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#ILoveYouMum Mother’s Day campaign will reach over 2.5 million audience

Inaugural #ILoveYouMum challenge 2016 was a hit with mothers and children, reaching an audience of 2.5 million people. The campaign saw over 1,800 user-generated videos with more than 1.2 million views within 6 weeks. Popular Radio Call-in received over 500 entries, and Singalong Concert and Mothers’ Day JB Tour were fully sold out within three weeks.

Returning in 2017, the strengthened #ILoveYouMum campaign will be flushed with a myriad of touchpoints to knit a tighter mother-and-child bonding. With expanded programing to include all communities, we have thoughtfully crafted three Bundles of Joy targeting at different Mum profiles, from pledging of love to pampering and bonding with mum.

Pledge your Love
• Pledge Videos
• Channel 5 My Mother’s Story Programme
• On-ground Pledge Booths
• Pledge Ring Retail Discounts
• Pledge Ring Giveaway (Venue Sponsorships)
• Radio Call-in

Pamper your Mum
• Channel 8 Shopper’s Guide
• LOVE 97.2 Radio Dining Guide
• A Gift for Mum Variety Programme
• TODAY Mother’s Day Supplement

Bond with Mum
• Sing-along Concert
• JB Day Tour
• i-Weekly Culinary Workshop with Mum
• Hi-Tea Hari Ibu Mother’s Day Event 2017
• 938LIVE Mother’s Day Journey of Wellness
• Rani Maharani 2017

Sponsorship opportunities start from attractive $6,000 onwards. Enquire with our sales representatives and involve your brand in this journey of love during Mothers’ Day.