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Shaun Chen

Shaun Chen


November 03




Mandarin, English, Teochew, Cantonese, Hakka, Malay


Acting, Hosting, Singing, Guitar, Badminton

Shaun Chen is a Singapore-based actor from Malaysia. He started his career hosting for the hit variety programme, City Beat. His great hosting performance earned him a role in the TV series City Heroes as an entrepreneur and later in the 100 episodes TV series Holland V.

Shaun has taken on plenty of leading roles, including Yummy Yummy, a joint-production between Hong Kong’s TVB and Mediacorp Studios and in 2006’s highly-rated C.I.D.

Shaun won the Best Actor Award for his role in The Journey: Tumultuous Times in Star Awards 2015. He also won Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes in Star Awards 2015, 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022.

He is a former national badminton player in Malaysia.



2021                 Leave No Soul Behind 21点灵

2020                 Recipe of Life 味之道 

2019                 After The Stars 攻星计

                         While You Were Away 一切从昏睡开始

                         Hello From The Other Side 阴错阳差 

2018                 Blessings II 祖先保有 2

2017                 The Lead 第一主角

                         My Friends from Afar 知星人

2016                 The Dream Job 绝世好工

                         Hero 大英雄

2015                 The Journey: Our Homeland 信约:  我们的家园 

2014                 Blessings 祖先保佑

                         The Journey: Tumultuous Times 信约:动荡的年代

                         Your Hand in Mine 想握你的手

2008                 The Truth 谜图

                         La Femme 绝对佳人

                         Crime Busters X 2 叮当神探

2007                 Let It Shine 萤火虫的梦

                         Making Miracles 奇迹

                         Switched! 幸运星

                         Fallen Angel 天使的烙印 (M’sia NTV7 co-production)

                         Live Again 天堂鸟

2006                 Dream Chaser 梦拼图

                         C.I.D 刑警2人组

                         The Beginning 原点 (M’sia NTV 7co-production)

2005                 Yummy Yummy 终极美食大挑战 (Hong Kong TVB co-production)

                          Heartlanders Season 4 街坊风云4

                          Love Concierge 爱的掌门人

2004                 Power of Love 甜蜜风暴

                         Changing Lanes 易心人

                         Zero 零楼

2003                 City Heroes 真心英雄

                         Holland V 荷兰村

                         To Mum With Love 非一般妈妈

                         Always On My Mind 无炎的爱


2018 - Buyer Beware 吉屋

2012 - The Wedding Diary 2 结婚那件事之后

2011 - The Wedding Diary 结婚那件事

2007 - Men in White 鬼啊鬼啊


2010 - Eye of the Beholder 原来你最美


2015 -  Unusual School 不一样的学校  

2006 - Night Walk 步夜城

2004 - Mission Impossible (Taiwan)  地球无界限(台湾)
            AHA 拉票超人王
            Mama Mia All Star Potluck 食星报喜 2

2003 - City Beat 城人杂志

2002 - City Beat城人杂志


2022 Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes, Star Awards' 2021

         红星大奖'21 十大最受欢迎男艺人

2021 Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes, Star Awards' 2021

         红星大奖'21 十大最受欢迎男艺人

2019  Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes, Star Awards’19

           红星大奖' 19 十大最受人 

          Nomination for Best Actor (Blessings II), Star Awards’19

           红星大奖' 19 最佳男主角 提名(祖先保有 2)

2018  Nomination for Best Actor (My Friends from Afar)

          Star Awards’18 红星大奖’18 最佳男角提名(知星人)       


          Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes, Star Awards’18


2017   Nomination for Best Actor (Hero), Star Awards’17

           红星大奖’17 最佳男角提名(大英 雄)

2016    Nomination for Best Actor (The Journey: Our Homeland) Star Awards’16


2015    Best Actor Award (The Journey: Tumultuous Times), Star Awards ‘15

             红星大奖’15 最佳男主角(信约:动荡的年代)

            Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes, Star Awards’15


            Rocket Award, Star Awards’15

             红星大奖’15 年度飞跃将

2011     Nomination for Best Actor (Your hands in mine) Star Awards ’11

              红星大奖’11 最佳男主角提名(想握你的手)


2006     Nomination for Best Supporting Actor (C.I.D), Star Awards ’06

             红星大奖’06 最佳男配角提名(刑警二人组)