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Mediacorp and KC Global Media Asia Partner to Bring Exciting Japanese Content from Animax and GEM to meWATCH

Singapore, 25 August 2021 – Fans of Japanese entertainment will soon have another reason to exclaim sugoi! From next month, meWATCH will offer a brand new subscription plan featuring both linear and on-demand content from Animax and GEM, two hugely popular entertainment channels. Thanks to a partnership between leading Asian content distributor KC Global Media Asia and Singapore’s national media network Mediacorp, viewers can look forward to an endless stream of Japanese anime, drama and variety programmes with an attractively priced package launching on 15 September 2021.  

Home to some of the biggest anime titles, Animax offers premium and simulcast programmes from popular genres such as action, romance, horror, supernatural, sci-fi, comedy and slice-of-life. Anime lovers can look out for the exclusive television premiere of mystery, romance and comedy series, The Detective is Already Dead, this October. Other anime fan-favourites include action and adventure series, Golden Kamuy, as well as supernatural series SHADOWS HOUSE, which follows a doll known as Emilico as she tries to uncover the secrets of the house she works in and the purpose of her existence. They can also watch as the cells in the human body come alive with the popular animated series Cells At Work!

GEM, on the other hand, is the go-to destination for Japanese dramas and variety shows as well as select primetime offerings which air within the same week in Japan, such as Voice II, the Japanese adaptation of the hit South Korean thriller series of the same title. Viewers can expect heartwarming moments in documentary-style variety show What’s Daddy!, which follows the journeys of children who spring surprise appearances on their fathers working overseas for the opportunity to spend quality time together. Fans of police thrillers should make time for Detective Novice, an action-suspense drama that tells the story of two cadets from a police academy who get dragged into complex cases and rely on the lessons they had learnt in class to solve crimes. For more light-hearted Japanese variety content, fans may catch the award-winning reality series, Can I Follow You Home? and take a unique peek into the lives of everyday Japanese citizens.

All content from Animax and GEM will be streamed in their original Japanese audio and accompanied with English subtitles. Please refer to Annex A for programming highlights of the titles mentioned above and more.

Anil Nihalani, Head of Digital Products and Technology, Mediacorp, said, “With the strong and loyal following of Japanese popular culture in Singapore, we are delighted to work with KC Global Media Asia, a globally-renowned distributor to bring the wide array of entertainment options on Animax and GEM to these viewers. This partnership marks another milestone in our continued efforts to widen our content offerings on meWATCH as we engage new audience segments with more diverse tastes.”

Avani Bhanchawat, Vice President and Head of Revenue at KC Global Media Asia said, “Asia is brimming with so much quality content to offer and we are proud to be making premium anime and a variety of popular Japanese content more accessible to local audiences through our partnership with Singapore’s leading media network and content creator, Mediacorp. Animax and GEM have been the leading destinations for the best of Japanese entertainment and we are thrilled to expand our growing portfolio of partner platforms across pay TV and streaming to serve the fans.”

The Animax + GEM subscription package will be priced at only $1.99 for a monthly subscription and $13.99 for an annual subscription. Please visit for updates. As an added sweetener, meWATCH will be offering 20 lucky subscribers who purchase an annual Animax + GEM package a three-month subscription to the Doki Doki Crate worth US$131.85! Details can be found in Annex B.


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About Mediacorp

Mediacorp is Singapore’s national media network and largest content creator. Its purpose is to create engaging and trusted content, as well as to connect communities and inspire people. Mediacorp engages over three million people in Singapore daily across four languages on its digital platforms including meWATCH, meLISTEN and, six TV channels and 11 radio stations. Beyond Singapore, Mediacorp also has a growing international audience through CNA and content distributed across markets.

With a focus on nurturing talent and growing the sector, the company is committed to investing in nation-wide initiatives like Star Search, Anugerah, Yaar Antha Star and SPOP, commissioning a wide variety of work from local content creators, and collaborating with institutes of higher learning. As Singapore’s first local Multi-Channel Network in partnership with YouTube, Mediacorp is also committed to developing a network of digital content creators.

For advertisers, Mediacorp has partnered industry-leading brands like ESPN, Mothership, Popcorn, theAsianparent, VICE, YouTube and to form the Mediacorp Digital Network in offering more effective content-driven solutions.

Mediacorp is the recipient of industry accolades including New York Festivals, World Media Festivals, PromaxBDA (World and Asia) and Asian Academy Creative Awards.

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About KC Global Media

KC Global Media Entertainment LLC is a global multi-media company based in the United States. The brainchild of former Sony executives Andy Kaplan and George Chien, KC Global Media Asia (KCGM Asia) is primed to be Asia's leading entertainment hub through the production, distribution and programming of quality, ground-breaking content. Backed by more than two decades of industry experience, KCGM Asia boasts an impressive portfolio of premium pay-TV channels in South-East Asia and Korea, including English-language general entertainment network AXN, anime channel Animax, South Korea's ONE and Japanese entertainment channel GEM. By combining award-winning and well-loved entertainment formats with extensive knowledge and insight of the Asia Pacific market, KCGM Asia is paving the way for a new standard of entertainment in Asia and beyond.

Facebook: @KCGlobalMedia | Instagram: @KCGlobalMediaAsia | Linkedin: @KCGlobalMediaAsia



SUGOI! Catch the best of Japanese entertainment on meWATCH with the all-new ANIMAX + GEM channel pack. With the wide variety of content available, viewers can now enjoy their favorite Japanese shows whenever, wherever! If you’re looking for fresh content, popular hits and on-demand titles from Japan - this is for you.

Home to some of the biggest anime titles, Animax offers first & exclusive and simulcast programmes from popular genres such as action, romance, horror, supernatural, sci-fi, comedy and slice-of-life, with millions of hardcore fans across Asia. Meanwhile, GEM provides an expanded curation of Japanese content featuring fresh dramas and variety shows, including select primetime offerings airing within the same week of Japan.

So whether it’s anime, drama or variety, we are your #1 destination for all things Japanese. Subscribe now!

For latest updates, visit and, and follow us on our social media accounts!

Annex AHighlights of selected titles

Expect to catch first and exclusive premieres fresh from Japan within 24 hours or same week of Japan telecast.

Animax is Asia’s destination for Japanese anime and features a wide range of genres from action, romance, horror, supernatural, sci-if, comedy, to slice-of-life with simulcasts with Japan. Based on the hit Japanese light novel series and popular manga adaptation, The Detective is Already Dead, features Kimihiko Kimizuka, a third-year high school student and former assistant of a detective named Siesta whom he made acquaintance in a hijacked plane. After three years of numerous death-defying adventures, and the untimely death of Siesta, Kimihiko thought his adventures were behind him until he meets a girl Nagisa Natsunagi. Catch the exclusive television premiere of The Detective is Already Dead this October! Fans will also get their hearts pounding with SHADOWS HOUSE, a riveting fantastical mystery anime touted for its unique aesthetics and engaging storyline with a dash of horror that promises to keep them at the edge of their seats. Enjoy Japan’s hottest anime series such as the side-splitting action anime One Punch Man, the action-packed The Seven Deadly Sins, as well as back-to-back episodes of Spooky Kitaro 6 every weekday.

For fans of Japanese variety programmes and dramas, GEM boasts an unparalleled curation of Japanese content with first-run and exclusive dramas as well as popular titles such as the Japanese adaptations of hit South Korean thriller series of the same titles, Voice II and lighthearted romcom She Was Pretty. Voice II features popular Japanese veteran actors known for their convincing portrayals in crime and mystery genres in Japan, namely: Toshiaki Karasawa who was also the Japanese voice actor of Woody in Toy Story; Yoko Maki, Japan Academy Award winning actress); as well as Takahisa Masuda, singer of Japanese idol group “NEWS”. Go on a journey of self-discovery with youth-led medical drama, We Are Medical Interns, following the trials and tribulations of a team of young medical interns facing the realities of life and death, featuring Alan Shirahama (member of Japanese rock and pop band “EXILE”) in his first lead role.

Subscription video on-demand (SVOD) titles with special selections available in Mandarin dubs. With its 24/7 programme line up, you relish in the newest and the best hits from Japan wherever you are and whenever you want! Revisit the innocence of your schooling years on-demand with the relatable high school anime series Fruits Basket seasons one and two and indulge in some slapstick humour and heartwarming romance. Join popular Japanese music artists, Kento Nakajima (member of Sexy Zone) and Sho Hirano (member of King & Prince) in Detective Novice, a Japanese take on the Korean movie, Midnight Runner that follows two policemen in training as they struggle to find common ground and crack cases with unexpected plot twists to keep you guessing.

Annex BDetails of Doki Doki Crate

Receive kawaii lifestyle goods straight from Japan for you to live your best cute life. Each Doki Doki Crate is packed with 5-6 kawaii lifestyle items such as household goods, apparel, plushies, travel accessories & more!

This kawaii crate brings you adorable Japanese characters alongside traditional Japanese homeware and fun toys. If you love Harajuku & Japanese kawaii culture, the Doki Doki Crate is for you. Celebrate each month with your favourite characters such as Hello Kitty, Aggretsuko, Totoro, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Pompompurin and more. You’ll never know who might appear in your next box. 

Each Doki Doki Crate features genuine, licensed Japanese products of the highest quality. Each monthly subscription box features a new collection of fun toys, cute plushies and other items that will help you live your kawaii lifestyle.

Details on how you can stand a chance to win the Doki Doki Crate will be available on when the Animax + GEM subscription package is launched.