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Eight Mediacorp radio stations among the top ten for the fifth time


SINGAPORE, 15 June 2017 — For the fifth consecutive Nielsen Radio Survey, eight out of the 10 most-listened-to radio stations are from Mediacorp. They are LOVE 972, YES 933, CAPITAL 958, CLASS 95, Warna 94.2FM, GOLD 905, 987 and Oli 96.8FM.

Mediacorp’s Chinese stations, LOVE 972, YES 933 and CAPITAL 958 are the top three most-listened-to stations in Singapore with listenership of 19.9%, 19.3% and 18.4% respectively.

Jomay Wan, Lead, Chinese Audience & Content said, “It is with great pride and joy that I acknowledge the efforts of our dedicated team and the steadfast support from our listeners and sponsors, making it possible for us to be once again named the three most-listened-to radio stations in Singapore. Being the top three Chinese radio stations for 23 consecutive years is a great honour and even greater motivation for us to continue delivering the best music, news, and lifestyle content to listeners.”

Added Ms Wan, “Chinese stations continue to reach out to listeners with new surprises including putting the popular LOVE 972 morning radio show, The LOVE 972 Morning Quartet, on television and engaging the youth by inviting Channel 8’s Project Super and Campus Superstar past contestants to be on YES 933 to sing ‘live’ on-air and on Facebook.”

Mediacorp’s English radio stations continued to resonate with listeners with CLASS 95 retaining the number one spot – for over 20 consecutive years - with a listenership of 15.9%. 987 attained a listenership of 9%, an increase of 70,000 listeners from the last survey.

“We want to thank all our listeners who have supported and reached out to us on our socials, at our events and on our stations. We’re heartened that we are not just gaining listeners but also growing in influence among the youth. Keeping pace with the developing media landscape, we have exciting plans in the pipeline so please continue to tune in to us as we aim to serve up the best for you,” said Michelle Chang, Lead, English Audience & Content.

Added Ms Chang, “Initiatives by the English radio stations focused on rewarding listeners. GOLD 905’s Make Someone’s Day and 987’s 1 Second Away From 10K are two significant initiatives which connected stations with our radio listeners. Flyaway by CLASS 95, GOLD 905 and 987, received remarkable attention as we fly listeners on trips to meet their favourite artistes.”

The Nielsen Radio Diary Survey also measures radio stations’ performance in terms of Share** and Time Spent Listening* (TSL). LOVE 972 is the number one station in terms of Share at 14.5% while listeners on Warna 94.2FM spent the longest time with the station at 18 hours and 38 minutes, an increase of close to 2 hours from the last survey.

Ezra Farabi, Assistant Lead, Malay Audience & Content said, “Warna 94.2FM has been receiving unwavering support from our Malay listeners. We are heartened that Warna’s efforts to engage its listeners have resulted in the longest time spent listening among all radio stations. We will continue to provide the best Malay radio entertainment with our unique time-belt engagements on-air, on-ground and across social media platforms.”

Offering the broadest range of content, from breaking news, talk shows to the hottest music hits, Medicorp’s 12 radio stations continue to engage, entertain and enrich listeners in Singapore.

* Time Spent Listening (TSL) defined as the average amount of time a listener spends listening to a radio station in a week.

** Share is defined as the total number of 15-minute time spots listened to a station divided by total 15-minute time spots listened for all stations.

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