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Achieve out-of-this-world brand recognition with My Friends From Afar

My Friends from Afar Opener

Aliens have landed in Singapore and will be appearing on our TV screens from 6 December! Across 25 episodes, the unique storyline of My Friends From Afar <知星人> will see aliens who were forced to evacuate their home planet in search of a new habitat, come across our little island and discover the complexities of humanity through feelings of love, friendship and kinship.

Boasting a star-studded line-up of Brandon Wong, Paige Chua, Shaun Chen, Carrie Wong, Aloysius Pang, Yao Wen Long, the cast also includes fresh face Bonnie Loo and veterans Chen Li Ping and Xiang Yun. Brands can develop positive conversations with consumers in the 9pm primetime belt through our likeable characters and stories, and shareworthy transmedia marketing promotions both on-air and online. To effectively reach the captive audiences, branded content can be created through character association and storytelling via our creative capsule sponsorship option. Programme sponsorship packages are also “out-of-this-world” with transmedia promotional publicity campaigns such as the OOH Augmented Reality Creatives, i-Weekly Digital Giveaway Contest, YES933 “Battle of the Sexes” Call-in Radio Contest, and even a Durian Giveaway.

Tap into Channel 8’s massive audience reach of 2.3 million to showcase your brand during our highest rated hour, the 9-10pm drama time belt, which is also 1,940% more cost-efficient than cable networks. In 2016, the year-end blockbuster drama Hero <大英雄> aired during this prime time slot scored higher ratings than primetime average and was enjoyed by more than 2.2 million viewers, with an incremental 3 million video views on Toggle.

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