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Award-winning drama Aduh...Bibikku! returns for a second season

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Suria’s award-winning and highly-rated drama about the lives of four maids working in Singapore Aduh Bibikku (Oh! My Maid!) returns for a second season this April. Starring Atty Malek, Endang Rahayu, Suhailah Salam and Nina Halim, the series won best drama series at Pesta Perdana 2017 and saw two acting nominations for Noreda Suhoot and Atyy Malek.

The first season of Aduh Bibikku!’s heartwarming yet comedic storyline kept viewers engaged with average ratings of at least 14% Malay 4+ weekly and garnered a total of 240,000 views on Toggle. Positive reviews flooded Suria’s social media platforms with calls for season 2. In the returning season, the four close-knit maids struggle for their points of views to be accepted by friends and people at work. These causes confusion, misunderstanding and conflicts, and the resulting drama is guaranteed to keep viewers glued to their screens.

Aduh Bibikku!’s 14 weeks transmedia campaign has the potential to reach an estimated 600,000 People 4+ viewers. This series’ engaging storyline with flexible content integration ensures your brand will reach the right audience. Suria not only has superior Prime Time weekly reach, it is also at least 570% more cost-efficient than competitor channels – costing advertisers only $15 to reach 1,000 audiences.  

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