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The Mediacorp Technical Trainee Program is an initiative designed to nurture aspiring professionals by providing them with hands-on experience and foundational skills in technical disciplines. By integrating both theoretical knowledge and practical application, this program aims to equip trainees with the skills they need to excel in the fast-evolving employment landscape.


  • Skill Development : Enhance participants' technical skills by exposing them to various aspects of technical operations within Mediacorp.
  • Real-world Experience : Offer trainees an opportunity to work on live learnings and projects, giving them a taste of real- world challenges and solutions.
  • Mentorship : Pair each trainee with experienced professionals who can provide guidance, share insights, and assist in career development.
  • Networking : Create opportunities for trainees to connect with industry experts and peers, fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous learning.

 Program Structure:

  • Orientation : An introduction to the company’s values, culture, and technology stack.
  • Real world experience : Structured training sessions by in-house experienced professionals on key technologies, tools, and best practices through experience in real-world challenges and solutions. 
  • Review & Feedback : Regular assessment of the trainee's performance, with feedback aimed at improvement and growth.


  • Career Opportunities : Good performers who complete the program successfully will be offered a competitive role with the organization within the company.
  • Skill Enhancement : Trainees leave the program with enhanced technical skills, making them more competitive in the job market.

Who Should Apply?
Individuals who are passionate with hands-on skills, eager to learn, and are looking for a structured environment to start their technical career journey are the ideal candidates for the Technical Trainee Program.

The Technical Trainee Program is more than just a training initiative; it’s a launchpad for aspiring tech professionals. By merging rigorous training with real-world application, we aim to shape the future leaders of the technical professions.

Apply here to shape your career with us: