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Star Awards 2021 lifts off in first-ever partnership with Changi Airport Group, Jewel Changi Airport and Singapore Airlines

Singapore, 6 April 2021 – Mediacorp is partnering Changi Airport Group (CAG), Jewel Changi Airport (Jewel) and Singapore Airlines (SIA) to take Star Awards 2021 (SA2021) to even greater heights! For the first time ever, Star Awards will be held at two iconic Singapore landmarks – Changi Airport Terminal 4 (T4) and the HSBC Rain Vortex at Jewel – and will incorporate a special segment featuring an SIA aircraft, the Airbus A350-900. This is aligned with SA2021’s “Connect!” theme and underscores the common mission the four companies share – to bridge distances and connect people.

SA 2021 aims to deliver a bigger and better show with a difference for audiences this year. Teaming up with CAG, Jewel and SIA provides an opportunity for our SA2021 audience to revisit well-loved Singapore icons which many have missed with the pandemic affecting travel and tourism. The show will feature a live commentary marathon of the entire celebration, and live broadcasts from Hong Kong and Taiwan to connect with celebrities there.

Show Details

First to hit the runway at 3.30pm is the live commentary marathon to be held at the T4 Heritage Zone which features a row of brightly coloured Peranakan-style shophouses. The seven-hour commentary will offer viewers exclusive peeks into backstage preparations, interviews with artistes, live streaming of the main ceremony and more. 

At 5.00pm, fans can catch their favourite celebrities strutting their stuff in the glamourous Walk of Fame segment. In a departure from the conventional red carpet style, this segment will feature our stars walking down a tarmac area at Changi Airport against the backdrop of the SIA Airbus A350-900 in a stunning show.

Come 7.00pm, the main awards ceremony show will take off  at various locations within Changi Airport – the main stage against the backdrop of the Shiseido Forest Valley and the HSBC Rain Vortex at Jewel and prize presentation at four different locations across T4.

Hosted by Guo Liang and Quan Yifong, the show will showcase performances by local singer Joanna Dong and Hong Kong popstar, Gigi Leung, while the prize presentation segments will feature an exciting lineup of celebrities to deliver an evening of unparalled entertainment for all. These include local stars like Fann Wong, Jeanette Aw, Mark Lee and overseas A-listers like Ella Chen, Kevin Tsai, Matilda Tao, Chung Hsin-ling, James Wen, Lau Dan, Lawrence Cheng, Gordon Lam and Sandra Ng, who will be joining us live from satellite studios in Hong Kong and Taiwan, in an innovative show format that looks to enhance the viewing experience for viewers.  For profiles of overseas presenters and performers, please refer to Annex A.

Mr Jayson Goh, Managing Director of Airport Operations Management, Changi Airport Group, said, “Changi Airport is happy to partner with Mediacorp to present Star Awards 2021. Holding the event at Terminal 4 provides a wonderful opportunity for the Singapore as well as overseas audience to once again see the charm of the terminal’s unique design, and its various attractions like the Heritage Zone and Steel in Bloom. We hope to show our support for local talent in the entertainment industry, who share our mission in creating memorable experiences. We look forward to bring a visually exciting and entertaining experience to the audience.”

Ms Hung Jean, Chief Executive Officer, Jewel Changi Airport Development, said,  “This year’s Star Awards 2021 will captivate the imagination of many with the awards ceremony held at Singapore’s iconic landmarks.  Audience this year will be treated to a majestic backdrop with the main stage set against the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, the HSBC Rain Vortex, surrounded by the verdant landscape of the Shiseido Forest Valley.  Through this event, Jewel will once again touch the hearts of our guests from far and wide and we hope Jewel will add that extra sparkle to this coveted star-studded event to honour the best in the entertainment industry.”

On the partnership, Ms Angeline Poh, Chief Customer & Corporate Development Officer, Mediacorp, said: “We are proud to bring together four national brands through Star Awards 2021. This ground-breaking partnership will deliver a star-studded spectacular that combines the glitz of the awards with the glamour of travel in a grand celebration of the local Chinese entertainment industry.”

Ms Lau Huiling, General Manager Brand and Marketing, Singapore Airlines, said: “We are excited to collaborate with Mediacorp, Changi Airport and Jewel in this unique opportunity to present the Star Awards, a household name among generations of Singaporean television viewers. This year’s setting features our iconic and equally beloved Singapore Airlines aircraft, helping us to once again connect with Singapore public during this time and tell them that we are ready to welcome them on board as international travel gradually resumes.”

Star Awards 2021 will be broadcast live on 18 April 2021 on Channels 8 and U, with simulcast on meWATCH and Mediacorp Entertainment Channel on YouTube. For viewing details, please refer to Annex B.

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Annex A – Profiles of Overseas Presenters and Performers




·         香港女歌手、唱作人、演员、模特儿

·         创作过多首作品如《花火》、《高妹正传》、李克勤《高妹》、郑秀文《跳伞》、《落错车》等

·         亦擅长美术设计与插画,曾为香港九龙湾德福广场担任短期的商场美术顾问,曾与I.T旗下鞋履品牌Venilla suite合作推出 "Venilla suite de

·         音乐奖项无数,一出道就囊括多项新人奖项,也获得不少唱片销量奖项

·         其中,她凭主唱《向左走·向右走》电影插曲《回旋木马的终端》获得2003年第40届金马奖最佳原创电影歌曲。

·         于2003年获颁香港十大杰出青年

·         曾入围不少电影奖项,其中囊括了:2002年第2届华语电影传媒大奖“最受欢迎女演员“、2012年第四届澳门国际电影节金莲花奖“最佳女配角”

Gigi Leung

·         Hong Kong singer-songwriter, actress and model

·         Produced numerous songs like Fireworks, Tall Girl Story, Hacken Lee’s Tall Girl, Sammi Cheng’s Parachute and Alighting Wrongly etc

·         Skilled in art designing and drawing and had a short stint in Hong Kong’s Kowloon Bay’s Telford Plaza as consultant. She also previously collaborated with shoe brand, Venilla suite (under the I.T apparel brand) on the “Venilla suite de Gigi” line

·         Received numerous music awards and obtained many “rookie awards” soon after her debut, along with many awards for sales of records

·         Her song, The ending of the Merry-Go-Round, for the movie Turn left, Turn Right was awarded the Best Original Film Song in the 40th Golden Horse Awards in 2003

·          In 2003, she was also identified as one of the Top 10 Most Outstanding Youths in Hong Kong

·         She has also been nominated for several movie awards, such as: Most Popular Actress in 2002’s 2nd Chinese Film Media Awards and the “Best Supporting actress” at the 4th Macau International Movie Festival in 2012

Joanna Dong


·         新加坡歌手、主持人、影视演员,音乐类别擅长爵士风格

·         2004年,参加新加坡偶像大赛,最终晋级前40强,从而正式进入演艺圈

·         2007年,董姿彦出演了音乐剧《天冷就回来》,并凭借该剧获得了新加坡“生活!剧场奖”( Life! Theatre Awards)最佳女配角奖

·         2017年,参加浙江卫视歌唱选秀节目《中国新歌声第二季》,最终取得  了周杰伦组冠军、全国总决赛季军的成绩

·         主持本地节目:《我家在哪里》、《寻找毅中人》、《这个乡镇好独

·         2019年荣获第4届亚洲彩虹奖“最佳娱乐节目女主持人奖”

Joanna Dong

·         Singaporean singer, host, film star and a Jazz vocalist

·         Entered entertainment scene in 2004 when she participated in Singapore Idol and made it into the top 40. 

·         In 2007, Joanna Dong acted in the musical  If There're Seasons... and was awarded Best Supporting Actress at the Life! Theatre Awards

·         In 2017, she also participated in the Zhejiang Satellite TV singing competition Sing! China Season 2 and won third place  under Jay Chou’s group

·         Programmes hosted by her include Homeward bound, Life
, Unique towns and National Flavours

·         She was also awarded the Best  Entertainment Program Female Host Award at the 4th Asia Rainbow TV Awards


Lin Jia Dong

·         香港男演员

·         1988年参加香港无线电视艺员训练班第15期加入演艺圈,涉足电视剧、电影、舞台剧、综艺节目。2017年香港电影金像奖、香港电影评论学会以及香港电影导演会年度大奖三料影帝

·         2017年凭《树大招风》获颁《第23届香港电影评论学会大奖》最佳男演员

·         2017年获颁《第11届香港电影导演会年度大奖》最佳男主角

·         2017年获颁《第36届香港电影金像奖》最佳男主角

Gordon Lam

·         Hong Kong actor

·         Started his acting career by taking part in the 15th acting class conducted by Hong Kong’s Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) in Year 1988. His work includes dramas, theatre and variety work and movies.

·         Won Best Actor Award at the 36th Hong Kong Film Award in 2017

·         Won Best Actor Award at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards in 2017

·         Won Best Actor at the Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild Award in 2017



·         香港资深男艺人,昵称丹爷

·         代表作品:《上海滩》、《射雕英雄传》系列、《神雕侠侣》、《真情》、《珠光宝气》、《爱·回家》系列,也曾在亚洲电视、中国大陆和台湾等地参与电视剧演出

·         2013年凭《爱·回家 (第一辑) 入围《万千星辉颁奖典礼2013》最佳男主角

·         2020年凭《爱·回家之开心速递》再次于《万千星辉颁奖典礼2020》入围最佳男主角

·         2020年《万千星辉颁奖典礼2019》“万千光辉演艺人大奖”

Lau Dan

·         Hong Kong veteran actor; fondly known as “Dan Ye”. 

·         Casted in various dramas including The Bund, The Legend of the Condor Heroes, A Kindred Spirit, The Gem of Life, Come Home Love and many more

·         Nominated for Best Actor for role in Come Home Love Season 1 at
   TVB Anniversary Awards 2013

·         2020 nominated for Best Actor for role in Come Home Love: Lo and
at TVB Anniversary Awards 2020

·         Won the Professional Actors Award in TVB Anniversary Awards 2019

Zheng Dan Rui


·         昵称阿旦、旦哥

·         涉足电影、电视、电台、舞台、报纸专栏

·         郑丹瑞也乐于提携后辈,于2012年担任第26期艺员训练班总司令

·         郑丹瑞由电台DJ出道,曾是香港最受欢迎的男DJ,并历任香港电台节目总监、香港商业电台营运总裁,其编撰的《小男人周记》是华语影坛至今唯一一部广播剧,并创下多项纪录,收听率高居榜首,也是迄今为止首部原创的广播剧剧本能发展为小说专栏、电视剧、电影及舞台剧作品。郑丹瑞也曾制作参与过多部经典的广播剧、电视剧、电影,主持过上百台经典综艺晚会和大型节目

·         1994年凭《风尘三侠》入围《第13届香港电影金像奖》最佳男配角

·         2011年凭《分手说爱你》入围《第30届香港电影金像奖》最佳编剧   

Lawrence Cheng

·         Fondly known as “A-Dan” or “Dan Ge”.

·         Involved in movies, television, radio, theatre and writing articles for newspapers

·         Cheng has always been actively grooming new talents and was once appointed as the principal trainer for the 26th acting class conducted by Hong Kong’s Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) in Year 2012

·         He started off as a radio DJ and was a popular male DJ

·         He also took on role as Programme Director and then Chief Operating Officer for Commercial Radio Hong Kong.  The radio drama,  The Yuppie Fantasia, produced by him also achieved record-breaking results and obtained high listenership. The radio drama was then re-produced as television drama, movie and stage show

·         Cheng has also acted in many Hong Kong-produced TV dramas and movies and has often hosted in big events and award ceremonies

·        Nominated for Best Supporting Actor for role in Romance of Red Dust in 13th Hong Kong Film Award in 1994

·        Nominated for Best Supporting Actor for role in Breakup Club in 30th Hong Kong Film Award

Sandra Ng


·         昵称“三姑”。香港女演员,是华人地区具影响力的女谐星,亦是香港电影史上累积票房收入最高女演员。出道至今已拍摄百部电影,是近年来电影作品最多的女演员。曾入围无数专业奖项,获奖如下:

-          1993年获《年度叱咤乐坛流行榜颁奖典礼》叱咤乐坛生力军女歌手银奖

-          1999年获《第5届香港电影评论学会大奖》最佳女演员

-          1999年获《第4届香港电影金紫荆奖》最佳女主角

-          1999年获《第18届香港电影金像奖》最佳女主角

-          2003年凭《金鸡》获《第40届金马奖》最佳女主角

-          2003年获《演艺动力大奖》最突出电影女演员

-          2004年获《第4届华语电影传媒大奖》港台最受欢迎女演员铜奖

-          2005年获《UA院线全港最高票房电影颁奖典礼1985—2005》最高票房女演员

-          2010年获《百度娱乐沸点2009年度盘点》最热门港台女演员

-          2010年获《光线传媒2009真维斯娱乐大典》年度电影女演员(港台)

-          2010年获《第五届腾讯网星光大典》年度电影女演员(港台)

-          2010年凭《岁月神偷》获《第10届长春电影节金鹿奖》最佳女配角

-          2010年凭《岁月神偷》获《第14届中国电影华表奖》境外华裔女演员

-          2014年获《第13届美国纽约亚洲电影节》亚洲之星奖

-          2015年凭《金鸡sss》获《第34届香港电影金像奖》最佳女主角提名

-          2015年《第1届全民投选电影金影奖》最令人难忘香港电影女角色           - 金鸡阿金

-          2015年《UA Cine Moko全港最高票房电影颁奖礼》30年最高票房香港电影女演员

-          2015年《金凤奖2015》至尊金凤大奖

Sandra Ng

·         Known as “San Gu”. Ng is a female actor in Hong Kong and one influential female comedian in the Chinese market. She is also the female actor who has topped the accumulated box office for movies. Since debut, she has filmed hundreds of movies and is one of the female actors who has casted in the most number of movies. Ng has also received numerous professional awards which include:

-      Best Female Singer (Silver) in Hong Kong Music Awards in 1993

-      Best Actress in Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards in 1999

-      Best Actress in Golden Bauhinia Awards in 1999

-      Best Actress in Hong Kong Film Awards in 1999

-      Best Actress for role in Golden Chicken in Golden Horse Awards in 2003

-      Outstanding Movie Actress in Acting Move Awards in 2003

-      Most Popular Actress (Bronze) in Chinese Film Media Awards in 2004

-      Highest Grossing Actress in UA Cinema Awards in 2005

-      Most Popular Female Hong Kong Actress in 2009 Baidu Awards in 2010

-      Best Female Movie Actress (Hong Kong & Taiwan region)
   in Guangxian Media Awards in 2010

-      Best Female Actress (Hong Kong & Taiwan region) in 5th Tencent Awards in 2010

-      Best Supporting Actress for role in Echoes of the Rainbow in Changchun Film Festival in 2010

-      Outstanding Hong Kong Actress for role in Echoes of the Rainbow in Huabiao Awards in 2010

-      Star Asia Award in New York Asian Film Festival in 2014

-      Nominated for Best Actress for role in Golden Chicken in 34th Hong Kong Film Awards

-      Most Memorable Female Role in Golden Chicken in 1st Public Voting Awards in 2015

-      Highest Grossing Hong Kong Female Actress in UA Cine Moko Awards in 2015

-      Phoenix Award in Golden Phoenix Awards 2015

Zhong Xin Ling


·         台湾女艺人,昵称粉红猪

·         以幽默风趣闻名,国语台语双通,早期以儿童节目初露头角,曾多次入围台湾金钟奖儿童节目主持人奖,并且获得奖项肯定

·         近年参与的舞台剧、戏剧和电影作品都深获好评,作品有《命中注定我爱你》、《醉后决定爱上你》、《你的孩子不是你的孩子》、《我的婆婆怎么那么可爱》、《我没有谈的那场恋爱》、《当男人恋爱时》、等

·         2001 年金钟奖儿童节目主持人奖

·         2014年金钟奖戏剧节目女主角奖

·         2019年金钟奖迷你剧集/电视电影女主角奖

Chung Hsin-ling

·         Hailing from Taiwan, Chung Hsin-Ling is known for her humour and wit, and is effectively bilingual in Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese dialect.

·         She made a name for herself in her early stages of her career working in children’s programmes, having been nominated multiple times for Best Host in a Children’s Programme at the Golden Bell Awards, which she won in 2001.

·         She also received various compliments in her involvements in stage operas, movies and drama series such as Fated to Love You, Love U, On Children, U Motherbaker, I Missed You, Man In Love, and more

·         Best Host in a Children’s Programme at 36th Golden Bell Awards 2001

·         Best Supporting Actress at 49th Golden Bell Awards 2014

·         Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film at 54th Golden Bell Awards 2019



·         台湾女艺人、歌手、演员、主持人,艺名Ella,为女子演唱团体S.H.E组合成员,2001年出道至今,以 S.H.E 获得多项音乐大奖

·         除了演唱的表现,Ella 多才多艺,才华横跨多领域,拥有众多优质音乐作品,在影视、主持、综艺的表现也是十分精彩

·         2006年曾以《真命天女》入围第41届金钟奖戏剧类最佳女主角奖 

·         2014年以《王子的约会》入围第49届电视金钟奖综艺节目主持人奖

·         Ella诙谐幽默,口才了得,在中台都有主持节目,也曾在2014年担任金马奖颁奖礼主持人,其他主持和参与的节目如:《我猜我猜我猜猜猜》、《王子的约会》、《创造101》、《鸿门家宴》、江苏卫视的《蒙面唱将猜猜猜》系列等

Ella Chen

·         Ella is a Taiwanese artiste, singer, actress, host, and a member of the famous girl group S.H.E, where she started her career in 2001.

·         Besides being an acclaimed singer with award-winning songs, Ella is multi-talented across multiple areas such as acting and hosting.

·         In 2006, her role in the drama series Reaching for the Stars, was nominated for Best Actress in the 41st Golden Bell Awards.

·         In 2014, she was a co-host in the variety programme Take Me Out To Taiwan, and was nominated for Best Host in a Variety Programme in the 49th Golden Bell Awards.

·         Being an eloquent speaker coupled with a sense of witty humour, Ella hosted multiple programmes such as the Golden Horse Awards 2014, Guess Guess Guess, Take Me Out To Taiwan, Produce 101, Lawless Kitchen, Jiangsu Television’s Mask Singer, and more.

Wen Sheng Hao


·         台湾模特儿、演员

·         2009年,因偶像剧《败犬女王》饰演男配角学长宋允浩迅速爆红,凭此剧入围金钟奖戏剧节目男配角奖

·         2010年,凭借《那一年的幸福时光》再次入围戏剧节目男主角奖

·         2011年,担任偶像剧《犀利人妻》男主角温瑞凡一角,再次拥有超高人气与知名度,第三度入围金钟奖戏剧节目男主角奖,并且创下连续四年入围金钟奖的纪录

·         2019年演出《我们与恶的距离》刘昭国一角,相隔八年终敲响金钟,荣膺第54届金钟奖戏剧节目男配角奖

·         演出作品:《败犬女王》、《那一年的幸福时光》、《偷心大圣PS男》、《犀利人妻》、《小资女孩向前冲》、《我们与恶的距离》、《俗女养成记》等

James Wen

·         Taiwanese model and actor

·         James was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor award for the Golden Bell Awards for three consecutive years from 2009 to 2011, where he acted in My Queen in 2009, The Year of Happiness and Love in 2010, and The Fierce Wife in 2011

·         With these nominations, he set a record for being nominated for an award in Golden Bell Awards for four consecutive years

·         In 2019, he finally won the Best Supporting Actor award for his performance in The World Between Us after an eight-year gap

·        He also worked on various programmes such as My Queen, The Year of Happiness and Love, P.S. Man, The Fierce Wife, Office Girls, The World Between Us, The Making of an Ordinary Woman, and more

Chai Yong Kang


·         台湾知名节目主持人、作家、电影导演

·         1998年主持的名人访谈节目《真情指数》获得第35届台湾电视金钟奖 

·         2003年凭借主持的节目《两代电力公司》获得第38届台湾电视金钟奖娱乐综艺节目奖

·         2004年与徐熙娣搭档主持综艺访谈节目《康熙来了》,深受观众喜爱

·         2005年夺得第40届金钟奖最佳综艺节目主持人奖

·         蔡康永出版过《那些男孩教我的事》、《蔡康永的说话之道》等多本著作

Kevin Tsai

·         Kevin Tsai is a popular Taiwanese host, writer and movie director

·          In 1998, he was the host of talk show, Zhen Qing Zhi Shu which won the Best Talkshow Programme’award in the 35th Golden Bell Awards

·         Similarly, he was the host of talkshow, Two Generation Company in 2003, which also won the Best Talkshow Programme in the 38th Golden Bell Awards

·         In 2005, he won the Best Host in a Variety Progamme in the 40th Golden Bell Awards as he was co-host for the variety programme, Kangsi Coming.

·         Some notable books which he published includes Those Brilliant Things The guys Taught Me, Speaking Way and more.

Matilda Tao


·         台湾女艺人、主持人、歌手、作家,昵称【陶子】

·         以歌手身份出道,而后转换领域成为主持人

·         1999年,以节目《恋爱讲义》获得第34届金钟奖最佳综艺节目主持人奖

·         2001年,则是以《娱乐新闻》获第36届金钟奖最佳娱乐谐趣节目主持人奖

·         期间并因担任台湾最具代表性的三金(金马奖金曲奖金钟奖)颁奖典礼主持人高达十六次之多而深获肯定,其稳定的主持风格成为华人娱乐圈最代表性的主持人之一

·         2007年,以节目《超级星光大道》获第42届金钟奖最佳综艺节目主持人奖

·         近年也主持网络谈话性节目 - 《陶口秀》

Matilda Tao

·         Taiwanese celebrity, host, singer, author.

·         She debuted as a singer but later became a host

·         In 1999, she obtained the Best Variety Show host for the 34th Golden Bell Awards for the programme Love Lecture

·         In 2001, she was awarded the Best Entertainment Comedy Show Host Award in the 36th Golden Bell Award for the program Entertainment News

·         She hosted the 3 Golden Awards (Golden Horse Awards, Golden Melody Awards, Golden Bell Awards) up to 16 times. Her stable hosting style has made her one of the most representative hosts in the Chinese entertainment industry

·         In 2007, she was awarded the the Best Variety Show host for the 42nd Golden Bell Awards for the program Million Star

This year, she has also been hosting the online web program - Tao Talk Show

Annex B – Star Awards 2021 Telecast Details on 18 April 2021 (Sunday)




Backstage Live

3.30pm – 10.00pm

meWATCH, Mediacorp Entertainment Channel on YouTube

Walk of Fame

5.00pm – 6.30pm

meWATCH, Channel 8, Channel U, Mediacorp Entertainment Channel on YouTube

Main Awards Show

7.00pm – 10.00pm

meWATCH, Channel 8, Channel U, Mediacorp Entertainment Channel on YouTube

Repeat Telecast on 25 April 2021 (Sunday):


Date / Time


Walk of Fame

2.00pm – 3.30pm

Channel 8

Main Awards Show

3.30pm – 6.30pm


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