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Chen Tian Wen

Chen Tian Wen


March 28




English, Mandarin, Teochew, Cantonese, Hokkien


Acting, Singing, Martial Arts, Taekwondo, Golf, Ice Sculpture

Chen Tian Wen is a Singaporean actor with more than 20 years of experience. He is an iconic action star who took on many roles as a martial arts hero in the 90s with his abilities as a Black Belt Taekwando fighter. In addition to being a renowned actor locally, the multilingual artiste also made his mark in China. He has worked on countless TV series, including a collection of regional co-productions such as The Royal Monk and The Gods Must Be Rich.

Tian Wen’s other notable works include classics such as Man From The Past and Airforce. In 2013, Tian Wen's supporting role in the movie ILO ILO put him in the spotlight once again. The film was awarded the Caméra d'Or award at the Cannes Film Festival.

In 2015, Tian Wen was featured in a music video titled Unbelievable, singing a tune inspired by 1970s Singaporean singer Huang Qing Yuan. The video went viral online and has garnered 2.6 million views to date. A movie was then produced for him titled Mr Unbelievable.

Apart from martial arts, Tian Wen is an avid golfer who is active in charity and community work.



2022        Sunny Side Up (English Long Form) 

                 灵医  Soul Doctor

                 你也可以是天使 4 You Can Be An Angel 4

2021         守护星   In Safe Hands

                 关键证人 Key Witness 

                 心里住着老灵魂 Soul Old Yet So Young 

2020         男神不败 Super Dad

                 谁是杀手?Who Did It?

                 单翼天使 My Guardian Angels

                 森林生存记 Jungle Survivor 

                 花花公子 Mister Flower

2019          致胜出击 The Good Fight

                  阴错阳差 Hello from the other side

                  阴错阳差 - 时辰到“Hello from the   other side - It's Time” (Toggle  online   网剧)

                  心点心 Heart to Heart

2018         心。情 Mind Matters

                118  大团圆  118 Reunion

2017        吃饱没?2 Eat Already? 2

2016        118   2 (208集长剧 208-ep long form drama)

                家有一保  Don't Worry, Be Healthy

                绝世好工  The Dream Job

                警徽天职4  C.L.I.F. 4

                K.O.  (TOGGLE)

                大英雄 Hero

2015        Code of Law 3 (CH 5)

                House for Spouse 2 (CH 5)


2014        Mata Mata 2

                初一的心愿 Life is Beautiful

                118 (255集长剧 255-ep long form drama)

2013        阿兵新传  Recruit Diaries

                骤变  Sudden

                揭秘  Disclosed

                我们一定行  Yes We Can

2012        最火搭档2   Unriddle 2

                微笑正义   Poetic Justice

                对对碰   It Takes Two     

2011        边缘父子 On the Fringe

                朋友 Mooncake

2010        全家福   Happy Family

                神探妙夫妻   Mr and Mrs Kok

                红白囍事  New Beginnings

                最火搭档   Unriddle

                泳闯琴关  No Limits 

2009        书包太重  My School Daze

2008        心花朵朵开 I & II Love Blossoms I & II 

                不凡的爱   By My Side

2007         手足 Kinship

2006        A Life Story (CH 5)

                萤火虫的梦   Let It Shine

                幸福双人床   Mars Vs Venus

                龙虎英雄记 (MDA Production)

2005         猜心妙手(中、台、新制作)

                 孩有明天III   A Child’s Hope III  

                 刑警二人组   CID

                 爱情零度C   Love @ 0℃

2004         赤子乘龙(中、新制作)

                 喜临门 I   Double Happiness I

                 喜临门 II   Double Happiness II

2003          荷兰村   Holland V 

                  跑吧!男人   Man At Forty

                  吃吃面包谈谈情    A Toast of Love

2002          河水山   Bukit Ho Swee

                  叛逆战警   Devil’s Blues

                  浓浓咖啡乌   Kopi- O II

                  考试家族   No Problem

                  一切由慎开始 II   Health Matters II

2001           法医X档案之白日梦

                   Beyond The Axis of Truth

                   大酒店   The Hotel

                   我爱精灵   My Genie

2000           笑傲江湖  The Legendary Swordsman  (中、新制作)


1999          东游记   Legends of The 8 Immortals

                  医生档案   From The Medical Files

                  哪吒   The Legend of Ne Zha (中、新制作)

1998         真命小和尚之十二铜人   The Royal Monk II (中、新制作)

                 欲望街车   Driven By Cars

                 摩登状元   Back To School

1997         真命小和尚   The Royal Monk ( 中、新制作)

                 财神到   The Gods Must Be Rich

                 铁血男儿 Sword & Honour(中、新制作)

1996        掌门人1996   Kungfu Master 1996

                缘来是你   My Destiny With You

1995        医胆仁心   Heartbeat

                天师钟馗   Heavenly Ghost Catcher (台湾制作)

                地下猎人   The Shadow Mission

1994        鹤啸九天   Web of Deceit (中、新制作)

                侠义包公   Young Justice Bao

                惊天大阴谋   Thunder Plot

                帮会1889   Men on the Edge  

                勇者无惧   The Challenger (中、新制作)

                情思万缕   Silk & Romance  (中、新制作)

1993        再战封神榜   Heavenly Beings

                未了情   Endless Love

                莲花争霸   The Great Conspiracy(中、新制作)

                暴风狂花   Angel of Vengeance

1992       悲欢岁月   Women of Substance

1991       铁狱雷霆   Behind Bars

               妙探智多星   Private Eyes

               最后一个大侠   The Last Swordsman

               一代天骄   The Legend of a Beauty

1990       大吉传奇   The Village Hero

               壮志豪情 (又名:海军)   Navy

1989       鼓舞青春   Magic of Dance

               浮沉   Turn of the Tide

1988       舞榭歌台   The Last Applause

               牛车水人家   Teahouse In Chinatown

               婚姻保险   Ups and Downs

1987      空军   Airforce

              变迁   Moving On


2017 - Take 2 遇见贵人 

2016 - Lulu The Movie 露露的电影 

2015 - Mr Unbelievable

2014 - The Lion Men I & II 狮神决战
2014 - Wayang Boy 戏曲小子

2013- 新兵正传2 Ah Boys To Men 2
2013 - Ilo Ilo 爸妈不在家

2012 - 新兵正传Ah Boys To Men

2011 - It’s a Great Great World 大世界

2004 - One Last Dance 阿查之舞

2002 - The Fighter 奇迹酒吧之打手



2013 - Nominee for Golden Horse Award Best Supporting Actor (Ilo Ilo) 提名金马奖最佳男配角(爸妈不在                  家)

1997 - Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes, Star Awards 1997 红星大奖1997十大最受欢迎男艺人

1988 - Top 10 Most Popular Male and Female Artistes 1988 新加坡1988十大最受欢迎男女演员


2000 - Madam White Snake 白蛇传