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Catch Gurmit Singh on GOLD 905

Singapore, 19 August 2019 –Singapore’s funnyman Gurmit Singh is back! Starting today, fans will be able to catch him on the morning airwaves, as he joins Mike Kasem and Vernetta Lopez on the refreshed LIVE! With Mike, Vernetta & Gurmit on GOLD 905, weekdays, 6 – 10am. Listeners can look forward to entertaining mornings as the trio banters over topics local and close to heart.

This return comes after five years, when Gurmit sealed a 20-year career with Mediacorp and gave up full-time acting in 2014 to spend more time with his family instead. And now, it is the lure of radio that convinced Gurmit to rejoin Mediacorp. 

“Radio is a really cool gig. We talk, play music, and listen to songs. How cool is that?” said Gurmit. “There’s also the added role to keep listeners entertained by the music and content we share so that they can have that much needed boost to take with them on the way to work or school. I can’t wait!.” He added: “Listeners can expect me to show up for work on time! I’m going to be me and I’ll do what I always aim to do each time I’m on air, on stage or in front of the camera – to engage the audiences who have taken the time and effort to tune in. So remember to catch our show!”

Gurmit’s co-hosts are also as eager to have him on-air with them. “I’ve worked with Gurmit for close to 20 years on TV, and he has played my husband at least twice,” said Vernetta. “And now it turns out I’ll have two work husbands. That’s pretty awesome!”.

Mike said: “I’m absolutely thrilled to be working with Gurmit. I’ve worked with him in the past and I can’t wait to take that camaraderie and humour we share to the airwaves. The three of us are going to be one the hottest morning shows in Singapore.”

Erina Cook, Assistant Lead for English Radio, Mediacorp, said: “Gurmit is no stranger to radio, having helmed several short stints with us over the years. We are glad to have him back on GOLD 905, and we believe this new team will shake things up in the morning, offering our audiences a whole new experience.”

According to the latest Nielsen Radio Diary Survey result released in June 2019, Mediacorp continues to be Singapore’s number one radio network with its stations, including GOLD 905, taking eight out of the top 10 spots. Four out of every five adults listen to Mediacorp radio stations each week¹.

Listeners can tune in to LIVE! With Mike, Vernetta & Gurmit on GOLD 905 from Mondays to Fridays, 6 – 10am via

Source: Nielsen Radio Survey Wave 1, 2019 (Mon-Sun-Whole Day)
¹ The number of listeners aged 15 and above in Singapore is estimated at 3.7 million.