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Meet Your Seniors

Nanthinee Shree

Senior Branding and Marketing Executive, Audience Marketing;
Graduated with a Bachelor of Communication Studies (Hons.) from Nanyang Technological University

Nanthinee Shree

1)  What would you consider to be the highlight of your internship experience?

As someone who loves filmmaking, being an intern in the Marketing team allowed me to get backstage access to various productions. It was truly a privilege to experience first-hand the excitement that takes place behind the scenes when executing a show. 

2) Is your current role similar to what you did during your internship? 

It is quite similar! But during my internship, most of my work was focused online as the pandemic had just begun. In my role now, I can experiment with both online and on-ground marketing initiatives. Interacting with my colleagues then and having had the chance to handle the brand’s social media accounts also gave me a deeper understanding of the brand’s voice and culture. Undoubtedly, there are more responsibilities on my plate now, but that also gives me more opportunities to get my creative juices flowing. 

3) What made you return to Mediacorp?

I knew I wanted to work in the broadcast industry upon graduation. But most importantly, it’s the people. My colleagues were very nurturing during my internship. Hence, coming back to the Marketing team felt like the best decision for me. 

4) Any advice to students or recent graduates looking for internship opportunities in the media industry?

It’s important to love what you do because that’s the only thing that will drive you to keep going when you face challenges. There is also a lot of talent in this industry; please learn from the people around you and the mistakes you make as you grow. 

5) Finish the sentence: A day in my role at Mediacorp is… 

… often surprising because I must be on my toes to find new ways to connect with the audiences and ensure that they want to watch what the brand has to offer!