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Channel NewsAsia's reach soars on momentous Trump-Kim Summit

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A whopping 760,000 viewers tuned in to Channel NewsAsia on 12 June, for its comprehensive coverage of the meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong Un. On the same day, cumulative post reach on Channel NewsAsia’s Facebook page sky-rocketed to 21.5 million and its YouTube page recorded over 2.3 million video views. Find out how IBM leveraged on this key event to drive success for their campaign.

History was made on 12 June as US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un signed a joint document at the DPRK-USA Singapore Summit paving the way for complete denuclearisation in the Korean Peninsula. Mediacorp as host broadcaster for this momentous event provided a full suite of broadcast services and facilities for over 2,500 journalists from 44 countries with more than 500 Mediacorp staff on hand for the management of the broadcast centre and news coverage of the summit.

Clearly, the power of TV and content kept audiences engaged with the latest news and developments from this historic moment. Mediacorp’s news platforms, led by Channel NewsAsia, provided comprehensive coverage of the event in four languages for audiences in Singapore and the region. Channel NewsAsia’s coverage on 12 June reached 760,000 P15+ viewers, the highest daily reach to date this year. Its Facebook garnered (shares, comments, video views) a cumulative post reach of 21.5 million people while its YouTube channel received over 2.3 million video views. For Chinese News, the four news bulletins reached almost 1.1 million P15+ viewers.’s page views also doubled, exceeding 1.1 million views while its Facebook post reached over 460,000.

Riding on the hype of this landmark event, IBM seized the opportunity to upgrade their current CIO campaign targeting business leaders onto the Trump-Summit homepage and Channel News Asia mobile app homepage. The 6-week campaign achieved its KPI in less than 2 days, clearly demonstrating the channel’s effectiveness in reaching a target PMEB audience. 8,900 clicks were achieved over 2 days with a 0.45% click-through rate (CTR), nearly four times above the industry benchmark of 0.12%.

Mediacorp’s prowess in news coverage and storytelling was also evident in the viewership success around our coverage of the electrifying Malaysian election on 9 May. That event clocked 746,000 P15+ viewers, the #2 highest daily reach this year.

TV remains a brand-safe and effective medium to reach a broad audience. Channel NewsAsia continues to strive to keep viewers coming back not only for the latest news but also the compelling stories behind the headlines. Contact your Mediacorp sales representative to find out how you can be part of the next breaking news story as it unfolds to connect with an engaged PMEB audience of over 1.3 million.