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Chen Han Wei

Chen Han Wei


August 29




Mandarin, English, Bahasa Melayu, Cantonese


Acting, Hosting, Design (Fashion, Interio Design)

Chen Han Wei is a Malaysian-born Singaporean actor who has become a well-respected veteran in the entertainment industry. This seven-time Best Actor and two-time Best Supporting Actor winner at the Star Awards has played the male lead in numerous TV series and telemovies.

The multilingual star first rose to fame with his portrayal of a caring teacher in The Morning Express in 1995.  The serial was immensely popular that it immediately spawned a sequel within the same year. He also recorded several songs for The Morning Express album series.

To top this, Han Wei made his silver screen debut in 2013 in the horror flick Ghost Child. In 2014, he was the recipient of the All-Time Favourite Artiste award at Star Awards after clinching his 10th popularity award.

Han Wei was selected to host Star Awards 2022 and his eye for interior designs lead him to anchor his own home renovation show, House Everything?


TV Serial 电视剧

2022    医生不是神 Healing Heroes (In progress)

2021     哇到宝 Genie in a cup

2020     男神不败 Super Dad

             味之道 Recipe of Life 

2019     老友万岁 Old Is Gold 

             你那边怎样?我这边OK All Is Well

2018     祖先保佑II Blessings II

             阴错阳差 Hello from the other side

2017     第一主角 The Lead

            118 Lunar New year drama

            給我一百萬 A Million Dollar Dream

2016   真探 The Truth Seekers
           来自水星的男人 The Gentlemen
           大英雄 Hero
           118 II 要要发II (Long Form drama)

2015   志在四方 2 The Dream Makers 2

2014  我们一定行 Yes, We Can
          祖先保佑 Blessings
          信约:动荡的年代 The Journey: Tumultuous Times
          118 (long form drama)

2013  志在四方 The Dream Makers
          浴女图 The Enchanted

2012  对对碰 It Takes Two
          玩味爱情(电视电影) Love... & Other Bad Habits

2011  生日快乐 Be Happy
          阿娣 Devotion
          星州之夜 A Song To Remember

2010  五福到 The Best Things In Life
          我在你左右 With You

2009  团圆饭 Reunion Dinner
         书包太重 My School Daze
         企鹅爸爸 Daddy At Home

2008   缘之烩 Taste of Love
          不凡的爱 By My Side

2007  爱.特别的你 The Greatest Love of All
          破茧而出 Metamorphosis

2006  至尊红颜 Women of Times
          蓝色仙人掌 Rhapsody In Blue
          欢乐满屋 House of Joy

2005  情来运转 My Lucky Charm
          活下去 A Life of Hope
          谁家母鸡不生蛋 Baby Blues

2004  跑吧!男人 Man At Forty
          真心密语 Room In My Heart

2003  好儿好女II  Vive La Famille II
          同一屋檐下 My Love, My Home

2002  好儿好女 Vive La Famille
          考试家族 No Problem
          星梦情真 Fantasy
          春到人间 Springs of Life

2001  真爱无敌 Love Me, Love Me Not
          大酒店 The Hotel
          敢敢做个开心人 Don’t Worry, Be Happy VI

2000  爱情百科 Knotty Liaisons
          敢敢做个开心人 Don’t Worry, Be Happy V

1999  千年虫 Millennium Bug

1997  大锣大鼓(电视电影) Curtain Call
          客家之歌 The Guest People
          我来自1997 Time After Time

1996  创意先锋 Creative Edge
          城市双雄 Pursuit Of Justice
          义胆浓情(电视电影) Undercover
           城市双雄 Of Cops And Man
           女子监狱 Beyond Dawn

1995  天师钟馗 Heavenly Ghostcatcher
          阳光列车 The Morning Express
          阎罗传奇 King of Hades
          七月俏佳人(电视电影) Cupid Love
          阳光列车II  The Morning Express II

1994  侠义包公 Young Justice Bao
          龙凤呈祥 Twin Bliss
          叱咤风云 The Magnate

1993  妹俏娇娃 Sister Dearest
          欢喜冤家 Happy Foes
          天机风云 Heaven's Will

1992  暴边缘 Breaking Point
          山水喜相逢 Between Friends

1991  铁狱雷霆 Behind Bars
          妙探智多星 Private Eyes
          急转弯 Secret Operations
          天赐奇财 Changing Fortunes
          恋曲1991 (电视电影) Romance of the Season

1990  启航 Against The Wind
          幻海奇遇 Wishing Well
          逆风天使 By My Side
          大吉传奇 The Village Hero

1989  钻石人生 Fortune Hunter
          鼓舞青春 Magic Of Dance
          绿水英姿 Splash Victory
          四代同堂 We Are Family
          亲心唤我心 A Mother’s Love
          铁警雄风 Patrol
          浮沉 Turn Of The Tide

1988  窈窕淑女 My Fair Ladies
          生活歌手 Song of Youth
          奇缘之怨偶天成 Strange Encounters II


2014   Queen Of Petaling Jaya 茨厂街女王

2012   Ghost Child 鬼仔


2022      House Everything 2  家简尘除 2

              My Space 小屋大作

2019      House Everything  家简尘除

2018      Away with my BFF 老 友出走记  

2013     Home Décor Survivor V 摆家乐V

2012     The i-weekly Show I-不释手

2011     Silver Server

2010     Loving Touch 关怀方式 
             Evolution 一起看过去
             Bioskin Auntie Lucy 要你好看

2009    My Star Guide 4 – Japan 我的导游是明星 4
            Singapore Flavours 万里香

2008     Her Sense 女人香 
            Instant Chef
            My Star Guide III – ShenZhen/Macau 我的导游是明星III–深圳/澳门

2007    My Star Guide II - Vietnam 我的导游是明星II –越南          

2006   Wardrobe SOS 抢救衣厨大作战

2005   Missing (Series 2) 失踪档案

2000   Travel Hunt 奇趣搜搜搜


2022  Star Awards ’22 Best Actor Award (Recipe of Life) 红星大奖’22最佳男主角 (味之道)

2021  Nominee for Star Awards ’21 Best Actor (Super Dad) 入围红星大奖’21最佳男主角(男神不败)

2019  Star Awards ’19 Best Actor Award (A Million Dollar Dream) 红星大奖’19最佳男主角 (给我一百万)

2018  Star Awards ’18 Best Supporting Actor Award (The Lead) 红星大奖’18最佳男配角(第一主角)

2017  Star Awards ’17 Best Actor Award (The Gentlemen) 红星大奖’17最佳男主角(来自水星的男人)

2015   Star Awards ’15 Best Supporting Actor Award (The Journey:Tumultuous Times)
           红星大奖’15 最佳男配角 (信约:动荡的年代)

2014   Star Awards 20 Anniversary All-Time Favourite Artiste Award
           第20届红星大奖 超级红星奖

2013   Star Awards ’13 Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes 

2012   Star Awards ’12 Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes

           Nominee for Asia Television Award ’12 Best Supporting Actor (A Song To Remember)
           入围亚洲电视大奖'12最佳戏剧男配角奖 (星州之夜)

2011   Star Awards ’11 Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes 

2010   Star Awards ’10 Best Actor Award (Daddy @ Home)

           Star Awards ’10 Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes 

2009   Star Awards ’09 Best Actor Award (By My Side)
           红星大奖’09最佳男主角 (不凡的爱)

           Star Awards ’09 Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes

           Nominee for Asia Television Award ’09 Best Actor (By My Side) 

2005   Star Awards ’05 Best Actor Award (A Life Of Hope)
           红星大奖’05最佳男主角 (活下去)

           Star Awards ’05 Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes 

2002   Star Awards ’02 Malaysia’s Most Popular Male Artistes

2001   Star Awards ’01 Best Actor Award (Love Me, Love Me Not)
           红星大奖’01最佳男主角 (真爱无敌)

           Star Awards ’01 Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes 

2000   Star Awards ’00 Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes

1996   Star Awards ’96 Top 5 Most Popular Male Artistes

1995   Star Awards ’95 Top 5 Most Popular Male Artistes

           Star Awards ’95 Most Popular Male Artiste

1988   Star Search ’88 Finalist