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Enjoy roaring sales this GSS


Why is Mediacorp your best partner this GSS:

We are the only omni-platform advertising solution with the widest reach:
4.6M P15+ weekly.

Mediacorp TV is the #1 medium to reach 3.4M P15+ weekly.

Our radio platforms have the widest market share (80%) of P15+
and longest time spent listening (14hrs 51mins weekly).

Mediacorp Digital Network reaches 3.1M People 18+ monthly.

Mediacorp reaches 1.3M PMEBs, 0.47M Malays, 1.1M Silvers and
0.8M Millennials weekly.

Mediacorp Mid-Year Specials for your maximum reach and value.
Limited time offers across all platforms from 1 May
Maximise your reach with our high value TV packages. Prime time exposure from $4,900.
Amp up your digital performance with free targeting. Mobile impact packs from $7,000.
Engage through your brand story with Brand Studio. Advertorial packages from $6,000.
Nab your target where they shop with our Shopper Outreach packages.
The best tactical weapon is Mediacorp top Radio stations. 20 spots from $2,800.
Effectively reach your audience with our 70% more cost-efficient Radio combo packs. 45 spots from $9,700.
Source: Nielsen Media Index 2017, Nielsen Radio Survey Wave 2, 2017, comScore MMX Multi-Platform
(Monthly Average Dec-17 till Feb-18), Customer360 (February 2018).
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