛

2016  Super Jumbo 世界那么⼤
          My Lady First SG ⼥⼈我最⼤新加坡 (Season 4)

2015  My Lady First SG ⼥⼈我最⼤新加坡 (Season3)
         The Successor 锁住味道
         Star Award 2015 红星⼤奖2015
         StarHub TVB Awards 2015 Green Carpet Host  星和⽆线电视⼤奖星光⼤道2015

2014  Le Petit Chef 我的师⽗是⼤厨
          Back to School  超龄插班⽣
          Project Superstar (Season3) 绝对 Superstar3
          Property SOS ⼩房⼦⼤投资
          Please Be My Guest 客⼈来咯
          What Your School Doesn’t Teach  学校没教的事
          Good Luck 百岁⼤吉

2013  Laughing Out Loud 笑笑没烦恼

2012 -2014  Weekend Getaway 周末⾃由⾏
                    Fun Lab 疯狂实验室

2007 -2011  On the Beat 都是⼤发现 (Season 2,3,4,5)

2021 Nominated for Best Actor, Asian Television Awards (26th)
         (Crouching Tiger Hidden Ghost)

2018  Best Comedy Performance,  Asian Academy Creative Awards 
          (My Agent Is An Hero as Bert Tan)

Movie  电影

2018 When Ghost Meet Zombie 女鬼爱上尸

2017 Lucky Boy 天公仔

2016 Let's Eat 開饭啦

2015 King of Mahjong 麻雀王

2014 Filial Party 我是孝⼦

2010 Being Human 做⼈

Song 歌曲

2021   乱掉 (电视剧"卧虎藏鬼"主题曲, Theme Song of drama Crouching Tiger Hidden Ghost) 

2018  Do-Re-Mi (电视剧 "爱不迟疑" 插曲, Sub theme song of drama My Teacher Is A Thug)