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Inspire and motivate with The Successors


It is not uncommon to hear stories of the scions of family-run businesses unravelling years of hard work and being in the news for all the wrong reasons. Less sensationally but equally fascinating are the tales of those who successfully continue their family’s legacy – and even raise the bar.

Elevate your brand by associating it with the next generation of leaders – ambitious young heirs of some of Asia’s most prominent business and political families, some who have taken over the reins of the family business, others who charted their own course and made a name for themselves.

Premiering 2 January on Channel NewsAsia, this in-depth, personality-driven 8-part series reveals what motivates this young generation of movers and shakers; what their lives are like; their family dynamics; and how they define their roles in society.

Channel NewsAsia, Asia’s leading English News channel, offers higher cost efficiency with lower CPM than news cable channels in Singapore, reaching 900,000 quality viewers weekly. Reach out to your Mediacorp sales representative for more information and to discuss opportunities for content collaboration within the series.

Watch a past episode of Successor S5 below.