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‘Don’t Forget To Remember’ – the fun, the fans and how you can be part of it!


Don’t Forget To Remember is a lighthearted family studio quiz show that will be aired on Channel 5 from 9 May to 24 October 2016 with a total of 23 episodes. Taking the 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm prime time period every Monday, this show is expected to captivate the attention of the family audience including high household income group with its engaging and exciting content.

Every week, the game show features three pairs of contestants and four rounds of challenges. The contestants are faced with a series of questions and short video clips that test their thinking, observation and analytical skills.

To further generate hype and familiarity amongst the audience, elements of the game show will be extended to a multitude of platforms including TV, radio, online and on-ground activities, with publicity invested in outdoor media, 8 Days and Facebook.

The interactive nature of the game show, together with Mediacorp’s efforts to promote it, presents a slew of exposure opportunities for your brand. They include product incidentals, prize sponsorships, advertisement slots and many others. Don’t forget to find out more from our Mediacorp sales representative!