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Annabel Diong

Annabel Diong

The Mediacorp Management trainee program exceeded my expectations. I feel fortunate to
have landed such a role that has given me a solid foundation to grow my career within this

Like most fresh grads taking their first steps into the working world, I was set on finding my
dream job. Recalling numerous conversations with my friends as we embarked on our job
hunts together, we said ‘It must be fun, something creative that can get me out from behind
my laptop, at the very least’. But I knew that beyond just having an element of creativity and
fun, I also wanted a role that has support structures in place to help me achieve quick wins
early in my career, that provides opportunities for training and development, is flexible for
me to explore different work scopes so that I can customise my career path according to my
objectives and fosters an environment that is open to new ideas.

I must say that the Mediacorp Management Trainee program ticks all the boxes on my list of
expectations! Embarking on this role took me out of my comfort zone, it got me out from
behind the desk and involved in enriching projects. Some highlights from my traineeship

  • Scripting news stories for CNA, and later watching them being read on live TV.
  • Playing director and getting the chance to shoot clips for a TV series.
  • Standing in as a model for an episode of the health TV programme, Body and Soul.
  • Building long-term partnerships with institutes of higher learning that focus on uplifting Singapore’s creative ecosystem.
  • Working hand in hand with production houses to see our creative visions for new programmes come to life.
  • Getting involved in strategic projects that help to shape the direction and DNA of the company. 

Having these opportunities to customise my traineeship and explore various work scopes
within different departments is a rare chance to learn about the media landscape from a
360 point of view. But more than that, it also gives you plenty of bragging rights to say that
you had a chance to sit in the recording studio with famous DJs, or even play director while
working with actors on set!

During my experience, I never felt short of guidance or support as I had direct access to
mentors and exposure to senior leaders, providing me with the confidence needed to
accelerate my career growth. Through this role, I have been able to develop core skills in an
ever-changing media landscape, thus widened my perspectives on how I can begin to make
my mark in this industry.