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Achieve extraordinary branding results with a Life Less Ordinary

Life Less Ordinary

Taking inspiration from the lives of the Singaporean working class, Life Less Ordinary <小人物向前冲>is a heart-warming tale spun around the lives of a group of blue-collar workers from a food factory and their families. Depicting the hopes and dreams of the average wage-earner, the characters will inspire the viewers with their determination to realise their ambitions with hard work, as well as stir heartstrings with the tender familial bonds they develop over time.

This long-form social dramedy boasts a stellar ensemble of veteran actors and rising stars such as Xiang Yun, Jeffrey Xu, Felicia Chin, Chen Li Ping, Romeo Tan, Ian Fang, Aileen Tan, Zheng Ge Ping and Suhaimi Yusof, each possessing individual appeal and high relatability to different demographics and audiences. The 130-episode Life Less Ordinary will air on the prime time slot of Channel 8, from 7.30pm to 8pm on weekdays starting 2 October, allowing sponsors to reap the benefits of high and consistent visibility.

How your brand can benefit:  Harness our star power and develop share-worthy conversations between your brand and consumers by being part of this unique and multiracial drama. This is an amazing opportunity to cultivate brand affinity with your target audience through modular sponsorship packages and value add-ons, creative capsule sponsorship, character association and anchor tenant sponsorship. For example, when you take on our creative capsule sponsorship, you can have the characters discuss and share your products and services at the end of the episode, allowing audiences to take away your brand story successfully. The anchor tenant sponsorship is an incredible opportunity to become part of our engaging story. As the main backdrop of the story, your factory/premises will be essential in shaping the storyline and in turn your brand will benefit from this extensive exposure. Allow the audience to take an exclusive peek ‘behind-the-scenes’ which will no doubt boost your brand name.

Allow us to help you secure your exclusive share of voice on the number one Chinese TV Channel, garnering close to 2.3 million viewers on an average week.

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