Mediacorp Cares

Mediacorp’s approach to corporate responsibility reflects our place in society through two key pillars — Championing Abilities and Supporting Sustainability.


We draw on a powerful and unique combination of assets: the talents and expertise of our staff, the reach of our multiple platforms, our star power and our network of partners. This is seen in the kinds of CSR activities that Mediacorp undertakes – from the Mediacorp Enable Fund to help build an inclusive society, where persons with disabilities are able to lead fulfilling lives, the President’s Star Charity which raises funds for those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to sustainable internal practices and engaging public education content which champion sustainability, and the variety of volunteering activities taken up by our staff.

The Mediacorp Enable Fund (MEF) is a community fund which aims to help build a society where persons with disabilities are recognised for their abilities and lead full, socially integrated lives.

MEF Infographic

Supporting Sustainability

Mediacorp enriches the lives of people in Singapore with content that informs, entertains and engages them. Our commitment to climate action is an important part of our community engagement. We aim to carry out our operations in ways that minimise our impact on the environment. At the same time, we strive to raise awareness of environmental issues and help people understand that protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility.

Internally, Mediacorp adopts practices that encourage recycling, reduced consumption and responsible disposal, and drives conversations amongst staff towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Mediacorp Campus in one-north is a recipient of BCA’s Green Mark Platinum Award, the highest award for green building certification. The building’s green features include a sky garden and a green wall to improve air quality, light shafts to bring in more day-light and green concrete and regenerative drives to utiliise kinetic energy from lifts.

Environmental Awareness 02 Environmental Awareness


Our commitment to our CSR pillars is seen not only in what challenges we take on, but how we tackle these challenges. In addition, we invite our staff to bring forth the causes they are passionate about and we empower them to take the lead on activities that make a difference to their causes. One such way is through our Voluntary Service Leave (VSL) policy, which allows employees to be eligible for 2 days of paid VSL per financial year. We hope to encourage more staff to step forward to embrace the spirit of volunteerism, and do their part for the more vulnerable and less fortunate among us, or support a meaningful cause.

For Mediacorp employees, our CSR approach is also underpinned by our core values: Respect, Teamwork and Drive. This nexus of talent, influence, partnership and values ensures continuous, positive outcomes for the communities we serve.

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