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Lee Teng

Lee Teng


May 30




Mandarin, English, Hokkien


Hosting, Impersonation,Basketball,Hip-hop,Gaming

 Known for his versatility and charisma, Lee Teng has endeared himself to become a household name in Asia as an award-winning effectively bilingual host and personality. He has ventured to Taiwan and China periodically to make his mark in their entertainment industries and has participated in many highly-rated shows and commercial movies there. 

Not one to rest on his accolades, Lee Teng is also a successful entrepreneur, and is the undisputed icon of streetwear fashion, and has been appointed as an ambassador of Hardy Hardy Singapore since 2016. Lee Teng has also been appointed as the official brand ambassador of Skechers Singapore since 2018. His keen sense of fashion and business has led to successful collaborations with Taiwanese stars like Jay Chou and Show Luo. In 2017, Lee Teng launched his very first record single, a love duet titled Fall in Love (小伴情歌) to much fanfare. 

Lee Teng has been consistently voted Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste and won Best Programme Host twice at the annual Star Awards. 

In 2017, Lee Teng was highly commended at the Asian Television Awards, the most significant event that recognises the best in the Asian TV Industry, for the Best Current Affairs Presenter category. 


TV Serial 电视剧

2015 - Let It Go 分手快乐

2014 - Served H.O.T. 烧。卖

 TV Hosting 电视主持

2021 - Star Awards 2019 Red Carpet Show 红星大奖 星光大道 

        - Star Awards 2019 红星大奖 

        - Body SOS 10 小毛病 大问题10 

        - The Food Lab 科学食验室 

        - Dad, I've Got Your Back 爸比,我挺你 

2020 - Hawker Academy 小贩学院

          LNY Eve Special 2020 裕鼠鼠纳福迎春乐 

          Body SOS 9 小毛病 大问题9 

2019 - Chingay 2019 妆艺大游行2019

           LNY Eve Special 2019 猪饱饱欢乐迎肥年

           King of Culinary 三巴刀

           Body SOS 8 小毛病 大问题8

           Star Awards 2019 Red Carpet Show 红星大奖 星光大道 

           Thumbs Up Senior 学长学姐好样的

           Fixer 3 线人3

2018 - Body SOS 7 小毛病 大问题7

           LNY Eve Special 2018 灵猴庆祝丰年

           Star Awards 2018 Post Show 红星大奖 庆功派对 

           Community Chest Charity Show 2018

           SPOP Sing! SPOP听我唱

           Fixer 2 线人2

           Top 10 Singapore 十大新加坡

           Taste Of Love 两代美味关系

           Let's Go To School 求学地球

2017 - Go Online! 全城上线

           Body SOS Sr 6 小毛病 大问题6

           Star Awards 2017 红星大奖 2017

           958 In Action 958 开唛啦

           Be A Health Champion 我是肠胜菌

           Fixer 线人

2016 - Lions Charity Show 情牵白首愛不息

           LNY Eve Special 2016灵猴庆丰年

           Chingay 2016妆艺大游行2016

           Star Awards 2016 红星大奖 2016

           4 Celebrity Chef 四大名厨

           Body SOS Sr 5 小毛病 大问题5

           Fake It So Real 真的不一样

2016 - Lions Charity Show 情牵白首愛不息
   LNY Eve Special 2016 灵猴庆丰年
   Chingay 2016 妆艺大游行2016 

2015 - Super Jumbo 世界我最大
           Celebrity Boss明星老板
           Thye Hua Kwan Charity Show 太和观一心一德为善乐
           LNY Eve Special 喜气洋洋乐团圆
           SPD Charity Show真心无障爱
           Love On The Plate 3名厨出走记
           Body SOS 4小毛病大问题4
           Family Wanders带你去吃风
           The Dream Makers 2 Making-of

2014 - Lunar New Year's Eve Special 2014 骏马奔滕喜迎春Finding 8先锋争8战
           Star Awards 20 Show 1红星大奖20 (第一场)
           Star Awards 20 Walk Of Fame红星大奖20红地毯
           Star Awards 20 Post Show红星大奖20 庆功派对 
           Shoot It Sr 2哪里出问题? 2 之食在有问题
           Body SOS 3小毛病大问题3
           Where To Stay到底住哪里?
           Big Factory Sr 3 新工厂3
           Let’s Talk 5你在囧什么5

2013 - Problem King哪里出问题
           LNY Eve Special 2013灵蛇贺新春
           Star Awards Show 1红星大奖(第一场)
           Star Awards Walk of Fame红星大奖 星光大道
           Campus Superstar 3
           Good Man Good Food 型男美味札记
           Body SOS 2 小毛病大问题2
           Laughing Out Loud 笑笑没烦恼
           Finding U 寻U 先锋
           Le Petit Chef 我的师博是大厨
           Let’s Talk 4你在囧什么4

2012 - Super IQ  IQ超人 
           LNY Eve Special 2012金龙腾飞庆丰年
           Life’s Big Factories巨工厂 
           Thye Hua Kwan Charity Show太和观一心一德为善乐
           Help Doctor Help小毛病大问题 
           Star Awards 2012 show 1  红星大奖 (第一场)
           Star Awards Red Carpet红星大奖 星光大道 
           Star Awards Post Show 2012红星大奖 庆功派对 
           Let’s Talk 3你在囧什么3
           SNAP 熠熠星光总动员
           Melting Pot新新料理

2011 - Let's Talk你在囧什么 
           Going Home 2回家走走2
           Big Little Trumpet大小喇叭看时事 
           Power Duet K歌2击队 
           Drypers Family Man绝世好爸妙家人 
           Star Awards Blazing The Trail红星大奖2011繁星点点 
           Star Awards Red Carpet红星大奖2011星光大道 
           Star Awards Post Show 2011红星大奖2011庆功派对 
           Let's Talk 2你在囧什么2
           Foodie Dash食品大赢家 
           Rail Trilll铁路次文化
           Channel 8 Countdown 8频道跨年派对 

2010 - Funtastic太自由 
           Lunar New Year Eve Special 2010普天同庆金虎年 
           Black Rose爆料黑玫瑰 
           KFC Breakfast Challenge  KFC早餐大比拼 
           Star Awards Blazing The Trail 红星大奖十分劲报
           Star Awards Post Show 2010红星大奖2010庆功宴 
           On the Beat 5都是大发现5
           Sizzling Woks 2煮炒来咯!2
           Dream Potter梦窑匠 

2009 - Campus SuperStar 2009 校园SuperStar 2009
            Go Live! 综艺 Go Live!
            Star Awards Post Show 2009红星大奖2009庆功宴 
            On the Beat 4都是大发现4
            Sizzling Woks煮炒来咯! 

2008 - Junior Home Décor Survivor 迷你摆家乐
            On the Beat 3 都是大发现3
            Hair Care 101 2 草药护发101 2
            Go Green! 绿设兵团 

2007 - On the Beat 2 都是大发现2
            Chinese New Year 101 温故知新年 
            Home Décor Survivor 3 摆家乐3
            Super Train 游学快车 

2006 - Hey Hey Taxi 比比接车无比乐 
            Wanna Challenge? 想挑战吗? 
            The 7-Eleven Game Show 抢先夺快争第
            PSC Nite 2006 普威之夜2006
            On the Beat 2 都是大发现2


2017   Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes, Star Awards红星大奖十大最受欢迎男艺人

           Highly Commended in Best Current Affairs Presenter, Asian Television Awards

2016   Best Variety/Info-Ed Host <Love On The Plate 3>, Star Awards 红星大奖 最佳主持人<名厨出走记3>

           Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes, Star Awards红星大奖十大最受欢迎男艺人

2015   Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes, Star Awards红星大奖十大最受欢迎男艺人

2014   Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes, Star Awards红星大奖十大最受欢迎男艺人

2013   Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes, Star Awards ‘13

2012   Best Info-ed Programme Host, Star Awards ’12
           红星大奖 ‘12最佳资讯节目主持人

2010   Nominated for Best Variety Show Host,Star Awards ‘10
           红星大奖’10 最佳主持人提名

2009   Nominated for Best Variety Show Host,Star Awards ‘09
            红星大奖 ‘09 最佳主持人提名

2006   Champion, Y.E.S.93.3FM DJ Talent Search

            First Runner-up, SuperHost《超级主持人》亚军