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Catch your favourite local personalities belting it out at Mediacorp’s latest singing competition SPOP WAVE! (SPOP 艺起唱)

Singapore, 15 October 2021 – Cheer on your favourite local personalities at SPOP WAVE! (SPOP 艺起唱), a brand new singing competition announced by Mediacorp today! Starting 2 November, this contest sets to pit eight public figures against one another in a team battle format with knockout elimination rounds, as they vy over a eight-week journey to be crowned the eventual champion.  

Hosted by YES 933 producer-presenters Zhong Kunhua (钟坤华) and Chen Ning (陈宁), this is part of Mediacorp’s SPOP initiative that first launched in 2018 with SPOP SING! (SPOP听我唱). It aims to celebrate Singaporean music and shine a spotlight on local talents, while offering them the opportunity to showcase their musical passion through Mediacorp’s media network.

In what will be an epic showcase of singing prowess and stage presence, the competition will see eight mystery local personalities split into two battling groups under the mentorship of local singer-composer Hong Jungyang (洪俊扬) and singing duo The Freshman (插班生), alumni of Mediacorp’s previous talent competitions Project SuperStar Seasons 1 and 2, respectively. For their profiles, please refer to Annex A.   

Contestants will enter rounds of fierce competition, starting with the “Masked Singer” mission where their identities will be hidden until the conclusion of this round. They will then tackle other battling concepts including “PK Challenge with Guest Performers” among others, and face potential elimination before the final three face off at the Grand Final on 21 December. Please refer to Annex B for the competition format.   

Throughout SPOP WAVE! (SPOP 艺起唱), contestants will perform local songs and be judged by a panel of local and international musicians and singers for their vocal quality (音色), pitch (音准), rhythm (节奏感), expression ability (表达能力) as well as stage presence (台风). Fans will be pleased to know that they can also participate by voting for their favourite local tunes from among 50 shortlisted songs.  The Top 20 voted songs will be coined as “SPOP songs” and selected songs to be performed by contestants during the preliminary rounds. Online voting begins today at 2200 hours at, and will end on 20 October at 2359 hours.

Simone Lum (林美芳), Head of Chinese Audience, Mediacorp said: “We are really excited to announce the return of our SPOP initiative with SPOP WAVE! (SPOP 艺起唱), which features a refreshing, new concept that will see local personalities relinquishing existing public personas and re-emerging as contestants in a singing competition. Not only will these talents gain the opportunity to showcase their hidden singing capabilities and pursue their musical passions, fans of local pop songs will also get to relive familiar tunes performed by them throughout the contest. We can’t wait to catch these exciting performances and hope that our audience will join us in celebrating local talent and music through the show!”  

SPOP WAVE! (SPOP 艺起唱) will be available on YES 933, meLISTEN, meWATCH and Mediacorp Entertainment Youtube Channel every Tuesday, 8.00pm from 2 November. Curated versions of SPOP WAVE! will also be available on Channel 8 & Channel U from 26 October.

More details on SPOP WAVE! will be shared soon.

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Annex A - Profiles of Mentors

Mentor 导师
Profile 简介

Hong Junyang

Local singer-songwriter and music producer Hong Junyang kickstarted his music career as a contestant on season one of Project SuperStar in 2005, where he emerged as the runner-up in the male category. His performance impressed fans and labels, landing him a solo album release “Unicorn” the following year. The multi-talented musician has since arranged, composed and produced over 30 songs spanning television soundtracks to songs for artistes like A-do and BY2. His talent has also received recognition at several industry awards including his recent win at the 2018 QQ Music Awards. 

His 2019 digital single “Authenticity” was produced, arranged and written by the talented artiste himself. In March 2021, he made his long-awaited comeback with a brand new single “Light Of My Life” which made it to several music charts,. This milestone coincided with his first-ever solo concert, a sold-out show, organised by IMC Live Global.


2019年,洪俊扬发行由自己包揽词曲制作的单曲《且让我勇敢坦白》,充分展现出其在音乐上的才华。2021年3月,洪俊扬凭借一首全新单曲《微光》回归他期待已久的舞台,随着收听量不断攀升,让我们看到歌迷们对这首歌的喜爱。他以新歌《微光》作为主题,由IMC Live Global主办的首场个人演唱会,门票上线即销售一空,足以证明大众对他的认可。

The Freshman (1)

The Freshman

Made up of Project SuperStar 2 alumni Carrie Yeo and Chen Diya, the Singapore pop-duo was formed in 2010. Through their perfect harmonies, the youthful pair has been soaring to new heights and winning new fans with their original compositions. They released their widely-anticipated album “Growing Up”, a documentation of their musical growth, in 2016, which featured the karaoke hit “Holding On”.  Used as the sub-theme song of the popular Mediacorp Channel 8 drama The Queen, “Holding On” topped the charts of various radio and digital streaming platforms, and was recognised as one of the Top 10 Singles of the Year at the 10th Freshmusic Awards. Their upbeat radio hit “It’s Love, Harry” was also nominated for “Best Theme Song” at Star Awards 2018.

In 2016, the duo conducted a two-year whirlwind tour across the globe as backup vocalists for Heavenly King Jacky Cheung, completing 233 shows on Jacky Cheung A Classic Tour. The lively duo also performed at their sold-out show What The Youth?! at Esplanade for Huayi Chinese Festival Of Arts 2019 on 24 February. In celebration of their 10th anniversary, they released a new single “Still” and held a live recording show titled “Expectations Vs. Reality” in 2020. They performed at two sold-out shows That Escalated Quickly at Huayi Chinese Festival Of Arts 2021 on 19th & 20th February 2021 at the Esplanade Concert Hall. Their song “Easy Does It” was also recently nominated for Star Awards 2021’s “Best Theme Song”.

The Freshman made their debut at National Day Parade 2021, reprising their hit “Call Me (Not Maybe)” at the pre-parade and also performed “Xi Shui Chang Liu” for ACT 3: Our Strength from Within in the main show.

当年在《绝对SuperStar 2》歌唱比赛中相识的陈迪雅和杨佳盈,于2010年组成插班生。 迪雅的声线动感也细腻,佳盈则是感性与磁性的融合,截然不同的个性与声线却成为最完美的配搭。

对音乐的执着让她们好好唱歌、好好创作、不停追梦。 2016年发行了第三张作品 - 完整专辑《长大》中脍炙人口的《放不下的活着》搭配本地连续剧《复仇女王》不仅拿下多个排行榜冠军,更成为第10届Freshmusic Awards年度十大单曲,与林宥嘉、艾怡良等人齐名。 插班生的原创《是爱呀,哈利!》及《和你交换你的不安》也分别入围了新传媒红星大奖2018和2019的「最佳主题曲」。 两人也从2016至2019跟随着歌神张学友担任其《张学友 A Classic Tour》世界巡回演唱会的和声(共完成了233场),经历了大大小小舞台,累积了丰富的经验。 华艺节2019的专场演出《青春是什么?! 》一开票就全数售罄,演出获得好评。 曾参与《士林夜市》、《周五音乐站》和《Sing • 浪 演唱会》等活动演出并担任陈洁仪《25年的绽放》台北演唱会的合音以及新加坡华艺节-陶喆《喆和乐》的开场嘉宾。

2020年庆祝成军10周年的他们也推出了新单曲《静静》并在线上举行《现10与乱乱想》十周年线上音乐会。 2021年,他们再度受邀参与新加坡华艺节2021,于2月19日和20日在滨海艺术中心的音乐厅成功举行《来不及换衣》演唱会,大获好评。  插班生今年首次站上新加坡国庆庆典2021的舞台演出,除了演唱了原创 "Call Me (Not Maybe)" 也在第三章:我们自身的力量中,为大家重新演绎《细水长流》。

Annex B – Competition Format

EpisodeCompetition RoundFormat
Ep 1: 2 Nov

Preliminary Round 1

Hidden Identity Singer (The Freshman Team)
不露脸挑战 (插班生队)

Ep 2: 9 Nov

Preliminary Round 2

Hidden Identity Singer (Hong Jun Yang Team)
不露脸挑战 (洪俊扬队) 

Ep 3: 16 Nov

Quarter Final 1
复赛 1


Ep 4: 23 Nov

Quarter Final 2
复赛 2

Team Battle 

Ep 5: 30 Nov

Quarter Final 3

Mixed Battle 

Ep 6: 7 Dec

Quarter Final 4

Mystery Guest Singer PK 

Ep 7: 14 Dec


Duet with Guest Singer 

Ep 8: 21 Dec

Grand Final