Mediacorp Cares

Mediacorp’s approach to corporate responsibility reflects our place in society through three key initiatives — Mediacorp Enable Fund, Saving Gaia and Staff Volunteerism.


We draw on a powerful and unique combination of assets: the talents and expertise of our staff, the reach of our multiple platforms, our star power and our network of partners. This is seen in the kinds of CSR activities that Mediacorp undertakes – from Mediacorp Enable Fund in support of Persons with Disabilities, President’s Star Charity which raises funds for those from disadvantaged backgrounds to Saving Gaia which champions sustainability and the variety of volunteering activities taken up by our staff.

Mediacorp Enable Fund


The Mediacorp Enable Fund (MEF) aims to help build a society where people with disabilities are recognised for their abilities and lead full and socially integrated lives. ESM Goh Chok Tong is Patron of the fund.

About the Fund

MEF has its roots in TODAY Enable Fund (TEF), initiated by Emeritus Senior Minister (ESM) Goh Chok Tong in December 2016. Two years later and having raised over S$1 million, TEF converts into Mediacorp Enable Fund (MEF). ESM Goh continues to be MEF’s Patron.

The fund’s adoption of the ‘Mediacorp’ name reflects a significant scaling-up in efforts to an organisation-wide level. As MEF’s official media partner, Mediacorp is committed to using its creative capabilities, journalistic resources, staff and star power and the reach of its platforms to help build a society where citizens of all abilities have a place and a role to play.

SG Enable (SGE), an agency dedicated to enabling people with disabilities, is the MEF's administrator.


The MEF serves a broad segment, covering persons with autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, physical impairment, hearing impairment and visual impairment. As of November 2018, Mediacorp and SG Enable have worked together to support close to 8,000 beneficiaries.

The MEF provides financial assistance to meet the last mile needs of persons with disabilities and better integrate them into the society. Specifically, the monies will be used to:

  • Fund their aspirations that are currently beyond their families’ financial means;
  • Fund transition programmes that help them to maximise their learning and work potential, and enable them to lead more independent lives;
  • Fund community integration efforts to build greater empathy and inclusion for persons with disabilities.

Children with special needs have latent potential waiting to be uncovered. This is only possible through exposing them to different activities at an early age, discovering what they enjoy and encouraging them to pick up new skills. It would be very helpful if families could tap the Mediacorp Enable Fund to enrol their children for sports, arts, or other programmes to realise their full potential

Madam Wong Seok Fun,
mother of two children with special needs


A message from the Fund's Patron


Everyone has some abilities, and this includes people born with disabilities. The latter may have talents like painting, music, and so on, but if not properly developed, their potential will not be realised.

While the main programmes are currently covered by the Government, there are still gaps, and this is where the fund can come in to give us the flexibility to help families in special areas.

Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong

How you can help

(Tax deductions applicable for donations above $10)

  • Write a cheque to “SG Enable Ltd – Mediacorp Enable Fund”
  • Mail it to: SG Enable Ltd, 20 Lengkok Bahru, #02-06, Singapore 159053
    (For tax deductions, write on the back of the cheque: your full name/company name, NRIC/Unique Entity Number, contact person, email and mailing address)
  • Donate via bank transfer to an account managed by SG Enable Ltd - Mediacorp Enable Fund;
    Bank Account No.: 0105872563
    Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited
    Bank Code/Branch Code: 9496/001
  • Users of PayNow can scan the QR code below or login to their personal internet banking account and donate to SG Enable Ltd - Mediacorp Enable Fund (UEN: 200822425NMEF). For tax deductions, you may either: 1) Key your full name, and NRIC/FIN in the reference number field at point of transaction 2) Email a screenshot of your PayNow transaction, together with your full name and NRIC/FIN to
  • PayNow is supported by these participating Banks

    Bank of China, Citibank, DBS/POSB, HSBC Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, Maybank, OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank & United Overseas Bank Limited

  • We accept all major credit and debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express. For credit card donations, please contact us by email or the Infoline provided.

  • To learn more about inclusive hiring, please contact us by email or the Infoline provided.

Contact information

Infoline 1800 8585 885



The Goh Chok Tong (GCT) Enable Awards, an initiative by Mediacorp Enable Fund (MEF), was launched on 15 January 2019. The founding of the Awards was inspired by Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, who is the Patron of MEF.

It aims to recognise the achievements of persons with disabilities, and to motivate those with promise and potential to go the distance with their endeavours.


  1. GCT Enable Awards (UBS Achievement) – no more than three recipients a year
    • To recognise persons with disabilities who have made significant achievements in their own fields and serve as an inspiration to others.
  2. GCT Enable Awards (UBS Promise) – no more than 10 recipients a year
    • To encourage persons with disabilities who have shown promise to pursue greater heights in their areas of talent and willingness to serve the community.


  1. GCT Enable Awards (UBS Achievement)
    • $10,000 to awardee
    • $5,000 to nominating organisation(s) that are Institutions of Public Character (IPCs) or Government Educational Institutions
  2. GCT Enable Awards (UBS Promise)
    • $5,000 to awardee


  1. GCT Enable Awards (UBS Achievement)
    • Nominees must be Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents 18 years of age and older, with a permanent disability.
    • Nominees must demonstrate one or more of the following criteria:
      1. Endurance

      Exhibits courage and perseverance to overcome barriers in life.

      2. Inspiration through Character & Service to community

      Of high integrity and moral character, who has contributed significantly to the community. As such, is an inspiration to others through examples and actions.

      3. Accomplishment(s)

      Achieved exceptional accomplishments in their personal and/or professional pursuits, relative to their disabilities.

  2. GCT Enable Awards (UBS Promise)
    • Nominees must be Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents 12 years of age and older, with a permanent disability.
    • Nominees must demonstrate one or more of the following criteria:
      1. Endurance

      Exhibits courage and perseverance to overcome barriers in life.

      2. Character & Service to Community

      Of good moral character; has begun their journey of community service.

      3. Performance & Potential

      Shown evidence of talents or abilities, and has shown aptitude to hone them further, relative to their disabilities.


  1. Candidature for the award(s) is strictly by nomination. Nomination(s) can be made by individuals or organisations. Individuals exclude immediate family members. Organisations refer to non-profit, public and private corporates.
  2. Nominations to be made via nomination form in editable PDF format, with the required supporting documents.
  3. Shortlisted nominees will be invited to a tea session or an interview with the panel of judges.


Nominations open 15 January 2020 to 31 March 2020.


Kindly submit completed application form in editable PDF format with supporting documents to by 31 March 2020.

  • GCT Enable Awards (UBS Achievement) Application Form (click to download form)
  • GCT Enable Awards (UBS Promise) Application Form (click to download form)

Click here to access Frequently Asked Questions.


Due to the COVID-19 situation the Awards ceremony will take place in December 2020. Details to come.


For enquiries, please get in touch with us at:

  • GCT Enable Awards Administrator
  • c/o SG Enable Ltd
  • 20 Lengkok Bahru
  • #02-06
  • Singapore 159053

  • Email:
  • Tel: 1800-8585-885


Adelia Naomi Yokoyama

Adelia Naomi Yokoyama

20-year-old Adelia Naomi is Singapore’s first Deaflympics gold medallist. She was talent spotted by Deaf Sports Association, and has kept Singapore’s flag flying high since. Adelia is also embarking her journey as a mentor and bowling coach to her juniors.

She is nominated by the Deaf Sports Association, the national body for sports serving the deaf community.

Wong Yoon Wee Chalmers

Wong Yoon Wee Chalmers

14-year-old Chalmers Wong is a multi-talented boy with autism, who displays aptitude in arts, music and even sports. Most impressively, he is believed to be the only special needs sand artist in Singapore.

Chalmers is nominated by Ms Magdalene Ong, supported with a personal testimonial from Member of Parliament Rahayu Mahzam.

Chen Ziyue

Chen Ziyue

Chen Ziyue, 33 years old, is an artistically talented Deaf illustrator. Since discovering her keen interest in storytelling through illustration, she has brought life to numerous children’s books through her drawings. With her works being recognised in Singapore and abroad, the future is nothing short of promising for this young talent.

Ziyue is nominated by Mr Christopher Khong and Ms Pedrinha Jacinta. Both nominators believe she deserves to be recognised for her artistic talent.

Fathima Zohra

Fathima Zohra

22-year-old Fathima Zohra, has an acquired disability after meeting a near-fatal accident. Yet, she has overcome all odds to become a social media advocate for persons with disabilities. With great courage, Zohra shares her story with peer support groups and uses her social media expertise to speak up for others.

She is nominated by SPD, who helped her through the post-accident recovery journey.

Joshua Allen Rui Xiong German

Joshua Allen Rui Xiong German

Joshua German, 22 years old, is a budding pianist with autism. With an innate talent in music, Joshua is able to play the piano by ear without a music score. Recognised for his talent, Joshua has been invited to perform live at various platforms and on TV.

Joshua is nominated for the award by Very Special Arts Singapore Ltd, a charity dedicated to provide individuals with special needs access to the arts.

Muhammad Haikal Bin Johari

Muhammad Haikal Bin Johari

Haikal Johari, 42 years old, is a highly acclaimed chef whom acquired a paralysis mid-life, but bravely made his recovery back to work and led his restaurant to receive its first Michelin star. Haikal is lauded for his excellent craft in the culinary field and never-say-die attitude in the face of adversity.

Haikal is nominated for the award by Ms Iris Goh and Mr Gunawan Hadz who attest to his character, dedication and passion.

Stephanie Ow Jia Min

Stephanie Ow Jia Min

Stephanie, 23 years old, born with retinal dystrophy, is a talented Erhu musician and soloist with The Purple Symphony and the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra. Currently studying for a diploma in Music, Stephanie is working hard towards fulfilling her dream of teaching music to other visually impaired students.

Stephanie is nominated for the award by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, whom she is an exemplary Alumnus of.

Lee Wen Jie, Timothy Gabriel

Lee Wen Jie, Timothy Gabriel

Timothy, 19 years old, is a promising performing arts young adult with down syndrome. He has much passion for acting and in year 2018, was chosen as a main cast of Mediacorp Channel 5’s TV Series, KIN. Apart from acting, he also displays strong interest in dancing and modelling, and is an outstanding example in the inclusive arts scene.

Timothy is nominated for the award by Very Special Arts Singapore Ltd, a charity dedicated to provide individuals with special needs access to the arts.

Toh Wei Soong

Toh Wei Soong

Toh Wei Soong, 20 years old, is a Two-time Asian Para Games gold medallist and national competitive Paralympic swimmer. Wei Soong is an impressive young man, that is not just pushing for swimming accolades, but also spends much of his time sharing his experiences with youths and promoting disability sports.

Wei Soong is nominated for the award by the Singapore Disability Sports Council, the national sports body for the disabled in Singapore.

Wong Zhi Wei

Wong Zhi Wei

17-year-old Zhi Wei is a national Paralympic swimmer with visual impairment. A rising star in the sports arena, he was the most bemedalled athlete at the Asia Youth Para Games 2017. Seen as a role model in school and one who displays traits of high perseverance, he is currently chasing his dream of becoming a Paralympian.

He is nominated by a total of three organisations - Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped, Eunoia Junior College and Catholic High School.


Michael Ngu

Michael Ngu

62-year-old Michael Ngu, is one of Singapore’s leading architects, best known for his commercial projects in the downtown financial district. As the President & CEO of architects 61, he has built it to become one of the top three firms in Singapore and the region. Furthermore, his selfless acts and active contribution to the community are truly an inspiration to others.

He is nominated by a close friend, Mr Tag Sin Siew and supported by many fellow architect compatriots.

Tan Guan Heng

Tan Guan Heng

Tan Guan Heng, 82 years old, is a trailblazer and veteran of the social service sector. Tan Guan Heng became blind when the retina in both eyes detached while he was in University. Undefeated, he went on to be an author and dedicated more than half his life to community service. Most notably, he was the first visually impaired President of the Singapore Association for the Blind (now known as Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped) from 1975 to 1980, and also served as its President from 2006 to 2012.

He is nominated by Musical Theatre Ltd, the organisation that put up a musical based off his book, My Love is Blind.

Yip Pin Xiu

Yip Pin Xiu

Yip Pin Xiu, 27 years old, is no stranger to many. She is a three-time Paralympic gold medallist, and has broken two world records to date. Her recent appointment as a Nominated Member of Parliament provided a platform for her to contribute her views to shape the disability sports systems and encourage integration.

She is nominated by the Singapore Disability Sports Council, the national sports body for the disabled in Singapore.

Don’t Stop Me Now


Now in its second year, The Enabling Fund Gala continues its goal of raising donations for the Mediacorp Enable Fund (MEF) and iC2 Prephouse Limited (iC2), both organizations aimed at building an inclusive and supportive society for people with disabilities.

MEF has its roots in the TODAY Enable Fund initiated by Emeritus Senior Minister (ESM) Goh Chok Tong in December 2016. MEF’s efforts to enhance the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the wider community include funding their aspirations beyond their financial means, as well as providing transition programmes that help them maximize their learning and work potential.

Set up in 2012, iC2 PrepHouse helps impart the necessary skills and knowledge to those with visual impairment through programmes such as early intervention, Braille learning, assistive technology, and visual efficiency skills. These are provided at highly subsidized rates so that they can reach a greater number of clients in need. With your help, we can reach an even higher level of empathy and awareness in our community and continue to provide individuals with the support that they need.

Themed “Don’t Stop Me Now”, this dinner will be held at Grand Hyatt Singapore on 23 August at 7.00pm. Donation tables of 10 seating each are available at $50,000, $20,000 and $10,000. You will be able to claim tax deductions of 2.5 times the amount of donations made.

You and your guests can look forward to an exquisite and sumptuous banquet created by the renowned culinary team from Grand Hyatt Singapore. A line-up of memorable programmes will keep you and your guests entertained during this special dinner. Your generous donation will go a long way in supporting our youth and friends in their journeys of independently achieving their personal best.

We hope that you will be able to take part in our exciting event this year and experience firsthand the pride we take in supporting our cause.

To confirm your reservation for this meaningful and memorable event, kindly fill in and return this form by fax to 6790 1806 or email to

Saving Gaia

Saving Gaia encourages all of us to take action today for a sustainable future. Gaia is the Ancient Greek personification of Mother Earth, and Saving Gaia is a call to conserve and protect our only home. What started as a documentary programme is now an established community initiative synonymous with environmental awareness.

Mediacorp commemorates Earth Day, World Environment Day and participates in International Coastal Clean-up Day, a worldwide day of action held every third Saturday of September, where staff members join hands to clean up stretches of beaches in Singapore and monitor pollutant levels.

Internally, Mediacorp adopts practices that encourage recycling, reduced consumption and responsible disposal. Mediacorp Campus in one-north is a recipient of BCA’s Green Mark Platinum Award, the highest award for green building certification. The building’s green features include a sky garden and a green wall to improve air quality, light shafts to bring in more day-light and green concrete and regenerative drives to utiliise kinetic energy from lifts. 

Our climate action pledge

Mediacorp enriches the lives of people in Singapore with content that informs, entertains and engages them. Our commitment to climate action is an important part of our community engagement. We aim to carry out our operations in ways that minimise our impact on the environment. At the same time, we strive to raise awareness of environmental issues and help people understand that protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility.

Our climate action goals for 2018 

As part of our commitment to the Year of Climate Action, Mediacorp will undertake the following:

  • Continue to drive awareness and encourage action through Saving Gaia, our long-running environmental awareness programme. The programme includes an annual month-long campaign commencing World Environmental Day and regular beach cleaning by staff volunteers.
  • Maintain our Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark.
  • Eliminate single-use plastics at all Whole-of-Mediacorp events and Townhalls. At these events we will use only durable or biodegradable ware.
  • Reduce energy use by switching off air-conditioning on corporate floors (four floors) 15 minutes earlier each day.
  • Switch off our façade and signage lighting on Earth Day. 

Environmental Awareness 02 Environmental Awareness



Our commitment to serve a diversity of causes is seen not only in what challenges we take on, but how we tackle these challenges. We invite our staff to bring forth the causes they are passionate about and we empower them to take the lead on activities that make a difference to their causes, galvanising our staff volunteers behind them. In the process, we actively seek out partners from beneficiary organisations, businesses, schools and other groups in society, often collaborating with multiple groups.

For Mediacorp employees, our CSR approach is also underpinned by our core values: Respect, Teamwork and Drive. This nexus of talent, influence, partnership and values ensures continuous, positive outcomes for the communities we serve.

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