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Goldheart Jewelry sees a 400% increase in sales with Mediacorp Brand Studio campaign


To raise consumer awareness and increase sales of Goldheart Jewelry’s new wearable range of Si Dian Jing – the traditional Chinese betrothal gift of ‘four touches of gold’ – Mediacorp Brand Studio created a compelling and moving short film highlighting the relationship between the traditional mother-in-law and the modern bride.

Daughter, starring Mediacorp Artiste Rebecca Lim, was a smashing success, racking up over 470,000 views on Goldheart’s YouTube channel within two months, 1.7 million social media impressions, and a cumulative reach of 3.5 million on television. Goldheart Jewelry also recorded a 400% increase in Si Dian Jin sales in those two months.

Brand Studio’s ability to create custom content for brands that deeply engages its target audience contributed to the success of the campaign.

Said Ms Toni Chew, Business Director, Goldheart Jewelry: “Brand Studio’s idea of paying tribute to long standing traditions in a modern society like Singapore was wonderful and spot on. They were able to demonstrate creativity and professional integrity, delivering high-quality work while remaining receptive to our feedback throughout the project. It was a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience!”

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Watch the short film here.