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Be seen in the right places with Digital Brand Integration


Elevate your brand above the clutter with ‘in-content advertising’ that feels natural yet overcomes ad-blindness and ad-skipping.
Marketing your product can be tough with so many other brands competing for viewers’ attention. Introducing Digital Brand Integration – which can embed your brand within Mediacorp’s most popular video content, digitally, in post-production. This instantly lifts your brand out of the advertising clutter, making prime time TV accessible without the need for the additional budget for TV commercial production.
Digital Brand Integration (DBI) sits in the sweet-spot where sponsorship meets advertising meets brand integration meets product placement. Digital Ad placements are cleverly integrated in the programme environment post-production in the form of billboards, wall stickers, building façades, bus station/kiosks, product placement, etc. in a natural and non-intrusive way. This will ensure high viewability for your brand messages just like digital in-stream video. Research has shown that DBI spots delivered 45% better ratings than commercial breaks, and when combined with a TVC can drive spontaneous brand recall to a high of 75%.

With only a 3-week turn-around time to implement, DBI could be the perfect option for your next big campaign. Our launch packages include FREE research – Ratings study, Eye-tracking study and Brand Recall study – so don’t miss this innovative new option.
Contact your Mediacorp sales representative to find out how Digital Brand Integration can maximise your ad spend and bring amazing benefits to your brand.