• Deepavali 2020

Deepavali 2020

Celebrate Deepavali with Mediacorp!



mc_nov20_128 circle shaking legs

128 Circle: Shaking Legs

Everyone's favourite character from 128 Circle - Uncle Larry is back with his own spin-off series!

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mc_nov20_body and soul s8

Body and Soul S8

Body And Soul is back for a brand new season! Join Vernetta Lopez & her celebrity guests as they demystify health problems and provide insights on common medical issues!

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Recipe of Life《味之道》

In the culinary world, where three generations of disciples’ battle, and two female protagonists face-off, in a tale of love, intrigue and revenge.

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mc_nov20_jungle survivor

A Jungle Survivor《森林生存记》

An ordinary housewife, faced with her husband’s extramarital affair, joins his mistress’s company and finds herself in a corporate jungle.

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mc_nov20_tai tai berkecai

Tai Tai Berkecai

Used to a lavish and glamourous lifestyle, how will the ladies of a family cope after the death of their family head, Azlan Martins? 

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Deepavali Vanthachu

Celebrate Deepavali with Varman and Sajini in this exclusive Deepavali special series!

mc_nov_young forever 2

Young Forever S2

A music variety where established and new singers pair up to perform covers in their own style!

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