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We believe in creating value for our stakeholders through encouraging collaboration, building open and trusting relationships, and striving for excellence in everything we do.


Meet the industry innovators channeling their passion into bringing our Singapore stories to life on screen for you. Read more about our stories here.

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The power of the pen: Inside the creation of SHERO with Story Planner Lim Gim Lan

Story Planner Lim Gim Lan and Executive Producer Leong Lye Lin (at centre) with the cast of SHERO

Ever wondered about the creative masterminds behind Mediacorp’s riveting dramas – all the thrills, the romances, the twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat? Welcome to the world of Senior Supervising Scriptwriter Lim Gim Lan, our talented colleague behind dramas such as Cash on Delivery, Soul Detective, Live Your Dreams, Mr Flower, C.L.I.F. 5 and, most recently, the gripping action drama SHERO. Click here to pull back the curtain and hear from the “shero” behind the scenes, Gim Lan herself, as she shares her creative process and tips for those hoping to carve a path in scriptwriting. 

Bringing our Singapore stories to life – This Land is Mine

03:00 Min

Mediacorp has been celebrating local stories by Singaporeans for Singaporeans through “Lights. Camera. Singapore” – an initiative which champions the cultural cornerstones that make us uniquely Singaporean. Over the years, we have provided our audiences with award-winning films, heart-warming local movies, short films and stage-to-screen drama series adaptations like Fried Rice Paradise, Mixed Signals and Titoudao, just to name a few.

Have you caught our post-WWII period English drama, This Land Is Mine? Watch the short video on how we joined hands with creative makers and local talents to bring our stories to life, and how we have the power to shape the future through our stories. The video features Sabariah Ramilan, Head of Eaglevision & Malay Audience; Sebastian Leang, Senior Executive Producer; the cast of This Land Is Mine, Rebecca Lim and Shabir; as well as Executive Producer Lee Thean-jeen.

40 years in Mediacorp

03:05 Min

Meet Sabariah Ramilan, Head of Eaglevision and Malay Audience; Azizah Abdul Malik, Assistant Vice President; and Amanah Mustafi, Executive Supervising Scriptwriter, who have spent the last 20 years in the company of one another in Eaglevision. Watch the video to hear how their professional relationship and friendship has developed through the years!


The media landscape today is far from what it was 10 years ago. Traditional boundaries have been broken down and media talent today need to be multi-skilled and highly collaborative. While traditional skills in content creation, journalism and production remain essential, they are now complemented and supported by skills such as data science, digital product development and graphic design. Trends in our workplace trends include remote working, digital readiness, as well as diversity and inclusion.


Partnerships are key to driving innovation and growth for Mediacorp. As the national media network, we are always looking for new ways to work with institutes of higher learning and industry partners to nurture media talents and future industry leaders of Singapore.