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Zhai Siming

Zhai Siming


November 05




Chinese, English


Acting, Modelling, Singing, Basketball

Zhai Siming is a Singapore-based actor from Hebei, China, who was one of the finalists in Star Search 2019, a Singapore TV reality competition. He started as a model at the age of 18. With his background as a school team basketball player, Siming landed his first acting role in the movie, Meet The Giant. His most recent TV series include Genie In A Cup, The Peculiar Pawnbroker, Key Witness, and First of April.

Other than acting, he can also be seen co-hosting the variety show Just Swipe Lah.

Siming is a rising TikTok star with over 100k followers and 1.1 million likes. He is one-third of the boy group HST alongside actors Tyler Ten and Herman Keh.



2023  Fix My Life 整你的人生

          My One and Only 只此一家 (in progress)

2022  Genie In A Cup 哇到宝

          First of April 愚人计划

          Soul Doctor 灵医

          Healing Heroes 医生不是神

          Love at First Bite 遇见你真香

2021  The Peculiar Pawnbroker 人心鉴定师 

           Key Witness 关键证人

           Soul Old Yet So Young 心里住着老灵魂

2020  All Around You 回路网 

          Super dad 男神不败

2019  Muay Thai Girl  

2018  Lonely Fish 寂寞鱼。听见

          Close your Eyes 闭上眼睛看不见 

2015  The Dream Makers ll 志在四方2 


2014  Meet The Giant 再见巨人

Variety Shows 综艺节目

2021  Just Swipe Lah 刷一刷

2019  Star Search 2019 Top 12 才华横溢出新秀2019  12强

2015  Hey Geogeous Semi-Finalist Top 20 〈校园没魔王〉20 强