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Zhang Ze Tong

Zhang Ze Tong




Mandarin, English


Acting, Hosting

Ze Tong was crowned the Star Search 2019 winner in a dramatic Grand Final after delivering a standout performance that impressed both the judges and audiences held at the homeground campus of Mediacorp. 

After a 9 years hiatus, Star Search came back into the scene with Zhang Ze Tong emerging top with his confidence and easy manner. With his commanding presence coupled with guy-next-door charisma on stage, Ze Tong wowed the panel of judges comprising of Hong Kong superstars Carina Lau, Simon Yam and Stephen Fung. 

Barely a month after his win, he became fully involved as the first male lead for the filming of All Around You, a new drama series specially tapered for Star Search Top 12 finalists. 

Till date he has completed productions for A Jungle Survivor, Slow Dancing and Key Witness, and his next production The Take Down we will see him taking on a different role as a drug addict who has served time in prison - which might be one of his most challenging roles since he joined.

In 2021, he clinched the Best Newcomer Award at Star Awards, once proving and paving the way for his bright acting career ahead.


2021     你也可以是天使 4 You Can Be An Angel 4

             肃战肃绝 The Take Down

             关键证人 Key Witness

             Slow Dancing (English)

2020     森林生存记 A Jungle Survivor

             回路网 All Around You (online short series)

2020    与你澳游 Aus-some Getaway  (travelogue to Australia)

2021    Star Awards Best Newcomer 红星大奖 最佳新人

2019    Star Search 2019 Champion   才华横溢出新秀2019 冠军