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Help your brand move from a zero to a hero with Oh My Heroes!

Oh my Heroes

Oh My Heroes! Is a CSR programme with a new concept and angle, focusing on the local unsung heroes helping people in need and specifically targeted at the mass family as research has shown that 53% of Ch 8 audiences would volunteer for a good cause; 62% of Ch 8 audiences learn about new products from ads; and 21%* of Singaporeans feel that TV advertising showing a company’s commitment to positive social or environmental impact influence their path of purchase.

Hosted by Desmond Ng and Pornsak, each episode will feature 1 real case scenario, with the 10th episode covering a finale CSR event where public (individuals and companies) inspired by the featured heroes get together to do a good deed, e.g. an extreme revamp/spruce up of a worn-out nursing home. The show hopes to create awareness and encourage more people to contribute and give back to society.

CSR programmes usually generate higher viewer interest and with high engagement – viewers want to help the profiles featured in the programme so there’s potential for on-ground activity extensions. This is also a great opportunity for sponsor exposure through donated items and volunteer work. Brands can also harness the power of Mediacorp with traditional, digital and outdoor media to capture 4.6m audiences weekly. Our transmedia publicity outreach will ensure that your brand reaches more audiences across multiple platforms.

Main, co-sponsorship packages and charity partner opportunities are available. Please contact our sales representatives to find out more.

*Nielsen Global Survey of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability conducted from Feb 23 to Mar 13, 2015, 504 respondents from Singapore