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Yao Wen Long

Yao Wen Long


November 14




Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Malay


Acting, Singing, Basketball

Yao Wen Long is a Singapore-based actor from Malaysia. He participated in Mediacorp’s Star Search 1993, a Singapore TV reality talent competition, and won the Most Popular Newcomer Award in Star Awards 1994. In 2001, he bagged the Best Supporting Actor Award for his memorable role in Looking For Stars.

Wen Long appeared in the popular sitcom, My Genie and starred in 80 episodes long series Kinship in 2007. In 2008, he played butcher Liu Yi Dao in the award-winning TV series, The Little Nyonya, which got him a nomination for the Best Supporting Actor Award.

Wen Long has played many roles in popular TV series such as Happy Reunion, Holland V, Portrait of Home, and Your World In Mine.





2021   都市狂想 A Whole World Difference

2020   回路网 All Around You
           我的女侠罗明依 A Quest To Heal

2019    我的左邻右邻 Dear Neighbour

           阴错阳差 — 时辰到 Hello From The Other Side - Its Time
           老友万岁之守护幸福 Old Is Gold-The Bliss Keeper

2018    祖先保佑2 Blessing 2

            给我一百万 A Million Dollar Dream

            不平凡的平凡 Reach For The Skies


2017   不平凡的平凡 Reach For The Skies

           知星人 My Friends From Afar

           梦想程式 Dream Coder


2016  钱来运转 House of Fortune

          富贵平安 Peace & Prosperity


2015    虎妈来了 Tiger Mum

             长辈甜心 Super Senior

            钱来运转 House of Fortune


2014     我们一定行 Yes, We Can

             沙煲肉骨茶 Soup Of Life

             祖先保佑 Blessings

             三个愿望 Three Wishes

             我为人人For Your Own Good (Toggle sitcom)


2013      骤变 Sudden

             小小传奇 Gonna Make It


2012     花样人间 Joys of Life 

             微笑正义 Poetic Justice

             猪仔馆人家 The Quarters

             对对碰 It Takes Two


2011     乐在双城 Tale Of Two Cities

             拍卖 Secrets For Sale

             阿娣 Devotion

             边缘父子 On The Fringe

             万福楼 Bountiful Blessings

             星洲之夜 A Song To Remember


2010  红白囍事 New Beginnings

          走进走出 The Family Court

          查某人 Mrs P.I.


2009    想握你的手 Your Hand In Mine (180 eps)

           煮妇的假期 Housewives’ Holiday


2008     绝对佳人 La Femme

             奶爸百分百 Nanny Daddy

             小娘惹 The Little Nyonya


2007     凡间新仙人 Happily Ever After

             手足 Kinship (83 eps)


2006     明星偶像-他是谁 Star Idol Drama

             法庭俏佳人 Family Matters


2005     同心圆 Portrait of Home I & II


2004    心网追凶 The Crime Hunters

             三十风雨路 An Ode To Life

            我的野蛮亲家 My Mighty In-Laws

            喜临门 Double Happiness 2


2003     好儿好女II Vive La Famille II

             荷兰村 Holland V

             吃吃面包谈谈情 A Toast Of Love


2002     好儿好女 Vive La Famille

             豹子胆 The Vagrant

             双天至尊III The Unbeatables III

             我爱精灵II My Genie II


2001     我爱精灵 My Genie

             大酒店 The Hotel


2000     琼园咖啡香 Hainan Kopi Tales

             星锁 Looking For Stars

             何日军再来 In Pursuit Of Peace

             法医X档案 Beyond The Axis Of Truth

             如何对你说 You Light Up My Life

             世纪攻略 The Strategem


1999     同一片蓝天 A Piece Of Sky

             乌龙档案 PI Blues


1998     神雕侠侣 Return Of The Condor Heroes

             小说剧场I之安琪儿的微笑 Spore Short Stories

             石叻坡传说之讲古奇冤 Myths & Legends Of S'pore


1997     万里晴空 Places In My Heart

             Uncle当自强 Playing To Win

             医生档案 From The Medical Files


1996     法医档案之午夜警钟  Dr Justice

             爱拼球会赢 Triumph Over The Green

             妙师爷三斗毒太监 Royal Battle Of Wits

             济公活佛 The Legends Of Ji Gong


1995     大英雄小人物 Neighbourhood Heroes           

             机密档案 Secret Files

             海岸猎鹰(电视电影) Sea Eagle (telemovie)


1994     叔侄俩疯狂 Crazy Duet

             共闯荆途 Against All Odds


1993     年年有鱼 Happy Reunion


2017   Star Awards’17 Top 24 Most Popular Male Artistes

           红星大奖’17 二十四大最受欢迎男艺人

2013   Star Awards ’13 Top 20 Most Popular Male Artistes

           红星大奖’13 二十大最受欢迎男艺人

2001   Star Awards ’01 Best Supporting Actor (Looking for Stars)

1994   Star Awards ’94 Most Popular Newcomer