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Ayden Sng

Ayden Sng


November 17




Mandarin, English


Acting, Erhu, Violin, Piano, Singing, Directing

Ayden Sng is a Singaporean actor who is fluent in English and Mandarin. He made his major acting debut in 2019 where he played the lead role in a short film, The Play Book. After signing with Mediacorp, Ayden has taken on lead roles in shows such as Loving You, alongside veteran actress Jesseca Liu.

In 2022, he was offered a major role in Hungry Souls, co-developed by CJ ENM Hong Kong and Zhao Wei Films.

On top of his passion for acting, Ayden plays the violin, piano, and Er Hu. He is a former member of the Singapore National Youth Orchestra and graduated from Duke University.


Drama 电视剧

2023     All That Glitters 金色大道 (in progress)

2022      The Unbreakable Bond 寄生

              Silent Wall 

              Hungry Soul 味尽缘(Co pro) (Pending release date)

              Strike Gold 黄金巨塔 

2021      Leave No Ghost Behind 我家三只鬼 

              Truth About Us 别来无恙

2020      Loving You 爱...没有距离           

              Remember to Forget 别忘记他
              Recipe of Life 味之道 

2019       The Wedding Survival Handbook (Toggle) 
               The Play Book 爱本
               Wonder Kiss 神奇之吻
               Old Is Gold 老友万岁

2018      Walk with Me   谢谢你出现在我行程里

Movie 电影

2023     Seven Days 7天 
2021     The FateKeeper  寻龙少年 (Pending release date)


2022   Abyss of Greed 贪婪深渊 

           Forbidding No More S2 

2021   Frontline Connects 2 (Resident guest)

           Music Chatterbox 音乐话匣子

2020    Frontline Connects (Resident guest)

2019   Thumbs Up Senior 学长学姐好样的

2023 Star Awards "Best Actor" nomination in The Unbreakable Bond