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Mediacorp launches new MeRadio, fusing form, fun and function to improve digital radio experience


SINGAPORE, 22 October 2018 — Mediacorp is pleased to announce the all-new MeRadio app and website that will confer connected audiences with a personalised, interactive and high-quality audio journey.

This enhancement is aligned with the evolving audio habits of our audience. According to the latest Nielsen Radio Survey*, there are nearly 900,000 Singaporeans who are digital radio listeners today. Sixty-nine percent of these digital radio listeners are between the ages of 15 to 44.

As part of the Company’s commitment to its ongoing digital transformation, MeRadio furnishes fans with an elevated experience via key new features:

Personalised experience. With the new MeRadio, you can select and follow any or all of the 11 Mediacorp radio stations and subscribe to your favorite podcasts. MeRadio will push content tailored to your tastes – think alerts for on-demand podcasts, bite-sized breaking news and intimate insights pulled from your favourite DJs’ social media accounts.

Indranil Sarkar, Lead, Partnerships & New Business said, “MeRadio showcases the best of Mediacorp’s live and on-demand audio content while catering to each listener’s unique habits and preferences. We hope our listeners will like the intelligent and interactive features that our product development team has worked hard to develop over the past six months.”

Added Mr Sarkar, “We have revamped our audio-streaming infrastructure to deliver up to 33 percent higher bitrate to our listeners and reduce lag-time by up to 66 percent. This will provide you with a higher quality streaming experience on the go.”

Interactive elements. The reconfigured MeRadio feed gathers real-time feedback on your reactions to songs on rotation. You can also participate in pop quizzes to unlock amusing anecdotes on DJs from the stations you’re following.

987FM DJ Sonia Chew said, “Top-charting tunes aside, you'll get to hang out with us whenever you want, and gain insider info on your fave DJs. So two words: Download now!”

High-resolution screen grabs and the key visual for the MeRadio app can be downloaded via this link:

Download the iOS- and Android-compatible MeRadio app on the Apple App Store and Google Play or visit us at

* Source: Nielsen Radio Survey Wave 1, 2018


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