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Lush 99.5FM to cease transmission


SINGAPORE, 17 July 2017 — Mediacorp will discontinue transmission of Lush 99.5FM from 1 September 2017, as part of a rationalisation of its network of radio stations.

Since its inception in 2004, Lush has been positioned as an indie music station and gradually built a niche following. However, the station’s listenership has been steadily declining over the years to some 50,000 weekly at present. Despite efforts to improve listenership, Lush continues to consistently garner the lowest audience among Mediacorp’s radio stations.

At the same time, the needs of Lush listeners are increasingly being served online and on alternative platforms.

Mediacorp has decided to focus on growing overall listenership by consolidating its resources and efforts on its five other English stations. At the same time, it will incorporate key elements of Lush’s unique brand of entertainment in the mix of content featured on those stations. New programming plans and a renewed lineup will be announced later this year.

A key part of Lush’s programming was to support the local arts and music scene. This will continue despite the closure of Lush. In fact, local content will be given strong prominence in Mediacorp’s new Singapore Sounds initiative which will be launched on 987 – which will feature home-grown artistes and mainstream local music – and on 938LIVE which will feature independent artists. There will be prominent coverage on the stations’ respective social media platforms and The Singapore Sounds initiative also aims to connect industry players and encourage them to organise events that interest and resonate with local audiences.

Local musicians will also be featured on key Mediacorp programmes on Toggle and television, such as during the Countdown show.

Mediacorp is grateful to all listeners who have supported Lush 99.5FM through the years.

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