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Connect with 3.4 million people on Mediacorp’s News Network

Mediacorp’s News Network reach an unduplicated 3.4 million audience across its integrated media platforms – TV, Digital (PC) and Radio – every month. Leverage on our brand-safe News channels with the latest news and headlines that deliver your brand messages to the vast majority audience, the affluential business news seekers or the digital news hounds.

Mediacorp News Network
TVChannel 5 News (Mon-Sun 9-930pm)

Channel 8 News (Mon-Fri 730-8am, 9-930am, 1-130pm, 630-730pm, 10-1030pm and Sat-Sun 630-7pm, 10-1030pm)

Channel NewsAsia
Digital (PC)Channel NewsAsia, TodayOnline, Berita, Channel 8 News, Seithi
Radio Capital 95.8FM and 938LIVE

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Source: Customer360, based on Nielsen Fusion data 01/06/2017 - 30/06/2017 (All Media)