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Bounce into the new year with Mediacorp’s Let’s Celebrate 2022 and joyful holiday specials!

Singapore, 29 November 2021 – Usher in 2022 on an upbeat note with Mediacorp’s merry medley of holiday programmes and feel-good family activities, anchored by its signature Let’s Celebrate 2022 annual countdown special that promises an exhilarating experience as we bounce into a new year. 

Overview of Let’s Celebrate 2022

Hosted by 987 DJs Sonia Chew and Joakim Gomez from The Float @ Marina Bay, highlights of Let’s Celebrate 2022 include:

·       A star-studded showcase of the best and brightest in Singapore music. Going “loud on local”, the show will bring together all-time fan favourites and trending new talents in thrilling collaborations with dancers and artists from the larger creative community.

·       A cross-island celebration with performances held at familiar and beloved landmarks in Singapore, such as Jewel Changi Airport, the Dragon Playground at Toa Payoh Lorong 6, Jalan Besar Stadium and the Bulim Bus Depot. Interspersed throughout the programme will be surprise salutations from Mediacorp stars and popular personalities across the Singapore cultural landscape, underscoring the unifying spirit and “hyperlocal” focus of the show.

·       An illuminating interlude comprising “live” shots of selected fireworks from the heartlands, the spectacular “Shine a Light” installation from The Promontory @ Marina Bay, and a dramatic 60-second countdown projection on the facade of the ArtScience Museum at midnight. 

On this year’s celebrations, Mediacorp Chief Customer & Corporate Development Officer Angeline Poh said: “Let’s Celebrate is an annual highlight that will deliver a dazzling showcase of the best in local talent and creative collaborations, as we look forward to the exciting possibilities that await us in 2022. Together with our uplifting line-up of holiday shows and activities, we hope our audiences can join us in bouncing into the new year with a resilient and optimistic ‘Singapore united’ spirit.”

Going loud on local with uniquely Singapore music

Mediacorp’s continued commitment to saluting Singapore talent will see Let’s Celebrate 2022 providing a platform for an eclectic ensemble of established and budding homegrown hotshots. These include current SPOP WAVE! judge and venerated vocalist Kit Chan; suave serenader Nathan Hartono, teaming up in a joint set with internationally acclaimed DJ-producer MYRNE; and inaugural Singapore Idol champ Taufik Batisah. Audiences should also look out for one of Spotify’s most-streamed local female singers, the enigmatic EDM wunderkind Jasmine Sokko; breakthrough rapper Yung Raja, one of Singapore's hottest hip-hop exports; Vans Musicians Wanted 2021 Singapore Top 5 finalist, the indie ingenue Sio Lubis; NDP 2021 theme song composer and singer Lin Ying; and singer-songwriter sensation Iman Fandi, daughter of famed local football hero Fandi Ahmad. 

Sharing the spotlight will be soulful frontwoman Aisyah Aziz, who will be flanked by her band for a rousing rendition of her pandemic-inspired track “Euphoria” that was penned as a rallying call for all to prevail amidst adversity. Also acknowledging the collective strength of our communities is up-and-coming actress-singer Khally, whose introspective self-composed song “Wildest Blows” was inspired by pandemic events, plus sustainability and other social issues impacting her as a young 20-year-old Singaporean. 

Celebrating in collaboration with the wider creative community

Let’s Celebrate 2022 will also feature exclusive collaborations with talents from other creative spheres. Lin Ying’s segment with 19-year-old EDM prodigy Foxela will kick off with a whimsical animated sequence courtesy of illustrations by Chen Ziyue, a hearing-impaired artist and Goh Chok Tong Enable Awards (UBS Promise) 2019 recipient.

Meanwhile, Jasmine Sokko’s sizzling set will be accompanied by dancers from O School, a top dance academy focused on fostering budding youth talents in the local dance scene. Please refer to Annex A for a list of key programme performers.   

Catch Let’s Celebrate 2022 live on meWATCH, Channel 5 and Mediacorp Entertainment on YouTube on Friday, 31 December 2021, 11pm to 12.05am; and in an encore on Channel 5 on Saturday, 1 January 2022, 5.50pm to 7pm. The show is also available on demand for free on meWATCH and Mediacorp Entertainment on YouTube from 1 January 2021.

Holiday highlights and a fond look back at 2021

Audiences can also anticipate an exciting suite of year-end celebratory content, such as:  

·       An amusing assortment of kids’ activities and shows in multi-languages. Little ones will be entertained and enriched by new kids’ titles like the high-octane mixed live action and animated series Agents of Sprawl and the return of everyone’s favourite “tweenage” animals in Lil Wild S2; non-stop streaming of specially curated kids’ titles across languages on meWATCH with oktolidays, plus bonus clips on okto YouTube, weekend movie specials, contests and games galore for the entire family. Please refer to this advisory for more details. 

·       A blockbuster buffet of movie specials for edge-of-your-seat entertainment. Titles include spellbinding sci-fi and fantasy flicks like Fantastic Beasts: Crimes Of Grindlewald (2018), Ghost in the Shell (2017) and The Matrix trilogy (1999 - 2003); swoon-worthy prestige romance dramas like La La Land (2016); the action-packed chronicles of caped crusaders in Justice League (2017) and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018); and many more. 

·       An intimate One Night Only evening with the inimitable Adele. Catch the confessional crooner as she belts her heartfelt hits at an outdoor one-off set at the scenic Los Angeles Griffith Park Observatory, and watch her candid conversation with Oprah Winfrey as she discusses the love, life, and loss behind her lyrics. Available via meWATCH, with Part 1 on Channel 5 on 31 December 2021 at 10pm and Part 2 at 12.05am. The full special will be available in an encore on Channel 5 on 1 January 2022, 12pm to 2pm. 

“Best of 2021”

Before raising a cup to auld lang syne, be sure to check out Mediacorp’s “Best of 2021” curation of its highest rated and most popular titles of the year. Available on demand via meWATCH and meLISTEN, this riveting retrospective will include programmes spanning multiple genres. Expect high-stakes drama in the English post-war period epic This Land Is Mine, the Chinese sci-fi procedural and Asian Academy Creative Awards 2021 Best Drama Singapore winner Mind Jumper; and the thrilling Tamil murder mystery Kalaiyarasi Vayadhu 47, Vaagana Ottunar; plus fiery food fights in the kitchen with the respective English and Tamil cooking competitions, MasterChef Singapore S2 and Suvai S6.

Viewers will also be moved by emotionally charged domestic dramas like the Malay caregiver-centric series Siapa Jaga Mak? and hugely popular Chinese series My Star Bride. Meanwhile, a fright fest awaits with terrifying tales and enigmatic encounters shared by listeners on the Malay and Tamil podcast series, Misteri Jam 12 and Thigil Tales. And for insightful infotainment, look to CNA’s flagship investigative series Undercover Asia for an empathetic exploration of displaced and disenfranchised individuals in the region; the Chinese podcast True Crime, which covers the crime stories that shook our nation in the 70s and 80s; and the Malay series Ekspedisi Ekstrem, with each episode following a celebrity’s “extreme expedition” to learn survival skills from communities roughing it out in remote and rugged terrains. Please refer to Annex B for the complete list of titles, synopses and streaming links.

Bounce & Win audience activities

That’s not all. To amplify audience engagement and boost the festive fun factor, the public can participate in a points-based Bounce & Win game, with points conferred for completing as many “bounce-based” activities as possible. Participants can rack up points by submitting stories, videos and visuals that creatively express how they are looking forward to “bouncing into” 2022, with 22 participants winning $500 each.

Additional points can be accumulated by uploading videos with a specially created Bounce Instagram AR filter game, which involves chomping on colourful bouncing balls. There will also be free WhatsApp sticker packs, which the public can share to spread positivity and have a bouncing good time as we toast to a brand-new year. 

For more information on Let’s Celebrate 2022 and other Mediacorp year-end offerings, visit

Annex A - Key performers and performance venues 

Hosts at The Float @ Marina Bay

Sonia Chew
Joakim Gomez

Performers – in alphabetical order


Performance venue

Aisyah Aziz and band

The Float @ Marina Bay

Iman Fandi

Jalan Besar Stadium

Jasmine Sokko and O School dancers

1880 Club


Bulim Bus Depot 

Kit Chan


The Float @ Marina Bay

Lin Ying and Foxela, with opening animated sequence by Chen Ziyue


Dragon Playground at Toa Payoh Lorong 6

Nathan Hartono and MYRNE 


The Float @ Marina Bay

Sio Lubis


Pasir Ris HDB Estate

Taufik Batisah


The Float @ Marina Bay

Yung Raja 


Canopy Bridge, Jewel Changi Airport

Annex B – “Best of 2021” programme synopses and streaming links




This Land is Mine

This period drama, set after the end of World War II and adapted from Walter Woon’s historical novel The Devil's Circle, traces Singapore's struggle for identity amidst the trials and tribulations of individuals whose lives are thrown into upheaval by the turbulence of the times.


Kin is a drama about the complexities of life, love and family relationships. The Lohs, Shelleys, Hassans, and Balas have overcome personal loss, incarceration, as well as estrangement of their loved ones; yet lingering tensions remain. Mysteries continue to unfold as characters pursue their individual agendas, while emotional drama abounds as surprising twists are revealed that threaten the stability to which they have become accustomed.

Slow Dancing

Adapted from a hit Wattpad novel, this romance drama series follows 16-year-old Isla, who meets her Prince Charming Kaden at her fairytale birthday ball. But life is complicated and, fast forward five years, she is now Kaden’s fake fiancée. Slow Dancing is a series about love and betrayal spiced up with suspense and mystery, with the central theme of the enduring power of love, friendship and kinship.

Masterchef Singapore S2

The world’s toughest cooking competition is back for a second helping. Hundreds of applicants from all walks of life applied for a place in the competition. From this talented pool of home cooks, the top finalists will face off in a series of high-pressure cook-off. Up for grabs are the famous MasterChef white aprons and a shot at the MasterChef title.

RenovAID S9

Home improvement series RenovAID lends a helping hand to families in need of a home makeover. Follow the stories of deserving families in need of a home makeover as RenovAID renew their lives by transforming their living spaces.

Mind Blown!

A brand-new investigative series for kids featuring a trio of investigators who will encounter the strangest myths, misconceptions, and modern-day mysteries. Aiding them in their adventure is BzBot, the team's own A.I. sidekick and History Bot.

The Mutton Sandwich Podcast

In this podcast series, our favourite DJs Justin and Vernon bring in their famous friends every episode for a fun chat. You’ll get to hear about their personal lives, juicy gossip, their history with the Muttons, and they even get to ask them questions of their own.


My Star Bride

This drama series follows Mei Fangcao, an ordinary girl from Vietnam, who takes a leap of faith by coming to Singapore as a "bride", hoping to raise medical fees for her mother and find her long-lost sister. She meets Zhong Shijie, a man recovering from a devastating car crash. With her sincerity and resilience, she convinces Shijie to accept her as his bride. As their fates intertwine, Fangcao's life takes a dramatic turn.

Mind Jumper

This sci-fi procedural series revolves around Khoo Kai Le, who is undergoing radiotherapy when she incidentally gains a mind-reading ability. Meanwhile, a man named Zhao Zheng Yi finds out about Kai Le’s special abilities and coerces her to join his investigative team, wanting to take advantage of her powers to help them crack cases.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Ghost

A comedic supernatural drama that begins with our protagonist Xiao Fang's inexplicable death leaving her confined to a complex. After a year, three people bump into her in the haunted unit. Seizing the chance to investigate her death, she forces them to sign a “ghost contract” and the entwinement of their lives begins.

Hear U Out S2

Hear U Out returns for a second season with host Quan Yifong delving into what lies beneath the glamour and glitz of her celebrity guests. In candid conversations over sweet treats, Yifong gets her guests to bare their hearts and souls to her with her characteristic combo of wit and humour.

King of Culinary S2

King of Culinary is back by popular demand. In the new season of this arena-style cooking competition, Chef Eric Teo, Chef Eric Neo and Chef Pung have brought along their “disciples” to the game. The home cooks will have to defeat the disciples before they can compete with the masters.  Who will emerge as the ultimate winner - our renowned chefs or our hidden talents? 

True Crime

Despite the low crime rate in Singapore, evil still exists in many ways. What triggers the dark side of the human nature, prompting greed and vice to take over? In this podcast, LOVE 972 DJ Jianwen invites Former Assistant Assignment Editor He Ying to discuss sensational stories that rocked the nation back in the 1970s and 1980s.


Siapa Jaga Mak?

Inspired by the true stories of caregivers, this drama series takes us on a journey of four families dealing with the emotional roller coaster ride of caring for their elderly. Family conflicts, money problems, juggling different roles are all issues that will resonate with caregivers in Singapore.

Ekspedisi Ekstrem

This infotainment series explores the human stories behind those living in unusual and extraordinary spaces. Each week, a celebrity guest will follow the host for a stay with communities living in remote, rugged terrains. Stepping out of their comfort zones, they will learn essential livelihood skills and be tasked with challenges that will test their skills and character.

Papa Pilot

This drama series follows our titular pilot Ashraf, who faces many challenges, including the ultimate sacrifice of living away from his family for five years. Now he is finally back home, by his family's side, only to face the ultimate turbulence: the COVID-19 pandemic. Can our papa pilot overcome this new obstacle?

Misteri Jam 12

Get set for a fright fest with DJ Adi Rahman, as he recounts the most terrifying and spooky stories submitted by our listeners in this supernatural-themed podcast series.


Kalaiyarasi Vayadhu 47, Vaagana Ottunar

A dark, dreary night. A lonely, dilapidated bungalow. A body lying in the middle of it. How is a 47-year-old private hire driver linked to this? In this thriller series, we are introduced to a single mother Kalaiyarasi, her daughter Kavitha and their world. Arasi is a do-gooder and a big sister figure to people in her neighbourhood. Kavitha falls in love with a charming police officer, in a relationship that opens up an old can of worms and secrets of the past that Arasi never wanted to revisit.

Suvai S6

In its sixth season, Suvai is back to tantalise the taste buds and leave our audience eager to cook up a storm in their kitchens. With 12 couples vying to be this season's grand champion, this season is an epic battle of tastes as the contestants continuously outdo each other to impress our resident Judge Chef Bala and the guest judges.

CID Sakoonthala


In this family drama series, follow the matriarch of the family, Sakoonthala, and her husband Kaarmegam as they take their first steps into parenthood with their firstborn, Kanmani. Fast forward 16 years later, Kanmani is now a full-fledged teenager. Along with her best friend Vanitha, they set big goals for Kanmani to become a social media star, much to her mother’s dismay. Watch on as our favourite family navigates through the ins and outs of life!

Oru Nodiyil


This info-ed series looks at some of the most unfortunate cases in Singapore, and focuses on normal, ordinary people, whose lives change drastically in an instant.


NAAM depicts the lives of six passionate musicians who struggle to find a stage to prove their talents. Coming from various backgrounds and rejections, the mismatched individuals gel in a unique way to produce compelling music. However, jealousy and betrayal breaks up the group, and an unwelcome intruder gives them the opportunity to reflect on their mistakes. With their lives at stake, will the band survive the night?

Thigil Tales

This podcast series consists of a collection of thrilling and mysterious true stories shared by listeners.


Undercover Asia

Join CNA in this investigative series that goes undercover to expose the secret underbelly of Asia. Through one-hour, in-depth episodes, we explore stories of crime, violence and injustice in various parts of Asia.

When Titans Clash

US-China relations are at its worst in modern history. How are the historical forces of pride and shame driving the conflict? Understand China's Century of Humiliation and discover how poverty in America is invoking anti-China public sentiment. As ties worsen, we discover communities in disarray, companies on the brink and countries compelled to thread a tightrope.

Make It Work

CNA tracks three individuals in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore, as the global jobs crisis wreaks havoc in their lives amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Witness up close how a pandemic and the measures to fight it, touch the lives of ordinary people in three Asian cities.

Catching a Killer: The Hwaseong Murders

This two-part documentary series recaps the twists and turns of the police investigation into South Korea's most infamous murder case, and the emotional trauma felt in a town where locals were scared to leave their homes. Part one opens with a string of shocking murders, but it's not until the fifth murder in four months that police finally initiate a broad investigation. Three more women are killed before police finally make an arrest - 22-year-old Sung-yeo Yoon. Part two sees Yoon give a first-hand account of his arrest and the police torture that led to his confession. But with an anonymous tip-off and the discovery of new forensic evidence in 2019, Yoon's guilty verdict is put to the test.

Tomorrow City

This documentary series explores how geologically challenged Singapore is finding new ways of developing land. To overcome the pervasive space challenge, the country is investing in megaprojects that will help overcome these problems and take it into the next century. In the first episode, we tunnel under and feature the USD $10 billion Deep Tunnel Sewerage System as it enters its second phase of construction. Next, the series takes a closer look at Singapore's solar masterplan. Renewable energies like solar require land and to meet its targeted energy output by 2030, planners must relook how space can be utilised more efficiently. Lastly, the city of tomorrow is working to secure its economic future, by building the multi-billion-dollar Tuas megaport that will rule them all.


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