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Count your Blessings – Channel 8's hit drama returns for Season 2


Popular drama returns to engage viewers with more time-travelling adventures. TX 1 October.

Fans of the popular cross-era family drama Blessings will be happy to know that the series will return for a second season this October. When it first aired in 2014, Blessings was the second most watched 9pm drama on Channel 8, reaching over 2.4 million TV viewers with over 1.5 million video streams on xinmsn and Toggle. 

In Series 1, Da Xi’s grandfather time travelled to the present and helped him turn the family business – a traditional Teochew pastry shop – around. In Series 2, Da Xi time travels miraculously back to 1918 to meet his great-grandfather instead! He quickly finds himself caught in a history-changing conflict which will affect modern day Xi Ji.  

With a star-studded cast that includes Shaun Chen, Rebecca Lim, Zhang Yao Dong and Paige Chua, Blessings 2 will target two core segments – Silvers 55+ and Families with Kids before 9 years old. Let your brand affinity with your target audience by securing your exclusive share of voice against the competition on Channel 8’s highest rated time belt.

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