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Learn About Singapore's History Through A Great Story

By Raushana Binte Shaik Mohamed Salim, Diploma in Mass Communication, Republic Polytechnic

Learn About Singapore's History Through A Great Story

Based on Walter Woon’s novel The Devil’s Circle, This Land Is Mine reveals the adversities that Singaporeans faced post Japanese Occupation, before Singapore gained independence. Pierre Png and Rebecca Lim play cousins who work together at a law firm called d’Almeida & d’Almeida. Each of the cousins have their unique set of personal challenges and agenda. Nevertheless, both of them are selfless, and determined to help anyone they can.

(Photo: Yahoo! News Singapore)

Dennis, played by Pierre Png, is an intense but righteous individual. When faced with tough decisions, he still managed to pull through and carry out his duties as a lawyer, nephew and cousin. He was forced to decide whether or not to defend Nakamura, a Japanese Kempeitai (military police force) torturer, knowing the atrocities that the Japanese inflicted upon Singaporeans. Nonetheless, he took the job. When an article mentioned Dennis defending a war criminal, the public showed distaste towards him and his family. Png’s portrayal of a man whose dedication to his work and staying true to his responsibilities no matter what was remarkable.

(Photo: CNA Lifestyle)

June, played by Rebecca Lim, is a warm and kind yet strong and intelligent woman. She experienced the terrors of the Japanese torture firsthand. Despite the trauma this caused her, she was still determined to help as many people as possible in any way she could. June aspired to study law and become a lawyer but faced challenges as an asian female in 1940s Singapore. Lim’s captivating portrayal of June encouraging females in Singapore to work hard for their dreams was inspiring.

Though fictional, watching This Land Is Mine is an interesting way to learn more about Singapore’s history while being thoroughly entertained by the drama.

The 15-episode series is now available on demand on MeWATCH.