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Mediacorp Chases Digital Momentum


This article was originally published by on 4 February 2016.

The decision by Mediacorp, Singapore’s incumbent broadcaster, to reboot its video offering Toggle seems to be bearing fruit.

A larger and easier-to-access selection of free content, now without a registration barrier that had hindered uptake in the past, has delivered a massive ratings boost since Toggle’s relaunch last April.

That’s helped put the site on the map for media buyers in an online video market that, until recently, offered few options beyond YouTube.

The next step will be sustaining this momentum while converting audience gains into revenue.

“The growth of Toggle, a platform written off by almost everyone, has been stunning,” remarks Shrivastha Raghunathan, strategic and commercial head for media agency ZenithOptimedia Singapore.

A surge in video consumption on Facebook also helped reshape Singapore’s online video landscape over 2015, Raghunathan notes.

“YouTube is still big and relevant but the buzz and momentum is with Facebook video, with Toggle being an unsung hero, quietly gathering eyeballs,” he adds.

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