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Chen Shu Cheng

Chen Shu Cheng


October 21




Mandarin, Teochew, Cantonese


Acting, Hosting, Singing

Chen Shu Cheng is a Singaporean actor and host whose career spans over 60 years in the entertainment business.

The veteran has been selected to host long-running variety shows Econ Nite and Weekend Delight for over a decade.

Throughout the years, Shu Cheng won numerous Best Evergreen Artiste Awards and Best Supporting Actor Awards, followed by his first Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes Award in Star Awards 2019. He was also the Regional Winner for Best Actor for a Supporting Role in Asian Academy Creative Awards 2019 for his performance in the TV series Hello From The Other Side - It's Time. 



2023    Silent Walls 密宅

2022    I Want to be a Towkay 亲家冤家做头家

            When Duty Calls 2 卫国先锋 2


2021    Soul Old Yet So Young 心里住着老灵魂

            Watch Out! Alexius 小心啊!谢宇航

            The Peculiar Pawnbroker 人心鉴定师

             The Heartland Hero 邻里帮


2020    Jungle Survivor 森林生存记 


2019     How Are You? 好世谋

             Hello From The Other Side – It’s Time 阴错阳差 — 时辰到

             Hello Miss Driver 下一站,遇见

             Old Is Gold  老友万岁

             Old Is Gold: The Bliss Keeper 老友万岁之守护幸福


2018     Eat Already 4 吃饱没 4

             Reach For The Skies 不平凡的平凡

             A Million Dollar Dream 给我一百万

             Love At Cavenagh Bridge 加文纳桥的约定

             Blessings 2 祖先保佑 2

             Heart To Heart 心点心  


2017     Eat Already 2 吃饱没 2

             Home Truly 回家

             Have a Little Faith 相信我

             Eat Already 3 吃饱没 3


2016     Fire Up 美味下半场


2015     Life Is Beautiful 初一的心愿

             Good Luck 百岁大吉

             Let It Go 分手快乐

            Super Senior 长辈甜心

            Life Fear Not 人生无所谓


2014     Yes We Can 我们一定行

             In the Name of Love 最爱是你

             Blessings 祖先保佑


2013     Spice Up 幸福料理


2012     Double Bonus 双星报喜

             Pillow Talk 再见单人床

             Yours Fatefully 孤男寡女

            Game Plan 千方百计


2011     Secrets for Sale 拍。卖

             Devotion 阿娣

             The Oath 行医


2010     With You 我在你左右


2009     Your Hand In Mine 想握你的手

             The Ultimatium 双子星


2008     Love Blossoms I & II 心花多多开 I & II


2007     The Greatest Love of All 爱.特别的你

             Live Again 天堂鸟

2006     Women Of Times 至尊红颜

            Love at 0 degree 爱情零度C

            Family Matters 法庭俏佳人

            An Enchanted Life 钻石人生


2005     Portrait Of Home 同心圆

             Beyond The Axis of Truth II 法医X档案 II

             Love Concierge 爱的掌门人

             Portrait Of Home II 同心圆 II


2004     I Love My Home 我爱我家

            Men At Forty 跑吧男人

            Room In My Heart 真心蜜语

            Timeless Gift 遗情未了


2003     Vive La Familie II 好儿好女 II

            Holland Village 荷兰村

            A Child's Hope 孩有明天


2001   Health Matters 一切由慎开始

           Fantasy 星梦情真

           The Wing Of Desire 天使的诱惑

           Innocently Guilty 法内有情天

           Springs of Life 春到人间

           My Genie II 我爱精灵II


 2000  Beyond The Axis Of Truth 法医X档案

            The Hotel 大酒店


1999    The Strategem 世纪攻略

            In Pursuit Of Peace 何日军再来


1998     Lost Soul 另类佳人

            Out To Win 步步为赢

            From The Courtroom 法医故事

            PI Blues 乌龙档案


1997     Silver Linings 骤雨骄阳

            Pursuit Of Justice 石破天惊                      

            Price Of Peace 和平的代价

            The Guest People 客家之歌

            Sitcom: My Big Brother 环境剧:一家之主新视电影:流氓英雄


1996     3-in-1 Love 爱情三合一

            The Unbeatables II 双天至尊II


1995     The Teochew Family 潮州家族

            Project B  B计划

            Golden Pillow 金枕头


1994     Young Justice Bao 侠义包公

            Double Trouble 叔侄也疯狂

            Telemovie-A Chance In Life 新视电影-生死一线

            The Valiant One 昆仑奴                           

            The Magnate 叱吒风云

            Chronicle Of Life 缘尽今生

            Dream Hunters 追心一族


1993     Smouldering Heat 赤道迷情                      

            Battle Of Justice 人海孤鸿

            Switch 妙鬼临门                                      

            The Unbeatables 双天至尊


1992     The Male Syndrome 妙男正传

            Women Of Substance 悲欢岁月


1991     The Darkest Hour 烈血青春

            The Last Swordsman 最后一个大侠

            The Future Is Mine 锦秀前程                    

            Pretty Faces 三面夏娃


1990     Two Of Us 天生一对

            Wishing Well 幻海奇遇      

             Enchanted Eyes 天眼


1989     My Sweet Rival 摩登俏冤家


1988     Airforce 空军

             The Golden Quest 金麒麟

             Mystery 迷离之婴

             My Fair Ladies 窈窕女                              

            Strange Encounters II 奇缘II之广陵散


1987     I Do 君子好逑

            Strange Encounters 奇缘之塞外葫芦


1986     Under One Roof 家和万事兴

            The Bond 天崖同命鸟


1985     The Unyielding Butterflies 铁蝴蝶

            Takeover 人在旅途

            The Happy Trio 青春123

            The Young Heroes 少年英雄


1984     In The Wilderness 荒原

            The Awakening Part 2 雾锁南洋之风雨同舟和赤道朝阳

             Pursuit 怒海萍踪


1983     Endless Knot 情结                                   

            Double Blessings 春风得意

            The Awakening Part 1 雾锁南洋之天长地久和狮城拂晓


1982     Little DD 小DD


1974     Mistake 她错了

            Responsibilities 暴雨寒梅

            The Family 妯娌之间


1973     The Evil Of Money 财迷心窍                     

            Always In My Heart 永记心间                   

            The Hunt 获虎之夜


1972     Home coming 回家以后

            The Underground 黑吃黑                         

            An Ill Fated Girl 苦莲花

            Survival 孽海浮生

            Silent Blessings 默默祝福

            The Test 疾风劲草

             Culprit 原来都是他

             Repentance 飞紫轻烟处处愁

            The Test 回头是岸                                   

             The World of Warmth 温暖在人间             

            The Story Of Mr Q 阿Q精神


1971     My Family, My Country 国与家

            Parasite 寄生藤

            Return Of The Wild Goose 归来雁

            Autumn 叶落秋枫                                     


             The Trap 陷阱



2011   It's A Great Great World 大世界       
           The Ultimate Winner 赢家 
           Fairytales 童话


2007    Gone Shopping 逛街物语


2004    The Maid 女佣 


2000    2000AD 公元2000 


2006   Golden Age 黄金年华

2005   Weekend Delight 欢乐周末夜
           Econ Nite 宜康之夜

2004   Weekend Delight 欢乐周末夜
           Econ Nite 宜康之夜

2003   LNY Eve Special 三羊开泰庆丰年
           Weekend Delight 欢乐周末夜

2001   Econ Nite 宜康之夜
           Weekend Delight 欢乐周末夜
           Media Talk 传媒春秋

2000   Econ Nite 宜康之夜
           Weekend Delight 欢乐周末夜

1999   Econ Nite 宜康之夜
           Weekend Delight 欢乐周末夜

1998    Econ Nite 宜康之夜
            Weekend Delight 欢乐周末夜

1997    Econ Nite 宜康之夜
            Weekend Delight 欢乐周末夜

1996    Econ Nite 宜康之夜

1995    Lunar New Year Show 新年特备节目
            Econ Nite 宜康之夜
            Star Awards ’94 红星大奖 ’94

1994    The Perfect Match 金童玉女一线牵
            Weekend Delight 欢乐周末夜
            I Love Lulala 我爱鲁啦啦
            Saturday Night Smash

1993    The Perfect Match 金童玉女一线牵
            Weekend Delight 欢乐周末夜
             I Love Lulala 我爱鲁啦啦
             Saturday Night Smash

1992     Weekend Delight 欢乐周末夜
              Econ Nite 宜康之夜
              Weekend Delight 欢乐周末夜
              Community Chest Charity

1991      Lunar New Year Special 新年特备节目
              Econ Nite 宜康之夜
              Singapore Food Fare Variety Tonight
              Cash Plus Holiday Weekend 欢乐周末夜

1990      Cash Plus Holiday 欢乐周末夜
              Weekend Delight
              Econ Nite 宜康之夜

1987      Lunar New Year Show 新年特备节目
              Weekend Delight 普威之夜

1986       All In The Family
              The Perfect Match 金童玉女一线牵
              Live From Studio One 1000 Nite

1985      Live From Studio One 



Star Awards 2021 Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste

红星大奖 2019 十大最受欢迎男艺人 



Star Awards 2019 Best Supporting Actor Award (A Million Dollar Dream)

红星大奖 2019 最佳男配角(给我一百万)


Star Awards 2019 Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste

红星大奖 2019 十大最受欢迎男艺人 


Asian Academy Creative Awards 2019 Regional Winner, Best Actor in Supporting Role (Hello From The Other Side - It’s Time)

亚洲影艺创意大奖 2019 区域得主 最佳男配角 (阴错阳差 - 时辰到) 



Nomination for Star Awards 2018 Best Evergreen Artiste Award (Home Truly)

红星大奖 2018 常青演绎奖(回家)



Nomination for Star Awards 2017 Best Evergreen Artiste Award (Fire Up)

红星大奖 2017 常青演绎奖提名(美味下半场)



Star Awards 2016 Best Evergreen Artiste Award (Super Senior)

红星大奖2016常青演绎奖 (长辈甜心)



Star Awards 2012 Best Supporting Actor (The Oath), Star Awards 




Asian Television Awards, Best Drama Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role nomination-With You drama




Star Awards 25th Drama Anniversary Show - Evergreen Veterans - Nomination for My Favourite Actor (telepoll)

红星大奖之戏剧情牵 25 - 艺坛常青树 - 我最喜爱的男演员提名(观众投选)



Star Awards 2002 Special Achievement Award  

红星大奖 2002 特别成就奖