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Brand Studio - Ensure

As one ages, it’s difficult for the body to absorb the proper nutrients so mature adults over 40 often experience muscle mass decline leading to decline of muscle strength and functionality. Ensure, a nutritional supplement, provides complete, balanced nutrition for adults to help fill potential gaps and provide nutritional assurance.

To effectively drive awareness amongst the silver population, Ensure worked with Mediacorp Brand Studio, the content marketing arm of Mediacorp, to create a content-led campaign focused on active aging. In line with Ensure’s brand values of providing the strength for mature adults to achieve their dreams, original long-form content was hosted on CNAonline with embedded videos forming the core pillar of the campaign.

Digital banners focusing on multiple editorial angles were used to promote Ensure across the Mediacorp digital network. In addition, animated infographics on wellness and nutrition were used to communicate important information in an easy-to-understand way. Ensure also made use of the social media strength of Channel NewsAsia and TODAY to push content to their target audience, achieving high reach and engagement across the various online and digital platforms.  

Mediacorp Brand Studio provides the easiest solutions for you to become the next success story. Combining decades of storytelling knowledge, a well-developed understanding of the Singapore market and a fast responsive agency service culture, Mediacorp Brand Studio helps you to optimise your marketing strategy.

Read the multimedia longform feature on CNAonline here.

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