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Meet Your Seniors

Isabel Ariken

Technical Coordinator, Production Services (News and Current Affairs);
Graduated with a Diploma in Communications and Media Management from Temasek Polytechnic

Isabel Ariken

1)     What would you consider to be the highlight of your internship experience?

It would be the fact that my internship was during the 2020 General Elections. I found it very insightful to see how news flowed from input to output so quickly for such a large-scale national event. Definitely an unforgettable experience!


2)     Is your current role similar to what you did during your internship?

My current role is very similar to what I did during my internship. But of course, there are more responsibilities on my plate now since I am a full-time Technical Coordinator. The skills I had picked up during my internship were very helpful and eased my learning curve here. I feel that I was able to understand my equipment better and pick up certain processes faster as I had been exposed to them during my internship.


3)     What made you return to Mediacorp?

I decided to work at Mediacorp as I felt it provided a safe environment for me to learn more about the media industry while ensuring a stable income.


4)     Any advice to students or recent graduates looking for internship opportunities in the media industry?

The media industry may seem daunting and unforgiving at first, but you can learn a lot from the hands-on experience, including skills which can be transferred across jobs within the media industry and even outside of it. 


5)     A day in my role at Mediacorp is…

… always exciting as I do my part to make sure you get to watch the news comfortably!