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Lim Pin Juen

Lim Pin Juen




English, Chinese, Malay, Cantonese (Basic)


Hosting, Sports (Able to play basketball, badminton, football)

While it was Pin Juens last semester of studies in NUS Computer Engineering, he decided to take a leap of faith to participate in Mediacorps radio DJ competition The SoundMakers 寻找星声音” in 2019 and made it one of the top 6 finalists! Thereafter, he went through months of intensive training and joined YES 933's radio DJ lineup to host his first weekday afternoon radio show “午刻乐乐” with Jiahui as his co-host.

Through a year of hosting, Pin Juen's young and fun personality finally stand out and got him nominated for Star Awards 2023’s Most Popular Rising Star award!


- Road shows hosting 户外主持

- The SoundMakers 寻找星声音 2022 warm-up hosting 暖场主持

- Lets talk about health fair 2023 seminars hosting 医聊大小事保健展2023讲座主持

- Star Awards 2023 红星大奖2023 7 hours BTS live hosting 7小时幕后直击主持

- YES 933 schools hosting YES 933校园特工队