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Bryan Wong

Bryan Wong


January 30




Mandarin, English


Hosting, Acting,Cooking,Interior design, Painting

Bryan Wong is a Singaporean host and actor who is a household name. His popularity skyrocketed after hosting the iconic 90s infotainment programme, City Beat. He has made his mark in mainland China after starring in numerous highly popular overseas productions such as Eternity: A Chinese Ghost Story and the Wuxia series, Chinese Paladin.

In 2019, Bryan ventured into writing and directing his own movie, The Play Book.

From clenching multiple hosting awards at Star Awards to winning Best Comedy Performance by an Actor at the Asian Television Awards, Bryan Wong is a well recognised artiste both locally and regionally.




TV Serial 电视剧

2023    Alienated 

2022    灵探 Soul Detective 

            灵医 Soul Doctor

2021    邻里帮 The Heartland Hero

2020    女侠罗明依 A Quest To Heal

            谁是凶手 Who did it?

2019    Toggle KIN - Matthew Story

            一切从昏睡开始 While You Were Away

            天空渐渐亮 DayBreak 

             不醒人事 Wake Up! (Pilot Shoot)

2018   不平凡的平凡 Reach for the Skies (130 epi)

2017    118 II (150 episode long form drama)

2016    绝世好工 The Dream Job  (Cameo)
            你也可以是天使 2  You Can Be An Angel 2                

            118 II

2015    手牵手 Hand in hand

2014    最爱是你 In The Name of Love
            你也可以是天使 You can be an angel too
            限量爱情 Love?

2013    小小传奇 Gonna Make It

2011    PK 爱情 (Webisode drama)

2008   飞越佛跳墙 Folks Jump Over The Wall (Sitcom)

2007    宝家卫国 Honour and Passion

2005    零楼 Zero

2004    仙剑奇侠传 Chinese Paladin

2003    胜券在握 Cash is King
            倩女幽魂 A Chinese Ghost Story

2002   完美把戏 Ad-war
           重进森林 Back to Basics

2001   奇妙人生之理想 Wonderful Life: Aspirations
           侠骨仁心 Healing Hearts

1993  六小无猜
           蒲公英 Dandelion 

1992  Masters of the sea: Troubled Water



2010 - It’s a great great world 大世界

2011 - Dance Dance Dragon 龙众舞

TV Hosting 电视主持

2023    Old Taste Detective 4 古早味侦探 4

            Makan On Wheels 开着餐车趴趴走 (In progress)

2021    Say It Right 

            Old Taste Detective 3 古早味侦探 3

2020    Old Taste Detective 2 古早味侦探 2 

            Local Fine Produce  在地好食材 

2019    SG explorers 全民出来走走

2018     School Unlimited 求学地图   

2017     Bus: Dawn to dusk 穿梭小红点

            Hear Me Out 4 有话要说 4

2016    Mars VS Venus II 金星火星大作战 II
            Hear Me Out 3  有话要说 3

2015    Hear Me Out 2有话要说2 

2014    Chinese New Year 2014
            Giant Fortune Festival 2014
            Minute to win it
            Hear Me Out 有话要说
            The Games We Played

2013    Giant Fortune Festival 2013
            MAS Program
            The Generation Game 大小拍档
            Lunar New Year Show
            Where the queue starts 4 排排站查查看4
            Toggle shoot for décor tips
            Toggle extention shoot for ‘Gonna make it”
            A Taste of History 从历史吃起

2012   Fortune Festival at Giant 2012
           Way To Go is "新加坡,自有一套”
           Knock Knock! Who's There? 啊!是你到我家
           Share Something 我爱公开
           Jobs around the world 走遍天涯打工乐
           SNAP 熠熠星光总动员
           Behind every job III 美 差 事,苦 差 事 III
           Golden Awards 金視獎頒獎典禮  
           I-Weekly Show I-不释手

2011   Fortune Festival at Giant 2011 (爱上GIANT 过肥年)
           Chingay 2011 艺 大 游 行 2011
           Renaissance  旧爱.新欢 
           Makan Unlimited 新马美食一家亲
           Under 1 Roof @ Courts II 家家有Courts, 家家乐! II
           Volkswagen 寻宝乐
           Art Effect 处处有艺术
           Behind every job II 美 差 事,苦 差 事 II
           Knock Knock! Who's There? 啊!是你到我家
           SMRT大挑战 2011, SMRT Challenge 2011

2010   Giant Fortune 2010
           Lunar New Year Eve Special 2010
           Citispa Beauty Perfection 2010 完 美 大 挑 战  
           New Citybeat Season 2
           Giant Star 星光灿烂2010
           Chingay 2010 妆 艺 大 游 行 2010
           Behind Every Job  <<美 差 事,苦 差 事>> 
           “神州水乡甪直情 亚洲媒体汇演” 第八届中国苏州·甪直水乡服饰文化国际旅游节开幕式 
           Golden Awards – Malaysia first TV Awards Presentation 2010 金 視 獎頒 獎 典 禮
           Under 1 Roof @ Courts 家家有Courts, 家家乐! 
           Adventures with SMRT《SMRT 新游记》

Event Hosting 活动主持

2013   Global Baccarat

2014 - SKII BHG grand opening
           MBS family day
           Eco world concert in JB

2015 - Global dragon master tournament


2023    红星大奖 “最佳主持人” 入围 - 古早味侦探 3

            Star Awards "Best Host" nominee - Old Taste Detective 3

2021    红星大奖 "最佳男配角“ - 女侠罗明依 

            Star Awards "Best Supporting Actor" - A Quest To Heal

2015   红星大奖  I-weekly stylish awards 

2014   红星大奖 All Time Favourite Awards

           红星大奖 2014 Best Actor nominee (Gonna make it) 

2013   Viewer’s most liked host award 
           红星大奖 2013观众最喜爱主持人奖 

           Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes, Star Awards ‘13 
           红星大奖 2013十大最受欢迎男艺人