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Eight out of top 10 radio stations are Mediacorp radio stations


SINGAPORE, 1 December 2016 — Mediacorp radio stations continue to rule the airwaves, with eight of its stations among the 10 most-listened-to radio stations in Singapore each week, according to the latest Nielsen Radio Diary Survey conducted in September and October 2016.

Mediacorp has dominated eight out of the top 10 positions for two years in a row.

The top three most-listened-to stations are Mediacorp’s three Chinese stations – YES 933, LOVE97.2FM and CAPITAL 95.8FM.

Irene Lim, Head, Family Segment (Chinese) said, “We are delighted that YES 933, LOVE 97.2 FM, and CAPITAL 95.8 FM are once again the three most-listened-to radio stations in Singapore. YES 933 is number one, with the highest listenership of 19.9%. Being the top three requires constant dedication on the team’s part. We couldn’t have been top again without the unwavering support of our listeners and business partners. We will continue to fulfil our promise to entertain and deliver the best music, news and lifestyle content to listeners.”

CLASS 95 reached its highest listenership in the last three years, with some 758,000 listeners. It is still the most-listened-to English radio station. GOLD 905 is ranked seventh while 987 took tenth place.

Debra Soon, Head, Family Segment (English) said, "Mediacorp's English stations have done well with CLASS 95 leading the pack and growing by 90,000 listeners a week. Taken as a whole, Mediacorp’s English stations – CLASS 95, GOLD 905, 987, 938LIVE, SYMPHONY 924 and LUSH 99.5FM – have the lion’s share of the English radio audience.

“We want to thank all our listeners who joined us in our many events this year including Rock of Ages, School Invasion, CLASS Pass and movie events celebrating the best in music. Their participation at these events, combined with today’s listenership results, shows that radio in Singapore, 80 years on, is still highly engaging and relevant."

The other Mediacorp radio stations in the top 10 are Warna 94.2FM (#6) and Oli 96.8FM (#9). Oli 96.8FM’s listenership at 325,000 is the highest recorded since 2010.

Chitra Rajaram, Head, Community Segment (Indian and Malay) said, “Warna 94.2FM and Oli 96.8FM have had a fantastic year. From the last wave, the two stations have gone up a notch each. Our listeners tell us that our unique blend of vernacular music and cultural programming is something they can only find on Mediacorp’s community radio stations. At the same time, increased social media engagement put a face to the voice for our deejays. By engaging our listeners on traditional radio and the digital space, we continue to be the pulse of the community.”

The Nielsen Radio Diary Survey also measures radio stations’ performance in terms of Share* and Time Spent Listening** (TSL). CAPITAL 95.8FM is the number one station in terms of Share at 15.7% while Warna 94.2FM is the top radio station for TSL at 16 hours and 39 minutes.

*The percentage of those listening to a particular radio station divided by those listening to Radio.

** An estimate of the amount of time the average listener spent with a station, expressed in hours and minutes per week.

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